Break Out the Food Journals

Hello Lovlies!! The start of another week…hope you are moving forward with your goals. We get asked all the time about food journals. Most people know that we used them on the show and they want to know exactly how we set them up, what to write, etc, etc. Well, today’s your day. We’re laying it all out there.

Do you food journal? Does it help? What works for you?? Let’s see some examples!!

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Loved this video. I write all my foods, but never thought about writing what I felt about the day or the food, etc. Going to start doing that. I love that idea. Our amazing leader, Elyse, tells us every week at Weight Watchers…”only track, the weeks you want to lose weight!”…and it is so true. The weeks that I write down and track are the weeks I lose weight on the scale. Could you both pick one day out of your journals and take a picture of the front and back of the page to show us your actual layout? Thanks for continuing to share all that you do with all of us. It helps so much!

I used the Lose It app pretty consistently for awhile but I probably need to take your advice and put pen to paper and just stick to writing it in a little notebook. Thanks for the advice ladies!

wow girls! i must say you definitely tricked me! the new post came in my inbox and i was like “oh of course they use myfitnesspal or something, what else would they use, they are always on their phones” i have used my fitness pal and the body media app to track food for over a year and a half….and there are things i like about it (that it calculates everything for me so i don’t have to do math! don’t ever need a pen) and things i hate (typing takes longer sometimes than writing!)
been struggling and dreading tracking lately….it’s time to go “old school” and buy a notebook at cvs. and maybe a cute pen to fit in the spiral….
thanks girls! if you bite it you write it!

I track my food and it definitely helps. I have found that when I don’t track, my weight loss stalls out. My struggle is finding calories for various foods. What have you ladies found to be the most reliable source as far as finding calorie counts for foods? There are soooo many books and websites out there that they all make my head spin. Any suggestions?

I really enjoyed this video. I have been documenting all of my food intake on one of those “famous” cell phone app’s religiously. However, I really like the way you describe paper journalling and will be going to the store to buy a notebook πŸ™‚

Thanks, Ladies πŸ™‚

Great video! I like writing things in a food journal as well. I am curious about something… You mentioned your weigh-ins at the Ranch. How often did u actually get weighed?

Love this!! Thanks so much for getting technical, too. I’m a huge nerd about making my journals look pretty! πŸ™‚ And heck yes about in the mouth=on the page! My friends and I say… “You bite it, you write it!” I’ve gotten away from paper journals thanks to MyFitnessPal—but I’m going shopping for a new moleskine and pens tomorrow thanks you to guys! πŸ™‚ (I’m an office supplies nerd, too!)

Hi ladies, I am thinking that I am not getting enough calories. I’m working out every day with a trainer and trying to get 1200 calories! By the time I work out my calories in drops and I don’t have time to consume so many before bed and at this weeks weigh in I had gained 0.5! Do u think its muscle gain or starvation mode???? I am journaling all my food daily! I’m frustrated!!!! Luv u guys!

I’m so glad you gal’s did a video on this! I’ve been using MyFitnessPal consistently since Oct 2012 and it’s really helped me continue losing weight. (30lbs down and another 30lbs to go) While I love the app for on the go type of entries and the convenience of having the calorie calculations at my finger tips, it’s just been bugging me lately. It’s not as easy to scroll through the dates and find entries. I would love a grocery section of it. I may just pick up a lil’ mead notebook and try paper/pen journaling again. I also love the idea that you list how you’re feeling and notes on how the food was etc. Again… this video couldn’t have come at a better time for me so Thank You!

Now on to the next thing on my mind… I would love to know what you gals do about cravings. This last week has been horrible as far as cravings go. I seriously feel like I want to eat everything! So I’d love to know what you do about them. Do you give in and have only a bite or do you try to get through it?

I would love if you posted an image of your food journals. Do you keep them all?

Thank you for being one of my fitspirations!!! <3

Thanks for this, girls! I, too, have been using myfitnesspal, and have lost 25 lbs, but I’ve kind of stalled the past few weeks…just felt unmotivated, and need a change-up. I think this is just what I need. Gonna head to target today and buy a journal!

I would mess it all up: forget to include things, have unknown calorie amounts, have wrong calorie amounts, and probably make other mistakes like losing my notebook. It sounds great that you two are able to manage. I love you both, although I admit I noticed that my eyes kept drifting to the left. hey, she’s unmarried, ya know?

You know what I love about you two? That you both take your own approach but have been able to get the same results. Like the egg white example – ones uses pre-made and one does from the egg and both ways work. One uses stevia and one uses sweatleaf. Really like hearing the different options.

Question, if you still use the good ‘ol pen and paper for journaling, what source do you use to find the calorie counts for different foods?

