Late Night Snacking

Who doesn’t like a huge spoonful of peanut butter as a late night snack???? Today we’re talking about how to keep on track after dinner when the kitchen is CLOSED!

What are some of your tips? We love to hear them. Always ;).

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I had a friend that taped a picture of Jillian on the pantry so when she was tempted to eat a late night snack whether it was healthy or not she would see Jillian’s face and not even open those doors.

Thanks for including the dogs with the late night snacking no-no. Our pets don’t need treats late at night either!

Thanks for the ideas. I do think that going to bed at a decent time is key.

For me that isn’t always possible. I work a full time job and a part time job. (On days I work both I go to work at 7:30 AM and get home about 10:30 PM) I get a 15 minute break at my part time job. For the first few years of working their, my break consisted of a large peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and a pop. (We won’t think about how many calories that was for 4 years!) Last April/May, I gave up pop on a whim and since I associated the cookie with the pop, the cookie wen bye-bye too!

About a couple months ago, I read Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules — don’t eat after 7:00. Going to bed hungry won’t kill you.

Anyway, for the Diet Bet, I decided not to eat after 7:30. At home, that wasn’t a problem as much since I went to bed earlier. On work nights, I decided just not to take a snack since my 15 usually wasn’t until 8:30 or so. I also clued into the fact that I was often eating my snack because I brought it and somehow didn’t want to waste it! (Eating when you aren’t hungry is a different kind of waste/waist!)

So, now I’m trying to ask myself before I snack — am I 1) eating because I’m hungry? 2) am I eating out of boredom? or 3) eating out of habit — cause growing up we always had ice cream or something before bed.

Anyway, thanks! I’m about 1 pound from goal. Hoping to make it, but I’m feeling extra tired the last two days (half marathon over the weekend), so I need to kick it back into gear now.

I actually include a night snack into my calorie goal. It works best for me to eat 5-6 times a day. Now, I do make the choice of not buying junk to put into the house. So when I have a night time snack it is something good for me. It’s also planned. I know what I’m eating the day before. But when it’s all said it done, I don’t subscribe to the theory that night time eating is bad for you.

Yeh I’ll drink so “sweet” too, my favourites are Japanese Gemai cha and Aveda Comfort Tea… If u make the Aveda tea strong, it taste like some sweet mint chewing gum and it leaves a strong of sweetness in your mouth and yr throat for a long time.

I want chocolate or ice cream at night. What now works for me is a stick of Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip Sugarfree Gum, only 5 calories. It hits the spot. My favorite ice cream flavor and chocolate-y! I only have one. I don’t do it often anymore, but this helped me get over evening desserts.

And thanks Hannah and Olivia for staying connected and sharing your learnings. I really appreciate it and you!

I brush my teeth right after I finish my dinner, then I won’t eat any snack cuz it’s just too troublesome to brush my teeth again!

You ladies crack me up! I just discovered you all after the finale of BL14 and while I don’t have much weight to lose, I have learned a lot from your “vlogs” and when I need a good laugh for the day I sit down and watch one of your old ones, SO entertaining, I could watch them all day!

And as relates to the topic at hand, I was literally JUST sitting here with my sister and talking about how I hardly struggle at all during the day to eat well but its the late night snacking that can really get me. As I was telling her this I was checking your site for a new vlog, to start my day off laughing obviously, and what do you know?!? Thanks for the tips and I think the biggest one for me is just will power.

Love you guys and thanks for being hilarious and helpful all at the same time!

Sorry for writing about something completely off current topic but I didn’t know where else to write you ladies. I have back and leg pain that gets worse when I exercise, went for check ups twice and they believe I either have sciatica or one leg slightly longer than the other and I was told to lay off the walking, running, and jumping exercises that make it much worse but she said biking was a good option because it’s not as hard on the joints. That being said I don’t have much money and there’s no spin classes anywhere close to where I live. Is there any such thing as a good quality cheap exercise bike and what should I look for when buying one?

Something I have never thought to do at home, tea and/or coffee after dinner. I do this when we go out to eat, but never at home. So glad you mentioned this as I am going to try this at home as an ‘all done’ cue. Second,” This Kitchen is Closed” sign. A decent frame, printed sign and a plate stand in the middle of our kitchen bar. It may seem over the top but with kids visuals are everything. I love it when the tips start to click! Thanks and keep em coming!

You girls rock!! I too, find snacking at night a prob~i live alone, get bored. Hot tea or a glass of milk fills me up, and reading a book keeps my hands busy~ 😉

I’ve noticed that since I’ve become single recently, late night-snacking has become much more of a problem. I think because it’s at night maybe when i most want to be snuggled on the couch with someone? Have ya’ll experienced this at all or heard of similar cases? It’s strange, I hadn’t thought of it until I saw this video. XO

This quote from Jillian Michael’s book “Master Your Metabolism,” is all I need to not eat after dark!!!

“Your levels of fat-storage hormone cortisol dip after breakfast and lunch, but not after dinner or evening snacks. Eating more calories during the evening will pack more fat around your belly, where you have more cortisol receptors than other places in your body.”

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