Commitment – Friend or Foe?

When I hear the word commitment, I immediately think of relationships. In fact, I hear my girlfriends use it more often than not. “He won’t give me a commitment”, “He’s scared to commit”, “If he could just make a decision and commit to it”. Blah blah blah commit blah blah blah. Are we asking our men to do something that we can’t? I know what you’re thinking, women are the ultimate committers, but are we? We are so quick to judge our men for being “non-committal” yet we can’t even commit to ourselves! Ladies, listen up! The sooner you fully commit to yourself the better your other commitments will be. We are committed to everyone else but ourselves! You’re the PTO mom, your bosses right hand girl always committed to your friends but are you committed to you? I meet so many people who are desperate to change their lives whether that’s losing weight, getting healthy or really wanting your life to change in a different way. Commitment means 100% not “When I have time”. There is never enough time for ourselves.

So I challenge you to recommit to YOU. What YOU want in YOUR life. A better mother, better friend, better sister, better girlfriend, daughter and the list goes on. Do you want to lose weight and be healthy or start a better exercise routine? COMMIT. You will be amazed at what this does for your life. Whether you decide on a 30 day commitment or even a year commitment make it! Ask yourself what you really want and don’t waste another second not reaching for it. Will you be perfect? Of course not! But have that word at the forefront of your mind when you get off track. Remember it will be so much easier to commit to someone or something else when you are committed to yourself. Commitment-phobes get over yourselves and join us!! 😉

PS. Tell us what you are committing to in the comments! We wanna know!!
XOXO, Hannah

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Ive committed to complete Jillians Body Revolution!! During my sons nap time 🙂 even though my husband works 6 days a week as well, I make myself do it. Having a specific plan & a ‘why’ also helps to keep the commitment.

Health4Life…. In fact, my license plate renewed a few months ago is HEALTH4LF because I’ve made a decision to make a lifelong committee to good health for the remainder of my life on this earth.

Before this health committment I was already committed to my husband, children, job, family and everything else, but not a healthy lifestyle change.

Thanks for this post and all the posts you and Olivia do!! You ladies rock!!!!

Much love & respect

Crystal Estes
Twitter: @tcestes4ever

I am committing to exercise, healthy eating and to drinking plenty of water. I need to lose 50lbs and I am planning on having it off by the end of this year!

Tiffany, I’m down 64 pounds. I did it by eating tons of fresh veggies, fresh fruit, & 3/4 cup to 1cup of Fage 0% plain Greek yogurt. I have one regular, but sensible meal. I enjoy ~ 48 pistachios a day. There are so many good foods out there & fun foods to help you along the way. Fish is amazing and seems to speed up weight loss for me. I try to exercise 4 or 5 days a week for 30-35 minutes, but sometimes life gets in the way. The point is YOU can do it, too!!!! Best of luck 🙂


I’m committing to making more time for myself. I’m a stay at home mother of a 2 year old boy and it’s not easy being able to take time away from my day to have time for myself.

Thank you for posting this Hannah! It is the absolute perfect timing. Last night I realized how off track I’ve gotten in my fitness journey. I had been eating crap and the shorts I was so proud of fitting into didn’t fit me anymore! This morning I recommitted and decided to step up my exercise routine. I’ve got a clear head and a clear mind and I’m not going to lose sight of what I want anymore.

Hey Hanners! how u Ms purple?!

Im committing to stay on track and focus only on myself for an entire month! I need to finish my WL journey… I want to arrive at my finish point!

Love forever!

My overall commitment is to be myself and surround myself with positive people; to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully, find that special someone to embrace that lifestyle with me; and a more specific goal is to stick to my training plan over the next couple months so that I can successfully complete a century ride in the fall.

A year ago I committed to losing half of my body weight. I’ve lost 105lb. I still have 59lbs to go. I’m recommitting to 90 minutes of cardio a day and more greens in my diet.

Go for Kale.. That’s what Bob would say! You’ve got this & CONGRATS on what you have already accomplished!! Best of luck!!

