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A Big Announcement!

Hello Myfitspirationers!! Sorry to keep you in suspense! 😉 We are so excited to announce a special retreat. It’s a retreat Olivia and I have been involved with and we couldn’t be prouder! It will be a smaller group (so if you’re IN sign up soon, we are already filling up!) so people can receive real one on one time. This is a chance to really make a change in your life physically, emotionally and however you are willing to change. Carter Hays who will be heading this shebang is someone who is very near and dear to my heart. He helped me overcome so many things as I was training for my finale and in my life since BL. Also his mini sidekick Marynell Roberts who you will love as much as Olivia and I do. She’s better known as the MurnBurn! Olivia and I are also excited to welcome you to Tennessee to see our “a lil bit country” side! Check out to get a sneak peak at your new digs for the week! There are some great giveaways coming up as well. I love a good giveaway! If you are in the area and would like to come as a day guest and not spend the night, there is something for you as well.

Also…..NEWSFLASH….Courtney Crozier and Marci Crozier AKA TEAM AQUA,will be at the retreat as well. Come hear their stories, share with them your stories and spend a week away from home without gaining a lb. There will be other special guests throughout the week as well. So if you are ready to make a change or you are in the middle of your journey or you just want to stay motivated, this is for YOU! A week of fitness, nutrition, laughs, tears and much more await you. Jillian used to say to us, “Your destiny awaits you, you have to reach higher.” If you’re ready to reach we’re ready!! Did I mention if you sign up early there will be a raffle for a private dinner? I love eating and chatting! 😉

Ok, so here’s watcha do: go to (With lodging) or (No lodging) for the deets and to sign up. Next go to and click Like. We will be posting several things on the FB page as well! Who’s ready?? Meeeeeeeeee

O & Han

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OH MY GOSH! This is amazing! I cannot wait to sign up! Thank you for posting FINALLY! We have all been in suspense! XOXO

GREAT idea ladies! LOVE how you two are always keeping up with fans & helping everyone get motivated to stay healthy, you’re both truly an inspiration. I wish I could go, but unfortunately can’t afford it. Sounds like its going to be a tremendous amount of fun, and I’m so excited for the lucky group of people who will get to participate! Thanks for being so amazing ladies! It’s because of the encouragement and advice you’re both constantly giving that I’ve lost 30lbs, 70 more to go! xo Katie

It was SOOOO worth the wait! I am dying to come. 5 days and 6 nights to LEARN! Such a treat and opportunity! I haven’t figured out how much it costs or when it is but I LOVE how the website described you Hannah and Olivia! “Olivia Ward, season 11’s winner of the “Biggest Loser” who’s heart is as tender as her mind is tenacious. Hannah Curlee; season 11‘s runner up of the “Biggest Loser”, sister to Olivia, and truly one of the most gentle, humorous, and humble person I know.” I think those words describe you so well! I wish there were a better way to win the registration contest than a drawing but I’ll start praying that I win the drawing and just maybe that will manifest!

On to getting creative about how to raise registration funds! Anyone want to buy anything from me?


Not a drawing for a registration, but a drawing for a fabulous dinner with Hannah and Olivia…wouldn’t that be so much fun?!!!!!

OOOOH hannah you just dont how much that would mean to me to hangout with you guys if that happens or if not i would to have dinner with ya and i could use some motivation rite now was well so anyway i signed up earlyyyyyyyyyy XOXO hannah!!

Id love to go but I cant seeme dates to get the web site running… what are the dates? The price? What is included?

I wish I could afford to go. It’s cheaper than most vacations but I just moved for a job transfer. Enjoy Tennessee and I’ll continue to work out and kick my butt at home!

Found the dates and cost. Pasted it below in case anyone else had trouble finding it. It said that there were options to stay in the dorms or to stay in a hotel…how much is each option? Does the total cost include the dorms and meals?

