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BL11 Friends Discuss NY Times Article

Here’s the archive of the Live Hangout we did with Courtney, Marci, Jay ,and Jen! We also announced a Biggest Loser Season 11 Five Year Anniversary DietBet…JOIN TODAY!

Brand New DietBet!!

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To celebrate the end of another awesome season of Biggest Loser we’re hosting a DietBen starting 2/24/16…join TODAY! We’re announcing it LIVE with a Google Hangout Wednesday night 2/17/16…join us!!!!

#blessed DietBet 2015

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It’s time for a new DietBet!! This is a very special one leading up to one of our favorite holidays: Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t want to feel great so you can actually enjoy the day and the meal???

The idea is simple…we lowered the bet to $20 so you could join AND bless someone else by paying for THEM to join…let’s celebrate all we have to be thankful for…and lose weight in the process!!

Live Hangout!

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We talk all things motivation and life and fun on the eve of our July Jumpstart DietBet…watch the archive here…

Brand New DietBet!!

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So many have been asking and it’s finally time. We’re going to get you ready for the holidays by doing two back-to-back DietBets. Join the first one today! It begins September 28!! Let’s do this together and see how much amazing change can happen…let us know if you’ve joined the game in the comments below!