#MyFitspiration Events

A Big Announcement!

Hello Myfitspirationers!! Sorry to keep you in suspense! 😉 We are so excited to announce a special retreat. It’s a retreat Olivia and I have been involved with and we couldn’t be prouder! It will be a smaller group (so if you’re IN sign up soon, we are already filling up!) so people can receive real one on one time. This is a chance to really make a change in your life physically, emotionally and however you are willing to change. Carter Hays who will be heading this shebang is someone who is very near and dear to my heart. He helped me overcome so many things as I was training for my finale and in my life since BL. Also his mini sidekick Marynell Roberts who you will love as much as Olivia and I do. She’s better known as the MurnBurn! Olivia and I are also excited to welcome you to Tennessee to see our “a lil bit country” side! Check out to get a sneak peak at your new digs for the week! There are some great giveaways coming up as well. I love a good giveaway! If you are in the area and would like to come as a day guest and not spend the night, there is something for you as well.

Also…..NEWSFLASH….Courtney Crozier and Marci Crozier AKA TEAM AQUA,will be at the retreat as well. Come hear their stories, share with them your stories and spend a week away from home without gaining a lb. There will be other special guests throughout the week as well. So if you are ready to make a change or you are in the middle of your journey or you just want to stay motivated, this is for YOU! A week of fitness, nutrition, laughs, tears and much more await you. Jillian used to say to us, “Your destiny awaits you, you have to reach higher.” If you’re ready to reach we’re ready!! Did I mention if you sign up early there will be a raffle for a private dinner? I love eating and chatting! 😉

Ok, so here’s watcha do: go to (With lodging) or (No lodging) for the deets and to sign up. Next go to and click Like. We will be posting several things on the FB page as well! Who’s ready?? Meeeeeeeeee

O & Han