From website:
Faith to Fitness Retreat “Unleashing the Champion” Overnight

When: Back to Calendar September 23, 2012 – September 28, 2012 (all-day)
Where: Deer Run Retreat
3845 Perkins Rd
Thompson’s Station,TN 37179

Cost: $1050

Overview of what we are offering
Measurement and Assessment

RMR Measurement
Body Composition Measurement / Waist Measurement
Movement Assessment
Emotional Quotient Assessment (E.Q.)
Wellness Planning

Personalized Strategic Lifestyle Weight Management Plan, including a fat loss plan to
get you to your ideal weight.
Personalized Strategic Nutrition / Healthy Eating Plan
Personalized Exercise Plan including: corrective flexibility, strength, and stamina /endurance training.
E.Q. lifestyle strategies (mastering emotion)
Transforming the spiritual (blueprint) into the physical (structure)

The difference between “Who you are to Where you are.”
Mastering exercise movement to unleash your unlimited physical potential.
Why Real People need to eat Real Food
Testimonials and success stories including some of your favorites from NBC’s “Biggest Loser”
Small group discussion and study
FunWork assignments

Daily Hikes
Daily Boot Camp
Exercise education; low back pain, stiff joints, knee pain / foot pain, fatigue…and more!
AM and PM stretching
Training with traditional equipment, body weight, and non traditional equipment

Fantastic tasting, and healthy meals
Healthy snacks
Healthy cooking tips
Unleashing the Champion Overnight Registration

3845 Perkins Road
Thompson’s Station, TN

Start Date:
September 23, 2012

End Date: September 28, 2012

Price: $1,050.00

This sounds amazing! I have a few questions. Does the $1050 include airfare? I’m assuming not. And if we travel from out of state is there a bus that picks us up or do we have to find our own way of getting there? Thanks again! Sounds incredible.

Wow, this is such a fun and amazing opportunity for those who get to participate! 🙂

Oh my gosh… This is not good for a poor college kid. This is something I NEED and WANT, but cannot afford… 🙁 Any opportunities for scholarship type deals? I’ll work for free! 🙂

Please let me know asap so I know whether or not I can sign up… If I can figure out a way for funding, I’m there!

This is awesome, by the way! You two have the biggest hearts and whether or not I get to attend, I know that everyone who goes will have a life changing week and be blessed like crazy!

Part of me really wants to consider this! But gosh can I afford it? Hmmm…..

Is the $1050 all inclusive? I know it doesn’t include transportation, but does it include everything else? Food, lodging, etc?

Sept 23 is my bday, it would be a great bday present. =)

I emailed Carter Hays and the $1,050.00 includes everything, accommodations, meals, snacks, eBook and all the bullet points you see on the site, evaluations and such transportation to from Nashville airport.

I really would like to come but, I can not get off work for a week. How much is it just for a day? Can i come for just a day?

That would be awesome if it were more affordable and closer to home. I couldn’t even send my kids to summer camp this year.

Oh my gosh! This is exactly what I need! You two are my biggest inspirations and it would mean the world to me to spend a week with you and learn as much as I can! But I am a college student and we all know what that means…. I’m broke! hmmmm…. how can I make this work? I know this would be a life changing experience for me! I have been on my weight loss journey for what seems like forever. Its tough being 19 years old and constantly thinking about your weight. I think this retreat would help me in so many ways. I just have to figure out how to pay for it. Is there any way I can do sort of a payment plan?

Wow!!! What a great idea! Unfortunately I’m probably one of the many who can’t swing it. I’ll be there in spirit! If there’s a giveaway, I’m all over entering it!
Enjoy you lucky ones!!! I’m sure you will learn a lot and come away with a great experience under your belt!

That was totally my fault! We used a new camera since we weren’t in NY and I totally forgot. It was a flip type since we didn’t have our normal cammy!

hmm I really would love to come but its way to pricy for me and I really cant afford it… I will be there in spirit though and cheer you on!
you guys should gain a buncha knowledge and have loads of fun!!


Hi Liba! That’s ok maybe next time. We priced it as low as possible. The average fitness weekly retreat is 2,000 so we are as low as possible!! Maybe next time!

oohh Hanners! I didnt even notice you replied.. Thanks! yea there will be a next time hopefully for cheaper! Thanks!


