Life is GOLDEN!!

Ok, who is LOVING watching the Olympics this year??  Don’t get me wrong…I love it EVERY year…what’s not to love about hot boys in swim gear? Right??  Ahem. 🙂  Moving on.  One of my favorite events is always women’s gymnastics.  It has been my favorite since I was a little girl.  I have such vivid memories of Mary Lou Retton winning the gold…it made me want to be a gymnast…for about 5 minutes.  Plus, as most of you know I am a giant…not a good quality in a gymnast…those ladies are pocket sized!

Last night watching the women’s team USA win the gold was so moving and inspiring.  These girls have worked so incredibly hard for their ENTIRE life for that moment in time.  Being able to be a part of that victory was just awesome.  I found myself cheering and jumping up and down in my living room…now, the people in the apartment below me… I don’t think were as excited as I was! 🙂

As inspiring as winning the gold was for these ladies…that was not what moved me most.  I was completely blown away by one young lady…Jordyn Wieber.  From the very first step she took onto the gym floor I was completely mesmerized.  I literally couldn’t take my eyes off her.  I’m sure I wasn’t alone.  For those of you that live under a rock or don’t like the Olympics (what’s wrong with you?? Did I mention HOT BOYS IN TINY SWIM GEAR??)   So, going into these Olympic games Ms. Wieber was ranked number one in the world in women’s gymnastics.  She was EVERYONE’S pick to win the gold in the women’s all around event.  After a decent showing of rotations the other night she found herself edged out of the women’s all around qualifications.  She was beat out by two of her other teammates and did not earn a spot to compete.  CAN YOU IMAGINE???  You spend your entire life training to make it to that competition and you just barely fall short.  How do you recover from something like that.  I can’t even imagine the disappointment and sadness!!  It wasn’t like she royally messed up…she just didn’t have her best night.  Not to mention she had to turn around the NEXT day and compete with her team!!  If it were me I would still want to lie in bed with my dozen cupcakes in my pj’s…let’s be honest.

I have to say what I couldn’t get over was her countenance….our faces NEVER lie.  You can try to hide disappointment, but in the end your face will ALWAYS give you away. I’ll admit I’m the worst at broadcasting what I feel with my face…I just can’t hide it.  The only exception to that is when I play poker…I give GREAT poker face.  Where is Lady Gaga when you need her?  teehee!  Back to Jordyn.  Her face was radiant…it was lit from deep inside.  There was not an ounce of disappointment or jealousy….just peace.  It moved me to tears.  Literally.  What amazing maturity and inner strength she must have.  To step out in that arena after possibly the biggest disappointment in her life knowing that everyone was watching.   All I kept thinking is…I WANT THAT.  I want to remember this moment and learn from her.   She gave an amazing performance and proved to the world why she was ranked number one in the world.  She is a champion both inside and out.

For me this lesson couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s an important piece of the puzzle for me.  How do you not just deal with disappointment, but how do you move on? It’s about accepting what you can’t change…learning from it and then stepping forward.  The kicker is not just stepping forward, but stepping forward with peace and contentment.  That’s HARD!!  It was so obvious to me that she is one of those people who believes that things happen for a reason.  I’m a big believer in that principle.  I personally believe that my steps are ordered…no matter what happens.  All things work together for good.  Of course I know that doesn’t always mean it will happen the way I want it…or in the time frame that I think is best.  In the end if I submit to my strong belief that He will order my steps, I can handle any disappointment and move forward with peace and contentment knowing that something golden might just be around the corner.  It’s not about the disappointment…it’s about what you do AFTER!

Are you enjoying the Olympics??  What did you think about how Jordyn Wieber handled everything?  What is your favorite event?  I’m reading comments today, so let’s chat below!!



Olivia 🙂


PS…I can’t wait for women’s Olympic Lifting today…I want to see how Holley Mangold does. 🙂


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What’s really been an eye-opener for me these games is how some people have put everything aside, and laid everything on the line…regardless of the setback. Canadian cyclist Clara Hughes placed 5th in the time trials this morning, only to reveal after the race that she’d been training the last six weeks with a broken vertebra (?!). As well, Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara finished his race this morning and literally dropped to the ground in agony, having to be helped off – he competed today with a bruised elbow, hip, pelvis and shoulder, after a horrific crash in the road race earlier in the week!

I have nothing but respect for these incredible atheletes – I’ll definitely be keeping stories like these in mind whenever I feel like I’m reaching failure in a workout! 🙂

I totally agree. Im just so incredibly blown away by these athletes! I want what they have…the drive to be their best no matter what the circumstance. Truly amazing. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

I love the Olympics (particularly David Boudia, HELLO!), I love crying at Proctor & Gamble commercials about the Olympics, I love Romans 8:28, I love this enormous glass of water I’m drinking, and I love you. Because you’re you all the time. The end.

I LOVE watching the Olympics, it makes me want to try harder, to push the bar a little higher, add more weight to my bodypump workout. I admire these athletes and all they endure to get where they are. Like you, Olivia, I was in tears last night watching the ladies win the gold.

