Merry Christmas!!!

SO excited for Christmas so we put together this little video. We are so thankful for you all: your support and encouragement. You are a gift to us! Enjoy your family and friends and this special holiday. Say hi in the comments here and at YouTube…we’d love to hear what you’re up to!!

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Started the evening out in church with Ben leading us in worship,then had a great Christmas Eve with family. We always end Christmas Eve with a poem that I write to all the kids, where they have to figure out where everyone’s christmas pajamas are hidden. We have all just changed into them, everyone is cozy..hanging out together…these are the best traditions and memories….Everyone looks forward every year to getting their new cozy Christmas pajamas! So fun! (and mine are actually the green one’s from Old Navy, with the candy cane hearts and white snowflakes on them!)

Merry Christmas, girls! It was such a good one for me, although there were no christmas pajamas involved, unfortunately. I received many lovely gifts, however, my BEST gift came on Christmas eve when, while choosing an outfit, I tried on my old size 12 jeans and they FIT! I haven’t been able to fit in a size 12 in about 3 years. You should have seen THAT Christmas happy dance! I still have a long way to go in this weight loss journey, but it feels so good to celebrate the small victories! Thanks for the inspiration. I love y’all!

You two have inspired me with your journey on the Biggest Loser all the way up to now! Because of you two I have lost 18 pounds and on my way to losing more! Thank you for your honesty and openness!

Kelly Brenann from Portland Oregon

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