I’m excited too! I’m going to do whatever it takes to earn the money and I WILL be there! I’m thinking of getting creative. First I’m going to go through all my stuff and find ANYTHING I can that I can sell. I’m going to advertise that I will pet-sit, baby-sit, tutor, and clean for anyone in my area (I work full time but surely someone will need help nights or weekends). I’m even thinking about cooking or baking and trying to sell those items. Oh, maybe a car wash…can you do that by yourself or do I need more people? I don’t know if this will work, but I’m in Phoenix and determined to find a way out to Nashville somehow, someway. I know I can do it. I’ll put the money I earn just for this in a separate jar or account or something so that it only goes toward travel and registration.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I’ve never tried anything like this but I know where there’s a will there’s a way! Oh, I just thought of one more…I can ask people to pledge for me to exercise for a certain amount of time. I wonder if people would get on board with that if it only benefits me though?

Hannah and Olivia, my only concern is that perhaps by the time I’ve got the funds together (I just KNOW I will somehow), all the spaces will be filled. Is there anything I can do to hold my spot? I have no way of paying right now because my credit card is maxed out and my bank account is too low since I just paid rent!

Olivia and Hannah, are you serious! I live 5 mins from Deer Run!! Yes, that’s right, I am in Spring Hill, TN! That is totally crazy!!! I would absolutely love love to meet you all.
I am unsure if I would be able to come up with the money to come out but will certainally try my hardest! How amazing this would be. And of course, its right in my neighborhood!

Way to go girls! Keep up the awesome work, I know you two were and are my biggest inspiration, as I lost 50lbs when you were on biggest looser and now back at it again to loose another 50lbs.


I just SIGNED UP! I am THRILLED!!! Can’t wait to combine your fitness inspiration with the spiritual calling too!

Hannah, I live in the Green Hills area and am planning on commuting in. Do you think that is a bad idea? Its about 45 min away- 1.5hr total of commute time daily.. the extra $300 to lodge there is possible, but would be nice to stay. I am just worried I won’t get enough rest if I travel that much each day. Your thoughts?


My husband gave me the most amazing birthday present…..the retreat with you girls! I can’t wait! My brother is meeting me there from California, because I didn’t want to go alone….Praying for my husband to change his mind and go with me…we’ll see. In the meantime going to email it to all my girlfriends to see if they will join me in the “ultimate retreat”!!! I can’t wait to take in all that you have to teach us.

Officially registered! So excited, but absolutely terrified! I’m coming alone from several states away. Reallyyyyy hoping friendships are made quickly!

Is there cell service at the lodge where I could call/text home?

So ready for this. I truly believe this will be a life changing week! I’m ready to learn and improve every aspect of my health.

I really hope you will schedule another one for those who can’t make the fall dates work – maybe the following spring? I would LOVE to do this, as I’m sure many would!

Count us in! We just registered. Love the concept, love the location, love the dates. We’re looking forward to some fitspiration. As they say in that part of the country…”Can’t wait to meet y’all!”

I am in too! Already booked and ready to go!

Olivia and Hannah – so excited to work out with both of you! I just started Crossfit about a month ago and I am loving working out with others. So pumped to be in a great location and meeting others who are committed to working on themselves. It’s going to be awesome!!

I just discovered myfitspiration last week — I started watching BL via Netflix in May and of course you both are by far my favorite contestants:), you both have been so inspiring. So imagine how excited I was to learn of this retreat yesterday! I am registered and am excited and…scared, but mostly just thrilled to actually have this experience…so THANK YOU both so much!!!

For those of you going… Join the 3C Facebook group, or we could make one of our own. Maybe if we chat on there and get to somewhat know each other before hand, it won’t be so lonely/scary going into it.. especially for the ones traveling alone. Just an idea 🙂 I’ve commented on the FB page already… so look me up if you want

(I’m totally freaked out about going to this by myself – first time traveling alone. So by seeing/getting to know some of the people I’ll be with for a week would be fantastic)! I know this will be a fabulous week… Can’t wait!