I’m so glad you guys did this video, I’ve tried many times to do a food journal, and when I have before I’ve found it works better for me, but often I’ll forget a day, which then turns into a week, and then I don’t do it again. Do you have any suggestions as to how to avoid that? Thanks ladies! Also I just wanted to say that you both look fantastic, Hannah looks especially great in this video and I LOVE the shirt!

Thanks for this! I know I need to log my food and I don’t. I’m going to try the pencil paper thing to see if I can get into the habit. Since I struggle so much to do this, suggestions might help. For example, the suggestion of how to set it up in a spiral notebook is something I’m going to give a try. What other suggestions do you have for someone like me who stinks at this? Do you write it down at the end of the day, at each meal, as you prepare it or when? How do you find the correct kcal counts? I’m super impressed that you measure everything…that’s another thing I’m not careful enough with. No wonder I’m not losing! Help?

Hi, Ladies. Just wanted to repost cause I am really hoping for some advise. Thanks so much!! Hi ladies, I am thinking that I am not getting enough calories. I’m working out every day with a trainer and trying to get 1200 calories! By the time I work out my calories in drops and I don’t have time to consume so many before bed and at this weeks weigh in I had gained 0.5! Do u think its muscle gain or starvation mode???? I am journaling all my food daily! I’m frustrated!!!! Luv u guys!

Great ideas – but that color thing in the background made me dizzy watching- what kind of cereal from a box do you guys think is safe? I like quaker oatmeal squares but the second ingredient is brown sugar and it has 44 g, carbs per 1 cup

please enlighten!
I heard you guys talk in Raleigh NC in the fall at the church on Strickland road!!

Quick question for you ladies–when it comes to calorie counting, do you ever eat back your workout calories? Like, if you have a really hard, 2 hour spin class that burns 1500 calories, will you then eat more than your daily allotment, to add some protein or just more sustenance? Or do you eat the exact same amount of calories every day, regardless of how much, if at all, you work out that day?

I have done it both ways, I love the history the paper version gives you, but I find I am more accountable entering the food and exercise into My Fitness Pal, I have the Fitbit so the two go together, and it is free. I had so many empty pages in my paper journal it was discouraging. The electronic version is so easy to use.

Hello! I love your videos and you two they are so fitspirational! My birthday is coming up this month and as a treat to myself I bought myself the BodyMedia Link. I have been using it for 3 days but so far I’m pretty much in love. I have also started a food journal. But I think the only thing that is frustrating is that most of the food I eat aren’t listed in the BodyMedia calorie index part. I have used MyFitness Pal before and their library of food seems to be so much more extensive. But the food journaling has helped as well. Are there inside tips to how to find the foods that you are eating more accurately? Also, not that you are product sponsors for this but do you know if being Left handed affects it being on your left?

Anywho I love the videos! Also Hannah, me, my mother and my sister all work for an HCA hospital! My sister just had her meeting with her health coach and is excited about her FitBit! She just had a baby so its perfect timing and incentive to lose the baby weight! πŸ™‚

Thank you for your help. I am really inspired by you both… I live in TN, so it is a nice connection! πŸ™‚ What I am wondering is how long it takes to get used to fewer calories? I am trying to aim for 1500 calories, but I get so hungry that after three days, I end up way overeating. Should I go slower, or can I just white knuckle it for a certain amount of time and know it is going to get better? Like when you were on the ranch, did you suddenly cut down to a low calorie level and just have to get through it, or did you gradually lower the calorie level? Thank you in advance! This is MY year!!!! πŸ™‚

The key is quality calories. Lots of lean protein (Greek yogurt is a good example)…look for low calorie foods with lots of protein….become a label expert! Also just remember as your stomach shrinks the hunger will lessen….it’s okay to be hungry…uncomfortable but it will pass!

Oh OLIVIA!!! Thank you for responding to me! Yes, that’s what I thought… I need to put on my big girl ones and tough it out. Thanks for the suggestions about the protein, and while I often don’t get to choose my own meals (because of my work) I can choose how much I eat of what things, and there are sometimes, I do get to choose. So starting right now, I am going to be tough and remember that hunger is a means to an end. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the inspiration and for the time you take with us. Lots of Love!

What resource do you all use to figure out how many calories are in certain items? I know most items say on the package, but what about produce or meals you eat at a restaurant? Do you use an internet source?

I watched you two on Biggest Loser!!! I’m so glad I found you all on this blog. πŸ™‚ So I have tried to do a food journal multiple times, but when I have bad days or bad meals, I feel really guilty about what i write down. Then it doesnt make me feel good at all and then I just quit. I did lose 90 pounds back in 1997 by not eating—bad idea. Every since then I have gained and lost about 300 pounds–not good either. I’m hovering between 220 and 250 now and I feel like poop. What can I do to not feel so guilty about eating too much or not eating the right foods? Any ideas? Anything you can point me to? I’m getting a bit desperate

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