Commitment – Friend or Foe?

When I hear the word commitment, I immediately think of relationships. In fact, I hear my girlfriends use it more often than not. “He won’t give me a commitment”, “He’s scared to commit”, “If he could just make a decision and commit to it”. Blah blah blah commit blah blah blah. Are we asking our men to do something that we can’t? I know what you’re thinking, women are the ultimate committers, but are we? We are so quick to judge our men for being “non-committal” yet we can’t even commit to ourselves! Ladies, listen up! The sooner you fully commit to yourself the better your other commitments will be. We are committed to everyone else but ourselves! You’re the PTO mom, your bosses right hand girl always committed to your friends but are you committed to you? I meet so many people who are desperate to change their lives whether that’s losing weight, getting healthy or really wanting your life to change in a different way. Commitment means 100% not “When I have time”. There is never enough time for ourselves.

So I challenge you to recommit to YOU. What YOU want in YOUR life. A better mother, better friend, better sister, better girlfriend, daughter and the list goes on. Do you want to lose weight and be healthy or start a better exercise routine? COMMIT. You will be amazed at what this does for your life. Whether you decide on a 30 day commitment or even a year commitment make it! Ask yourself what you really want and don’t waste another second not reaching for it. Will you be perfect? Of course not! But have that word at the forefront of your mind when you get off track. Remember it will be so much easier to commit to someone or something else when you are committed to yourself. Commitment-phobes get over yourselves and join us!! 😉

PS. Tell us what you are committing to in the comments! We wanna know!!
XOXO, Hannah