I’ve been derailed in the commitment category…had lost 92, now only 80…I let life get in the way of accomplishing my goal…should have reached it by now. Time to restart and get this lifestyle down. Must start re losing and then losing again…I’ve lost myself and my commitment to ME! Must meet my goal!!!! Thanks for posting this Hannah 🙂

I am committing myself to getting myself back into my healthy lifestyle this summer. And then the real challenge- continuing it when school starts back up- I am going to commit to making time for myself to go to the gym or to exercise.

I have a few commitments that I have made, sort of like small steps to achieve a higher goal. My first commitment is to recover enough from ACL reconstruction surgery (2 weeks post op right now) to be able to walk while on vacation in Chicago at the end of September. Once that commitment has been achieved, I will then look forward to training so I can compete again with my women’s soccer team for our next outdoor season in May 2013. During this 2nd phase of my long term commitment I also want to be able to complete the 10k training I had begun when I ruptured my ACL in Decemberof 2011. I look at my commitment in steps to cross off so that I have smaller plateaus to reach and new goals to reach for.

I’m committing to maintaining a 73 pound weight loss and continuing an active and healthy lifestyle.

Thanks! Good for you!!! This is one time where I’m ok with people catching up to me ha! 🙂 Good luck!

I’ve recently committed to the Couch to 5k program. I’ve been AMAZED at how easy it has been for me, a non-runner, to stay committed. Since it slowly increases your endurance over 8 weeks, it makes you feel good that you’re able to run for that minute, then 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 8 minutes, etc. I’m on week 5, and DEFINITELY not stopping now!

I am committed to reaching my goal weight finally once and for all! I have lost 44 pounds already, and have 80 more to go! I do Zumba 3 times a week, elliptical twice a week, and strength training five days a week. I am eating healthy, and following Bob’s Skinny Rules! I feel great, and am motivated and committed!!!

Whew this was convicting to read. It so true! I have been ashamed of myself majority of my life till recently the Lord has been changing my heart to want to be committed to myself. It’s amazing the difference of how I view myself and that these changes I’m making aren’t for anyone else but I want to do this for me. I’m on my second week of working out 6 days in a row and my goal is to do this for a month and then next month focus on changing eating habits. Step by step, day by day. Thanks Hannah for that post, it encourages and reminds me why I’m doing what I’m doing

Very well expressed, Hannah – and you in the dating mode and all. I have just reached the Onederfuls and my commitment is to continue in this Onederful Land until I reach 125 or 130, which my body stops at. There is no rest for me until that is completed and, if all is on target, it will be around December 22. What a Christmas present to my 55-year old self, eh?

I am committed to living. Sounds weird I know…but I’ve been in a real funk the past year and a half. I lost my mom last august and just really went into a tail spin. To make it worse…I was already depressed over the loss of not one but both of my babies (cats). They both passed a few months apart. Within the span of 11 months I lost 3 of the things I love most in this world. It was hard. I was supposed to take a trip to TN with my mom this summer. I decided that I was going to go anyway and honor her and just got back today. Let me tell you…after seeing those mountains in TN and then the ocean in NC and even more mountains in VA and WV…I can see why my mom wanted to take that trip. It’s beautiful. Got a little frazzled by that rush hour traffic in Nashville tho…just sayin 😉
This trip really put me outside of my comfort zone in so many ways. First of all…I drove. 4,000 miles. I hate driving. I want to be the passenger. I think there’s a metaphor for my life in that statement somewhere. I went hiking in mountains…I hate hiking. I sat around a bonfire in the middle of the night in the middle of the woods…something I would never do ordinarily…I mean I really went for the whole experience. In Hanging Rock State Park in NC…I went hiking and climbed a water fall and…and this is monumental…stood IN the waterfall. I hate the thought of touching “dirty” water. You know..water with fish and bugs and leaves and dirty and slime in it. Don’t get me wrong…I am not changed. I’ll probably never do that again. But it was such a feeling of empowerment…being able to let go and say…I can do that if I need to. I even did a sports bra photo in the waterfall. ME! After all that…I went to the ocean and actually walked in it. Well…until I seen the little fish swimming in it. Then I was totally grossed out and was done with that. This past week has been very liberating in a way. Letting go of a lot of things holding me hostage. Knowing that I can do things I didn’t think I could. I feel like I am part of life again.

