A Change Will Do You Good

Hey Everybody!!! Starting a new series today on a hot topic: CHANGE. We all have things we need to change and today we start out by talking about jobs. How can you make a change at the place you spend huge amounts of time?? Let’s talk. Let us know here and on YouTube!

Two more topics coming in the next couple weeks!

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Do they tell you girls to wear black or is that your choice? I would suggest a different color so you don’t look like floating head with the black screen behind you.

Love this topic! I’m generally resistant to change but have started to embrace it more lately…. It’s so freeing! ie) got a gym membership with my mom and we’ve gone every days since (minus two days for rest). question! what ate your favorite workouts? do you prefer classes or indididual training?? You ladies are full of great advice. Love this blog!! Love from a huge fan- Jessica 🙂

My change… I have a degree in teaching, and jobs are not plentiful in that arena, BUT, i want to go from WORKING my minimum wage job to BEING a teacher. Change is hard, but I will be taking more steps to make that dream come true.

Go for it Shannon! I was a teacher for many years and then I left the classroom to get my PhD and I really regret leaving. That’s because teaching is the most fun, the best job ever! I woke up every morning looking forward to going to work and I’m NOT a morning person at all! The kids are all so amazing and it is truly fun in a classroom…I laughed all the time, I got hugs plentiful, and my students and I all learned a ton from each other! I hope you find it as fulfilling as I did! I wish you all the best!

I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this video because before September I think a lot of the reason I felt so miserable was because I thought nothing could or would ever change in my life and I couldn’t imagine continuing to live the same way forever. I still struggle with the hopelessness that nothing will ever change for the better. The fact that this blog post BEGAN with the encouragement that if you’re unhappy, change it! I am unhappy. I have much for which to be grateful but my job is the worst job in the whole world I think and so much of my daily life is spent there that it makes my days difficult. I am very thankful to have a job but I don’t know what to do to change it to be a happier place for me. My personal life is also unhappy with criticism from family, hating the way I look when I see a mirror, inadequacy at the gym and at home managing my bank account, and most of all just pure loneliness!

But here’s what I think is important for me to remember and to learn and an idea that seemed to be emphasized by both of you in this post was that it’s all about changing your perspective and allow for your desires, passion, and priorities to change enough that you’re willing to take risks and be a little scared. I still am not certain how to do this practically in my real life but for now I really want to believe that I can change my unhappiness even if I don’t know how just yet because some very wise people have told me that I am worthy of the change/dreams I desire.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I am so grateful for the many many ways you are paying it forward and that I am blessed enough to be a part.


My favorite vlog so far! Great fitspiration!!!! I am a stay at home mom and Hannah from this point on when I am home I am committing to use the bathroom on the first floor if I’m on the second and visa verse. Its not three floors but it will guarantee additional steps. Love this tip!! My husband Adrian and I just had a conversation tonight about putting money in its place in our life. There is no amount of money worth our health and Olivia it is so true what you said about speaking things into life. So love the transparency here!

Was this a test to see if we were paying attention and knowledgeable? 1:20-1:23 several hundred pounds?! You weighed in at 248 at the begin.
OK, now how to change things at work… Um… Well I do so well, I’m not sure what to change… How about use fewer paper towels and less liquid soap? Now how do I do that? … Hmm… And how do I track success… without much difficulty… hmm…

Thank you ladies, you rock. 😀

Hannah: “Your desires CAN change, that’s okay!”

YES! Sometimes (especially when coming out of higher education), it’s easy to feel stuck on one path; that a detour in our lives is just us being fickle or giving up on what we’ve started. BUT I think we all need this reminder that as we grow and change, our desires, passions, and goals may also change–and this is okay, so we shouldn’t feel afraid or stuck. Our lives are constantly evolving and changing as we are.

Y’all are speaking into to my life… and I love it!

Love you two dearly, love this topic! I have a question about change!! I’m wondering if you have any thoughts to share about the ways that your style and, for lack of a better word (it’s early in the morning), how your identities have evolved as you’ve lost weight and adjusted to new bodies and lifestyles, and how that’s been reflected in your personal style. Now, I would say first that of course our true worth and identies are NOT found in our bodies or our appearance, so that caveat aside, I have found this to be an area I’ve had some real CHANGE in as I’ve lost weight.

