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It’s no surprise that both Hannah & I are huge music buffs, but we never knew what a BIG roll it would play in both our weight loss & maintenance journey! Here you will learn more about natural TCGF for a healthier lifestyle !
A good music playlist is just as important as the workout itself. Music will motivate, inspire, and give you a good butt kicking when needed! We guarantee that great music will push you to workout 150% harder than without it. Think about it….how many times have you taken a group fitness class & although the workout was good you left not liking it because the instructor played El Crappola music? (yes, that is the technical term) Anyway, you get where we are going with this.

There are so many places these days to obtain great music.  iTunes on its own provides more musical fun for your ears than they could ever take in in a lifetime.  Although, we are avid iTunes fans, we are also loving Spotify these days.  You can find all the information for this program at  Spotify also has an amazing app in addition to their awesome desktop version.  So, for those do you still saying “But guys….I don’t have time to look through that music & I wouldn’t even know where to start…”. Fear not….we have something for you too…we wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!  For you there is an awesome app we both have been listening too lately.  FIT Radio is a great app that provides tons of channels in TONS of genres.  There is something for everyone & they even feature guest DJ’s to mix up your favorite tunes!  The app is specifically designed for exercise so it’s perfect for workouts!  See…soooooo many options to get your groove on.

Ok, since so many of you ask us what we listen to….we thought we would compile a small list for you.  It’s only a top 10 because it basically changes with the wind. ☺. We will update now & again so you will have to stay tuned for new lists!  Ahem…Pun intended.

Hannah & Olivia’s Butt Kicking Workout Jams:

1.  David Guetta – Turn Me On feat. Nicki
2.  Flo Rida – Wild Ones feat. Sia
3.  Calvin Harris – Feel So Close
4.  Skrillex – Bangarang
5.  Robyn – Criminal Intent (you must always have some Robyn)
6.  Kanye West – Gold Digger
7.  Bruno Mars – Marry You (How Bob Harper first proposed to Hannah…she fell off her spin bike
8.  Jay Sean & Nicki Minaj – 2012
9.  Outkast – Hey Ya!
10.  T.I. – Dead & Gone
**All of the above are available in radio friendly tracks which is appropriate for all ages. We love that!

So, now you have NO excuses!!  Get out there and have a dance party at your gym…or wherever.  Let us know in the comments what songs you workout to!!  We can always use an excuse to buy more music! Wooohooo!!

Health & Happiness,

Olivia & Hannah

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I LOVE this post! (I am also especially excited because you posted it on my birthday!? Happy birthday present to me.) I am a MAJOR music buff when working out. One time, I ran an entire half marathon to 1 song on REPEAT! (Some might say that’s boring (okay because it is), but it gave me a great rhythm! The song was “What You Know About That” by T.I.) I basically love anything with a big fat bass! I also like “You Can Have Whatever You Like” by T.I and Imma Be by B.E.P. Love it.

How weird… I JUST told my friend I was going to tweet/Facebook you two about posting a workout music list because I’m bored with mine. You guys are awesome!! Yay for new music to train for my first mini marathon with!! 🙂 New lots of motivation!

Azealia Banks – 212 has a nice beat. I have just about all your songs above as well. 🙂 You have to have some Pitbull and The Veronicas. Love music when working out!!

Thanks!! I am always looking for a new “move-it!” mix. Can’t wait to explore the suggestions. Love y’all!!

I totally agree. I’m a dancer so I kinda need music. It is hard getting into the dance when my teacher plays music that SUCKS!!! Its also good to upload new music whenever you can. Hearing the same music over and over again can get really boring.

Apparently is not available in Canada…YET…bummer!, but I did get the FitRadio app for my iphone and look forward to listening to new tunes!

I’m not very good at staying current with music so I loved this post so much and am very excited to try FitRadio app in particular. I don’t have an iphone or anything like that though so it’ll have to wait until I get that 🙂

Some songs I love when working out that weren’t mentioned yet are:
Believe by Suzie McNeil…when I’m frustrated or afraid I will never meet my goals, this song encourages and inspires me to keep pushing and never give up!
Just Stand Up! by various artists for Stand Up to Cancer…I’m fighting a recurrence right now and this song puts into words how I feel almost exactly and it keeps me going. I love it!
Gimme Dat by Ciara…I don’t know why I like it but it has a great beat
Give me Everything by Pitbull…this is my very favorite because it is so true that we never know how our life will turn out but we DO know that we can do all we can in this very moment. Because my life may be short if I don’t beat this cancer, it is so great for me to be pushed to give everything tonight! Honestly, no song helps me work harder on fitness or nutrition like this one. It’s amazing how influential a song can be.

Yeah! I am also always looking for new work out songs. So much of the contents of my iTunes is slow, folky fun … it doesn’t really work well when I want to move fast! I’m going to look up the songs you guys have listed! (Also … Spotify isn’t available in Canada as yet. Sorrow.)