Don’t you just love it when fate steps in and hands you the perfect words at the exact right moment? I was feeling very down about myself last night as I know I have strayed from my commitment to eating healthier and losing these last 10 lbs. I kept thinking “I need to recommit to this diet thing!” but it was not inspiring me. Reading your post helps me to see that it’s not the diet I need to recommit’s myself! This thought does inspire me and gives me a sense of excitement that my goal is so close and actually attainable!

Thanks for inspring words! I recommit to myself….to seeing myself as a worthy, capable, and strong person!

I was just like to first say to Sarah that no it does not sound weird at all and I can relate to that also. I am the type of person that has always taken care of her friends before myself, my family, neighbors, the last 13 years have been me basically taking care of some one and I was glad to do it but, I also lost who I was along the way. I had to leave school to come home to take care of my mother when she had a nervous breakdown. Then, I took care of my grandmother for a year after she had a stroke and eventually cancer took her life. That was very hard. So, this year I want to find myself & be a better mother & daugther. Oh yeah, I also need to find time for the gym as well!

I am committed to completing a Half-Marathon in 1 year! This past weekend I volunteered for the hospital I work for at the 2012 Canton Marathon (in Ohio). It was the first one ever for my city and I was very fortunate to be working at the finish line as the runners who were finishing the 10k, Half-Marathon, and Full Marathon. It was very inspiring to see that the finishers were of all ages, shapes and sizes.
I started running after seeing Hannah and Olivia on BL. I had never run before in my life and seeing both of them on the show, I knew that I could become a runner too. And I did it! I completed 2 races last summer. I had plans to do many more races this summer, but because of a foot injury I haven’t been able to train. I have been seeing a specialist and I’m hoping after my next appointment, he’ll give me the okay to start running again.
I have one year to train. I am committing to doing this Half-Marathon and I know that I can accomplish this goal!

I’m committing to finishing 30 Day Shred and Couch to 5k. I’ve lost 44 lbs already and still need to lose about 30 more.

I decided back in October 11′ When I reached 291 pounds and a pant size of 24w (This is the heaviest I had ever been in my life) that I was going to make a change. However, it wasn’t until January that I started actively doing something about it. I joined an athletic club (OGDEN ATHLETIC CLUB,Ogden Ut.) and started working put a couple mornings a week. Anyway, I passed the Marque for the hospital (Ogden regional) every time I headed to the gym and I noticed advertisement for BL’s Hannah Curlee coming to speak. I was so excited! I called and reseved my spot to come listen. I remwmber neing so inspired! After meeting Hannah and Olivia and taking a picture with them, (along with my younger sister) I made a commitment right then to seriously take a stand for myself and my health! I posted the picture on facebook and made that photo my wallpaper on my phone as a reminder of my commitment. I have given myself a year to see results that I can be happy with, and that I hope will contimue to inspire me to make positive choices for me and my body. So far to date I have lost 50+ pounds, I have run in 3 5k races and a mud obstacle race. I have my first 10k race coming up in 4 days, and I have been doing small group training classes ( TRX and Crossfit Lite). I can see how the
choice to build up first myself has changed my outlook for the future. I think I am more commmited nw than ever!

I loved watching you, Hannah and Olivia from day one!! Your story is truly one of my favorite, most inspiring, realistic yet!!! I have always watched my weight, even as a kid, and at 23, I reached my highest weight ever earlier this January at 186lbs on my 5’6″ frame. I’ve lost about 16 pounds, but I’ve teetered and tottered since then, and have gained 8lbs back. But, reading your post, Hannah, I finally see the issue. Even though I have a wonderful, supportive, amazing husband, I see that I have to commit to myself. I always thought it sounded corny before, but it’s really, really true!

So, ok. I commit to reach 165. I know it may seem a small goal to some, but for me, to cross over the threshold of 165 would be momentous for me. I’m going to do it. Watch me! ; )

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