After being overweight my entire life, and losing/gaining weight in spurts throughout my 20’s, I finally made concrete lasting changes in 2010 that have led me to slowly drop from 261 lbs and a size 22 to 189 lbs and a size 12, and I can honestly say I don’t fear gaining it back like I always did when I lost weight before- I feel a huge identity shift, and in control of my athletic ability and weight loss (I hope to lose about 30 more lbs- so I’m still in transition.)

As I’ve lost weight it has forced me to deal with insecurities and issues I preferred to just not think about when I was heavier, and it’s not always easy. One way I’ve found to explore my new identity is through fashion. Honestly there are just limitations on “who” you can express yourself to be when you are heavy, and as I’ve lost weight I’ve tried to give myself time to confront the identity I’d created for myself on the inside AND outside as an overweight woman. I’ve tried to take time to explore who I might like to be if I wasn’t held back by weight anymore. This is truly an inner exploration but it can be expressed outwardly.

It really can be disorienting and isolating to evolve this way and it’s a step by step process to begin forming a new wardrobe (not to mention expensive!) but I’ve found it to be a bit of “therapy” for me as I face the uncomfortable and difficult process of evolving into a different body and lifestyle. It can also be fun, like, “Hey, I AM the type of girl who would wear THOSE boots!” etc. It’s just amazing how much more respect I have for myself now, and I find I want to up my game in every area of life.

So my question after all that is, does that make any sense? 🙂 Can you relate at all to this, and do you have any thoughts to share about how your style has evolved to reflect the changes you’ve made in your own lives?

Thanks ladies!

P.S. By the way, I weighed 261 lbs when I saw you weigh in on BL Olivia, after I’d already identified so much with you both through the first episode- it was a real “a-ha moment” for me in my journey, I’ll never forget it! I rarely watch TV and happenned to see that episode, then watched you two through to the end- it wasn’t an accident for me to be watching TV just then and I’ve really looked to you both for encouragement!!

Girls! I love this blog! Like you, Liv, I’m a singer, so I was constantly auditioning and working side jobs to pay the bills. Not only was this stressful, the constant scrutiny of my body, my voice, my personality, my clothes choice, etc. etc. etc. was really wearing me down on a very personal and emotional level.
So about a year ago, I decided to take a full time nanny position, and I’m SO happy! While it’s been a challenge not to eat (and eat and eat) in the presence of so much “kid food” (chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, ice cream, halloween candy…) I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it! I pack my own lunches every day, and I’ve actually made great strides to eradicate “kid food” from the house as well–what child needs to be eating that crap?!?
I also love that I have tons of opportunities to add fitness to my day– playing tag on the playground with my 4-year-old, walking her to school (a mile away), taking the babies on stroller walks when they’re cranky, and best of all, using the home gym when they’re napping! All of this is at my disposal during the day…and yet, so is the capacity to watch tv, nap, and snack. I’m learning self control and how to make better choices day by day, and I’m so proud of the person I’m becoming!
Thanks so much for the inspiration (fitspiration? fitspiration!), ladies!

Those kids are so lucky to have you to help them eat healthy and in turn it helps you too. Such a win win! I also love that you see the fitness opportunities with your job. Girl, you’re rockin it and we love it! XO

I am a stay at home mom to three kids and like you Renee I have trouble being around ‘kid’ food, snacks, sweets, etc. Sometimes I feel like I cannot get away from it. It is always around. I try to have healthier options for my kids but sometimes I make the mistake of eating what’s left on their plate. My girlfriends and I laugh about finishing off their old food but it has really become a problem for me!! My problem is snacking when the kids are in bed, and eating late at night. Any suggestions on what to do when i am feeling bored or hungry.?? I try to just go to bed but I need more willpower or other things to think of when I’m about to make a bad food choice!!! Thanks.. I love your blog/videos!! 🙂

Katie, I feel you, it is SO hard! Even when the kiddos are eating healthy food, the temptation to eat their leftovers is there, and lord knows, those calories from tiny bites of food add up! My first tip would be to eat meals together, even if you’re not all eating the same thing (that way you’re full when you’re cleaning up.). Also, if you’re feeling the urge to snack off of their plates, drink a full glass of water. That tends to fill me up. But, let’s be real, even with those tips, I still have a hard time sometimes…
I’d say the biggest and best thing I’ve done is to stop buying my “trigger” kids foods. For example, I used to eat WAY too much of that dang Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix. It is SO good. I could eat a whole box in one sitting. But…let’s be real, it’s all carbs and salt. So I just don’t buy it any more. The kids would just as happily snack on something else, and I avoid the temptation. The same goes for dinners. We go light on the carbs (pasta, rice, etc.) and heavy on the veggies, cooked and uncooked. They’re great for their growing bodies, and there’s nothing wrong with eating cucumber slices off of your kid’s plate!

