Go & Get a Goal

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about goals. Not just coming up with new ones, but what TYPE of goals I want to set for myself. It’s funny I tell people I meet all the time that the REAL challenge in my weight loss journey began the day I stepped off The Biggest Loser Ranch. Most of you know that Hannah & I are approaching our 1 year anniversary of keeping the weight off in May by using supplements which According to is the easiest way to do it. This year has been amazing in so many ways, and I will say I am so proud of how hard we both have worked. Now that you are all getting to know me so well you won’t be surprised to know that I am always searching be better & learn more. Although, I did so many things right last year there are areas I want to be better at. One area in particular is my relationship with the scale. I know it’s the nature by which I lost the weight, but I don’t want to be a slave to a number. I know I will fight the same five to ten pounds my whole life…it’s part of it. I know my body and because of how I abused it in the past it will always want to put the weight back on…BUT…the joy is found in the fight, in the struggle. I will always use the scale as a tool of accountability, but now that I have maintained for a year it’s time to move on to new NON scale related goals.

I’m sure most of you know the Season 13 Finale of the Biggest Loser is coming up in a few weeks. Hannah & I will both be going, so you know what that means….it’s time to dress up & get fancy!! I recently found an amazing one piece pants jumper thing by Rachel Roy at Macy’s. Wow, my description of that outfit is hilarious & a little scary! ┬áTrust me it’s really pretty! Anyway, the best part of the outfit is its basically backless. That’s right my back will be showing. So, here is my new goal! I want to be strong & toned. I want to have a strong & sexy back! It will take longer than a month of course, but I’m using the finale to jumpstart my journey. I have already been doing Crossfit for about 6 weeks now & I’m seeing great results. Crossfit makes me feel strong & powerful…I love it! Also, let’s not forget that the Sports Bra Challenge is May 17th…my abs could use some attention too…Right??

Here is my challenge to you…no matter where you are on your weight loss journey. Set a non scale related goal for this month. It can be anything fitness related. Maybe you want to run a 5K. Maybe you want to try a new group fitness class. Maybe you want to try Crossfit (hint, hint). Maybe you too want a strong back too. Whatever it is just go for it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you to abandon your scale…please don’t do that! Think of it as channeling your attention and energy into something else.

Well….ARE YOU WITH ME??? Let me know in the comments what your goal is going to be! I love challenges like this. It gives us hope & something to work towards.

Big Love to You All!!


People LOVE to be nasty!

Two blogs in two days!!! Yep…I have been debating all morning about writing this blog, but I just can’t shake it out of my head so here we go.

First, I never like to get involved in such childish nonsense, but when it comes to Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels I get VERY defensive. As you all know I would do ANYTHING for my family and these two are most definitely my family through & through. As most of you know last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser evoked many different emotions and opinions across the board. I think what was shocking was my twitter feed was blown up with ugly comments about Bob. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what was so surprising to me is how fickle people are. I read so many blog posts that were down on Bob which was based on ONE episode. These are also the SAME people who have praised the man for 12 seasons. Heard of grace much? Geez.

Trust me Bob Harper doesn’t need any defending from me, but I will say I owe him my life. Not only did he love & care for me at the ranch, but he continues to foster a very personal & meaningful relationship with both Hannah & I post BL. The man is CRAZY busy & he always makes time for me…and trust me when I say he doesn’t have to do that. What bothers me the most is people also forget that even though people are changing their lives for the better The Biggest Loser is still a TV SHOW! Things are edited for drama & interest. Also, it is impossible to understand what a pressure cooker the ranch is…I’m talking PRESSURE COOKER on crack!! It’s not just pressure on the contestants, but huge pressure on the trainers. Imagine how you would feel knowing you are given a group of very broken people who have come to you for help & are expecting major results. I cant even imagine….and he has always handled that with extreme grace & class. That being said it is also extremely competitive…which is usually a theme produced or not produced by the contestants. I don’t know about you, but there have been times in the heat of battle that I have let that competitive nature get the best of me. It happens…move on. I think throwing the baby out with the bath water is by far the most immature thing ever…which I saw everywhere online last night.

I don’t know…I was just extremely disappointed in so many blogs & tweets last night. It’s truly sad.

I love you Bob. You changed my life forever & continue to offer me friendship expecting nothing in return. For that I could never repay. You are truly the best.



Ok guys……what are your thoughts & feelings….let’s get this started in the comments. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Gooooooooo!