Whitney- Are you the same whitney that was asking about scholarships, etc.? Did you find something? I would be interested in taking advatage of something like that as well. I really want and need to be a part of this!!! It keeps coming to my mind over and over. I feel like I am really supposed to be there. Finances however are not going to cooperate. I will also need to figure out a way to get to tennesee ( as I live in Utah). But if I can figure out a way to get registered, then I will definitely figure out a way to get to tennesee. thank you for your reply:-)

Hi Suzie! Yes, that was me. I was able to do a payment plan through PayPal that Carter set up. Would something like that work for you? Maybe they’ll be giving away a free trip to someone through a contest (hint hint, Hannah and Olivia) and maybe you could be that person?!

I really hope you’re able to find a way there!

I work continually to be a winner in my own life, but a winner of contests? Has not really been my lot. I f a contest does materialize, I too pray I get to be the person that wins. If so, I would totally be your pal at the retreat:-) Have a good day!

Hey! I was wondering how you set up a payment plan? can you give me the info on that?

I used the email that Carter Hays gave on the 3C Wellness facebook page and asked him if there were a way to make a payment plan. He was able to work with PayPal and set one up through there. Try that 🙂 Good luck!

whitney! I am going along as well, I have never traveled alone either!! We should create a group on FB for those going, that would be a great way to interact!

I can. What do we want to call it? Or if I don’t hear from anyone tonight, I’ll make something up and let you know so you can find it and we can change it later. I’ll set one up shortly, but have class all day the next few days, so it may be a bit before the name gets changed!

I wasn’t able to find it, did you make it a private group? Could you maybe post the link here? Thanks!!!

I can’t find the group posting either, How do I get to it? It would be fun for some of us to fly out together if we are using the same airport….I’ll be using JFK or Laguardia depending on the flights…anyone interested? Wendy

It is a private group — 3C Faith & Fitness Retreat 2012 — I will ask Whitney to post the link here:)

Sorry I’m slacking on getting this on here… Trying to finish up my last few weeks of nursing school and I am swamped! Also, didn’t realize the group was private and can’t figure out how to change it. I’ll work on that when I have more time. But for now… try this link… 🙂

Hi Whitney,

I just sent a request to join the facebook group! Thanks for starting this group! Can’t wait to meet you all in September.

Hi Whitney,
I’ve made a request to join the FB group since I’m officially REGISTERED! So excited!

Thanks Whitney:)…not sure about names, but Olivia referred to followers as “myfitspirationers”…

Oh My Goodness! I REEEAAALLLYYY want to do this!! A trip to tennesee, hanging out with inspiring people and learning how to feed my body physically, emotionally, etc. Who knew I would dream of a vacation where all I do is workout and stuff, but I actually couldn’t think of much better. Unless of course the retreat were in ITALY:-)

Looks like it is all full. Is that correct? Hopefully you girls will have another one in the future. I am so bummed I did not see this sooner. Wow what an amazing opportunity. Lucky ladies! 🙂

Hi Ladies,
The day and overnight in the lake view cabins are still available. Just the overnight in the lodge is sold out… Check it out and come join this awesome opportunity!!!! I am soooooooo excited.

I so hope you ladies are going to do another one in the near future! Will continue to check back in case someone cancels. What a fantastic opportunity!!!

I checked and am now registered for the lake view cabins. Admittedly very nervous as well as excited!

Cindy, I just have a feeling that this is going to be a positive life changing experience! So glad we will be roomies!!!

Dear Hannah and Olivia-

It has been alot alot of days since your last post. Today is one of those days for me, and I logged on to in hopes of finding a little Pick-me-up:-( I will be okay, but I am feeling that if y’all are ready to post, I am ready to read!! Thank You!!!!

Will you be doing these in the future? I cant make this one, i live in upstate ny and cant afford that right now. I watched you guys and fell in love..sounds creepy yes i know! But it was just amazing to see you guys transform.. ive been stuck at a plateau for about 8 months now!!! and i know the retreat would definatly be something that would kick my weight loss back in gear… i love working out and am a big competitor… is there anything you guys would reccommend for me? Thanks you guys for motivationg me and being a fitspiration 😉

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