These are my favourite workout songs these days:
“Hummingbird” by Imaginary Cities (always makes me WANT to run)
“Something in the Water” by Brooke Fraser (she’s formerly Hillsong)
“Kick Drum Heart” by the Avett Brothers (mostly I like yelling along)
“Hurts Like Heaven” by Coldplay
“Say Hey (I Love You)” by Michael Franti & Spearhead (it has kind of a weird beat but it’s SO HAPPY)
“Love Song” by Sara Bareilles
“We Have Everything” by Young Galaxy
“Last Time Around” by Nick Jonas & the Administration (it’s a total rip off of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but it’s snappy)

Also — since you include “Hey Ya”, have you ever heard Obadiah Parker’s acoustic cover of the song? I think it’s amazing. You should look it up!

Mandissa’s new album “What if We Were Real” has LOTS of great upbeat music on it that is GREAT for a workout and very motivational. Love the post ladies!!! Keep up the great work.

You forgot to add “Black & Yellow” and Rhianna’s “We Found Love.” Those two make me take off when I am running! And Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.” Ahhh. Time to go run now! 🙂

Hey girls!
This is my first time commenting. I totally stalk both of your twitters and this blog. When I go to NYC (I live in Oregon) I even secretly hope I will run into you, Olivia, when I am on the subway! What are the chances?! Ha! The closest I got though, was finding the Union Square Soul Cycle…on my way to city bakery (ahem) for coffee.I’m coming again in September, so I will be on the lookout!

The reason I am finally commenting is because your playlist just made me very happy. I’m training for a half marathon and just created a new play list…as I was downloading T.I., Flo Rida, David Guetta and Usher, etc. I was thinking, do any other 35 year old women listen to this stuff? Sometimes my husband laughs at me…but then I catch him bopping his head and I know he feels it too! So, needless to say, your playlist answered my question…and affirmed that I must be in the cool crowd!

Love you ladies! Totally inspired by your journey and your character!

I’m 45 years old..have the same playlist as you! So see….you aren’t the only one and you are years younger than me! 🙂

My absolute favorite place for workout music is DJs put together awesome running mixes of real songs (not soundalikes), most of them based on BPM. You can buy credits for very little money and when you sign up, you get one free credit a month. Mixes that are up to 30 minutes are 1 credit and longer than that is 2 credits.

I really , really didn’t like you when i started watching the biggest loser season 14.
I don’t know why but at first you gave me the impression of this stuck up high school prom queen that had a few bad years after graduation and gained weight…nothing that made me empathize to you or your story .

well… maybe i just suck at first impressions!!!!

As the season progressed ( i’m now at ep 14) i discovered a completely different Hannah from what i initially thought you were.
from the ashes of your insecurity i discovered such a lovely person , funny and most off all good and honest southern gal.

The reason i’m even writing is because i watched ep14 yesterday.
when you were at the weight in after the night out in the town, you said , with tears of joy , that” it was good to feel normal”

Maybe it sounds funny for people that never had to deal with being overweight , but its all about feeling normal.
when i was at around junior high i was a little over weight , not enough so kids would make fun at me but enough for me to feel that burden.
I know what its like to get nervous if the teacher announce that next month there’s a school trip and there will be water involved so bring your swimming suits . all the other kids are happy and i’m nervous as hell , trying all the next month to think about excuses not to go.
that’s how i spent the best summers as a kid , instead of skipping class with a bunch of friends to go to the beach , or later on when we got a little older, our parents let us go to the rich kids pool parties , or just talking to a girl at school……i didn’t have all of these when i was growing up. that is something that normal people will never understand.

What is so amazing about you and your sister Olivia , is the transformation that the both of you had.
not only that it looks like you guys were never fat ( and at some times on the show it looks like you’r actually getting younger… weird , i know)
but the total transformation in your life and personality is what really made me respect you guys.
As the great Bob harper said , ” it’s not about winning a game , it’s about fixing something broken”.
It’s really like that , and it looks like you’v got it figured out.
when you leave the biggest loser ranch you start the real game….life!!!!
I wish you that in this game you’ll be the biggest………..gainer!!!

I’m not sure my comment is in the right topic….sorry 🙂

I had never heard Marry You until I read this blog post. OMG! I love it. So peppy! 🙂 It was just wanted I needed to get through my cardio last night!

Any of Superchick’s fast songs (Rock what you got, So beautiful, One more, Cross the line,…)
Tonight by tobyMac
Avalanche by Skillet

It’s so nice getting ideas of what other people listen to. We had several members of our family put together a play list where we all contributed some songs. To be honest, alot of the songs my daughter added I never listened to until working out to them. Now I listen to it all the time. Songs like, I’m Too Sexy, Thunderstruck, I’m Not Okay, Ballroom Blitz, Footloose, Bounce, Old Time Rock and Roll, This Moment, to name a few. Nothing better than great music to workout to.

Thanks for this post! I tried fitradio tonight during my workout and definitely got me pumped up to work harder/ longer. Before I knew it, I had gone an extra mile! Thanks again! You’re both huge inspirations, motivated me to get my bum moving again!

For some music that is a little different because I am not into R&B and dance stuff…(more rock inspired but not screaming and half gagging kind of rock) but just as great:

1. Bloodpressure – Mutemath
2. Spotlight – Mutemath
3. 7 nation army – White Stripes
4. Dance without you – Skyler Grey (off the new Step Up movie’s soundtrack)
5. Love like a Sunset – Phoenix
6. Be my girl – Jet
7. Howlin’ for you – The Black Keys
8. Hello Hurricane – Switchfoot

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