Good Choice girls that you chose to do the myfitspiration blog because its my oxygen!
I left a comment on youtube but i will leave another one here.

I actually needed to hear all you had said in this video… I NEED to change jobs.. as good and nice as the people are here I feel like I have no potential and I dont want to sit in a 2×2 office sitting on a chair and doing someting I dont feel is making me feel fulfilled..
My passion is fitness and music and its time to go after my dreams and pay it forward as you said Oivia!
Thank you so so much for opening my eyes and ears! yes Cash is good CHANGE is better!!
1 more question, I am looking into getting the BodyMedia I would like to know what your take is on it. and there are 2 diff versions LINK and CORE.. whats the diff and which is better?

You can change however or whenever you’re ready! As far as bodymedia we use the band that connects to the computer and not the phone. I don’t work out with my phone in my hand so I like having the display with the watch so I can watch my progress! XO

I made a huge change this year by taking a new job 400 miles from my family in order to get out of a sucky situation. I’m so thankful for it. It’s not my dream job but it allows me to have a better schedule and allows me to work on some side projects!

Good for you! Taking a step in the right direction is what you did for yourself. That takes guts! So proud of you! I did my non dream job and side projects for MANY years and it got me to where I am today!! XO

Amen ladies! Two years ago I made a huge change to leave my 8-5 job that had a steady paycheck and do something I love that is actually in my career field. My income is all over the place from month to month and while that can be stressful we make it work. At the time I decided a change had to be made I was terribly unhappy, had gained 20+ lbs, and was taking all of my frustrations from work out on myself, my family, and my friends. At the end of the day I had to realize that my happiness and my marriage could no longer take a backseat to my work. It was the best decision I ever made and I encourage anyone who feels like it’s time to make a change with their career to pray and listen for God’s guidance. I would have never had the courage to make this leap of faith without the assurance that this what exactly the path that the Lord intended for me. Thank you guys for always being full of wonderful advice and sound guidance!

So many people are stuck in jobs they hate and don’t realize that they can change if they want to. It is a huge risk but as they say with great risk comes great reward! Good for you for trusting your instincts and going for it! We are so proud of your courage and faith! Go girl!! XOXO

It’s very difficult for young adults to find new jobs, especially with how the economy is going now. I work at Mcdonalds, and I know that there’s no where else that’s hiring. Eventually, you do have to accept the fact and be realistic that not everything goes your way, but there are ways to fix problems within your work area.

How do you keep motivated to exercise?
I am a physical therapist I have a sister that is lucky to be one of those people that can eat a whole cow and will not gain an oz. me i just need to smeel the food i will gain weight. i have normal BMI and healthy, 40 year old woman. i have gym membership i went once only. i really know i need to exercise for my future especially being a medical personel i tell it to my clients everyday, but i am not able to force myself or make exercise my priority… how do get that spark?

Hannah…Its Lisa V, Randi V’s mom (Both HUGE fans of BL and cannot wait for Jan.6) I would love to tell you about my job. It is mom friendly, environmentally friendly and it is in sync with all the healthy values and habits you learned on BL.

I’m so glad ya’ll posted this today. I’ve been in such a rut for the last couple of months. I need to make a change! I look forward to seeing your new videos and hearing your great advice.

Thank you!

As I am packing my bags to go on a trip across the world, I decided that I should just try on my shorts and summer clothes I am taking with me…just to check. They were tight, some didn’t fit like they did this summer. I had watched this video a couple of days and it was encouraging, as you girls always are. I am reminded that it is never too late to change. I did change 2.5 years ago, I made a decision to start my weight loss journey and I lost 90 lbs. This fall was a stressful time for me and I gained some of my weight back. It is really easy to stand here in front of my suitcase and feel like a failure and then go eat some Christmas goodies to drown out that feeling. However, everyday I have to continue to make that choice to change, that my choice of change is a daily thing.

So…today, I am making a decision to change and be different then a moment ago. That voice that is telling me I am a failure because I gained 10 lbs is wrong and I am choosing to listen to voice that says I am strong instead.

Olivia….I am glad that you began Myfitspiration. You girls don’t even realize the impact that you have made on my life. Thank you!

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