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We’re going on an amazing cruise with many of our favorites and we hope that includes YOU! All the info including dates, price, destinations and so much more are here.

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I have PCOS and Im struggling more than ever now. Im almost 44, 5’3 and 215lbs, this is the heaviest Ive ever been and Im MISERABLE.

I used to be a gym girl, but I realize I dont like it and Im not motivated to go anymore. I lost 10lbs between June-Oct previously going to a trainer (not in the area where I live now, but I can get to, but would take up a lot of time; I had a new 1, but times are limited vs the 1st & more money, but no major traveling. I like the old one a lil better, not sure why, but neither understood PCOS unfortunately or tried to understand it seemed to me) only 3 days/wk, working out an additional 6 days/wk with cardio and eating the same food (eggs/egg whts, sometimes turkey bacon &/or avocado added on the side for breakfast, salad with protein for lunch & store bought rotisserrie chicken, baked yams & veggies for dinner which I partially can no longer eat now, yuk (eggs, chicken, questionable, but I liked fried better now & Im not too fond of salads, but I still have 2 eat them). I crave sweets and carbs like crazy.

I went to see a new PCOS Specialist in Oct [who was PHENOMENAL] at 198lbs, was put on the highest dose of Metformin 2K mg and highest dose of Sprinolactone 200mg due to my excessive hair growth on my chin, sideburns and over my lip. I told I was doing great so keep up with my diet and training. By Dec I lost an additional 22lbs and could not believe I lost a total of 32lbs, but not from the food and working out only how I started. I felt better about my body, started fitting size 12 and a few 10’s in clothes that I wore when dating or after marriage when I started gaining a little weight and went to a 12. Im now a size 16 and had to buy a few 18’s in pants/dresses, 1X & a few 2X tops. Im mordified.
Here’s my #1 issue, I dont cook at all anymore. Im not good at it and I notice I dont like many things anymore which makes it hard. My husband can cook well, but not healthy and will not do it anymore either. How do I manage as a non cook?

Secondly, they say I have Fibromyalgia, so I always hurt and used to be extremely fatigued. Im having severe hip issues right now. My 1 knee went back to the normal pain finally of both knees. I had acute Epstein Barr and Lymes Disease previously. I think those infections sparked my Fibro. This make it difficult to workout.

I also have severe Plantar Fasciitis in both feet which makes even walking a problem. Ive done all that Im supposed to do and wear all the right footwear daily whether at work, in the house, at the pool/beach or gym. Im onto my 4th pair of custon insertable orthodics which they cant make any better for me or wear shoes with built in types in my Vionics: shoes/slippers/sandals incl Spenco beach flip flops. Ive had surgery on my right foot which is worse and it didnt help at all, so I wouldnt do the left. I used to love to dance but PF has hindered that fun and easy activity which can also be a form of exercise because I never stopped from the beginning of an event/party until the end and took Zumba at the gym which was GREAT for me.

My husband and I never wanted children luckily. He has a major illness that he was born with that is extremely rough to deal with, but he manages well and has not died by 14 as Dr’s told his parents. He’s in his 50’s and pushes along well & positively daily. We tried IVF for a little bit because we knew we would be good parents, had the means & I didnt have the trait for his disease. We both struggled and we decided to end IVF because of continual difficulties, pains for me, extra obstacles from him which also made it impossible and it wasnt what we really wanted which was discussed very early on while dating, so back to the life we liked.

Any advice or tips that you can lend would be appreciated! I loved watching The Biggest Loser and Im proud of you both. Its hard to say, but its nice, but not in that way when you see people that struggle with what you deal with and win the battle. There was a guy on there with severe PF also, so its like wow. I also recall the young lady on My Big Fat Life or whatever its called with PCOS, but Im not sure how her journey ended. Congrats on all your victories and on conceiving your baby! Thank you, The Frustrated Lady

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