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Hi guys!  So, I can’t believe we forgot to mention the calories in yesterday’s Pumpkin Cookie video.  I guess all things happen for a reason…this gives me a quick minute to talk about gluten/dairy free desserts.  I know so many people that think gluten/dairy free desserts are more “healthy” than traditional desserts.  While I won’t get into that debate today, I do want to remind everyone that a dessert is a dessert.  Period. They are a once-in-a-while treat.  Around here at myFitspiration we love treats and want to bring you many different options for when you do indulge. 🙂 Our goal is to sneak in as many healthy ingredients as we can.

The Pumpkin cookies breakdown like this:  if you make 12 normal cookies they are around 170 calories each…if you make 24 mini cookies they breakdown to around 85 calories each.

Most of the calories are in the almond flour & the coconut oil.  These ingredients…although heavy calorie hitters…have great nutritional benefits in moderation (including a good amount of protein which is great for weight loss and curbing hunger).  If you are really wanting to lower the calories even more you can substitute 1/2 of the coconut oil with unsweetened applesauce. You can also experiment with different types of flours….there are so many gluten free options….even garbanzo bean flour!!

Hannah & I both love cooking & entertaining….stay tuned for more fun & healthy recipes!!

Let us know what you think!!

Health & Happiness,
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Yes! Thanks for the calorie info! I guess I’m gonna have to get free smells–almost 70 days dessert free!

That’s awesome! The good thing about this one is the only sugars come from natural sources!! No refined sugar that causes cravings and bloating!! Keep up the good work my dear!! xoxo


Thanks for this! Love sweets and love pumpkin! My thighs thank you! 🙂

Ok, my next request is some crock pot recipes! 🙂

Thanks! you guys were totally into that cookie tasting especially Hannah.. OMG did she make me hungry! I was drooling over my computer just watching her..
love you gurlllzzz..



Hi Liba!! If you knew my past relationship with cookies, you would know why! hahaha! I LOVE sweets and I was so excited to make an all natural no refined sugar cookie that actual tastes like a REAL COOKIE!! Hope you give them a try! Who knows, maybe we will make it to your city! Would love to meet you too!

So I just baked my batch to take to my potluck tomorrow. Oh my! they smell, taste, and look deliscious!!! I now understand why hannah could not keep her finger out of the bowl! So Good! Thank you for sharing your recipe. The trick now… to let them cool without sneaking tastes. and then get them packaged up so that they are no longer a temptation:-)

Right!! Even the batter was delicious! Put a few in your freezer for later ;). I am so glad you made them for your potluck! Atta girl, taking a lower calorie, all natural cookie for your co-workers to enjoy! It shows you care about others PLUS people will be drooling over your homemade delights that you slaved away in the kitchen for and made from scratch! It’s a WIN WIN for everyone!!

Don’t know how this affects the calories, but I removed all processed sugar. Took out two tablespoons of the apple sauce and instead of sugar added a cup of maple syrup and a quarter cup of molasses. Also added more pumpkin pie spice, but didn’t measure that. Wanted to try and make cookies without added sugar for my 11 month old twins and this is delicious! Thank you.

The numbers don’t add up for the calories. One gram of fat would be 9 calories, 1 gram of protein would be 4 calories and 9 grams of carbs would be 36 calories, that would be 49 calories per cookie.

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