It’s such a great reminder to the “athlete” in all of us. We can always push harder and strive for greatness! I’m so glad we get this reminder every 4 years! 🙂

OMG I know!! It’s incredible how composed most of those athletes are …I’m afraid I’d be jumping up and down cryin and screaming. Jordyn is such a sport… Cute as a button and reminds me sooooo much of Mary Lou… I too wanted to be another Mary Lou…haha weren’t we all. I walkways get tearie eyed when watching them and knowing that something happened. I feel soo bad for them… And I also get all tearie eyed when they win or nail their routine.

Oh, Mary Lou….seriously, who didn’t want to be her! She was so awesome! I wanted Jordyn to place sooooo badly….but, wow did she ever kick butt last night!

I know she was AWESOME… They all were … And all stuck together like glue… They were genuinely excited for each others performance. Very team oriented… It was worth staying up late… even tho I knew they got gold already. I actually felt bad for the Russians too… You know they worked hard and waited so long for this moment in time… Oh well everybody can’t get the gold…just the BEST!!!!

I agree Olivia. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not in control of what’s next in my life, but it is Him who is turning the pages in this exciting story.

I’ve also been really inspired by the Olympics! So much so that I enrolled in bootcamp and finally started a fitness routine!

I’m especially impressed by the beach volleyball duo Misty May and Kerri Walsh. They’re not just great competitors, but in interviews they have grace and poise and respect for their opponents. I just love them! Great role models for young and older women alike!

Also loving how the US women’s swim team has totally rocked!

Great topic Olivia!

That’s awesome! I really love bootcamp type classes…as much as I would love to say I’m able to push myself when I’m alone on a treadmill…um, let’s just say it’s so much better when I have others to push me! 🙂

The sportsmanship this Olympics has been amazing…with so much garbage out there it makes me so happy that so many young men and women have great role models to look up to!

I’m also LOVING the swimming…but for purely selfish reasons….HOT BOYS IN SWIM GEAR!! 🙂 xo

Hey i have been following your blog this week its great. Just wanted to give you a heads up on what the atmosphere is like here in London for the Olympics – one word – awesome – as you can imagine. I am working inside the aquatic swimming arena and its pretty hard to do your job when you have 6ft7 ripped guys in tiny shorts all over the place! You (USA) are doing real good in the leaders table – Michael Phelps is a machine and probably the most prolific olympian of all in my opinion. My poor little Great Britain only have 2 gold atm but we WILL keep on fighting! Do you guys follow the track events? They are usually a good time! I would love to keep you updated on all the behind the scenes gossip from all over the olympics if you would like?

HOW COOL!!! Claudia…we might have you do a guest blog giving us all the DISH on the Olympics gossip!!! How can we get in touch with you?? Im so jealous that you are hanging in the aquatic center…to be honest…that’s where I would want to be. heehee!

ps. I’m so glad you are enjoying our blog…we are LOVING the process and getting to know everyone is AWESOME!! 🙂 xo

Yeah I would love to do that – drop me an email – – and will be happy to update you! I admire you girls as I have been through the same journey myself and have changed my life around! Am i your first British follower? I hope so!

The aquatic centre is very hectic but the half naked men make it worth while hehe! Tomorrow I am at the Olympic park itself im pretty excited! I am going to be near the beach volleyball – do you follow it by any chance? The US have a real good player Misty May Treanor? I have met so many Americans they are great fun – real positive people. Where is it that you and Hannah are from?

Hey Claudia!

I thought I was the only Brit following the girsl! I love the blog too! Its so amazing that I have been at the Olympics all week too! Which has been brilliant! Sadly, i have not been working there, I have been a very lucky so and so who ‘acquired’ some tickets! You say that you have been at the Beach Volleyball today? How was that? Be great to maybe meet up perhaps? Like the girls (and you) I have been on a journey of turning my physical fitness around, be great to meet up with others who share the same experiences!

I didn’t get a chance to follow the Olympics as closely a I wanted this year, but I can identify with her on several levels. I think, for me at least, the hardest thing to face is self-disappointment. You have high expectations of yourself and feel like you have something to prove, knowing that everyone looks at you as the potential winner. I think you even magnify how much people expect you to win by the sheer hype. And when it just doesn’t happen you feel that you left everyone down, you feel you have to explain to them why you “failed”. You add things to the equation that may not even be there and that makes it that much worse. I had this experience not so long about on a different field. I submitted a play to a contest, I really wanted it, I worked hard to win and many people supported me. When it didn’t happen I felt that I left everyone down and needed to explain my failure. I needed to realize that my cheerleaders didn’t care, they were still behind me, they knew it was part of the deal, it could’ve done either way. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. So long as you did your best possible, there’s nothing to be ashamed of or be sad about. It’s still going to suck, but once I shifted my focus from “I failed my peeps and myself” to “I completed a full length play, I submitted it, that’s more than many other can say”, it became a lot easier to cope and move on to the next. Falling just a little short will never feel good, of course, but I’m slowly learning to focus on all the positivity, and that just makes the process so much more rewarding.

As for an event, I used o train for the Olympics in Judo before I realized competition is not for me, so I have a soft spot for that at the games:)

What a great story! I’m sorry about the contest…I know how hard it is when you pour yourself creatively into a project and it doesn’t pan out like you hoped! I also love your response “I completed a full length play, I submitted it, that’s more than many others can say”. SO. TRUE. Congrats on that accomplishment. 🙂

I am always blown away by the mental strength these athletes have. I mean, they are ALL top notch physically. I loved what one of the commentators said when Russia was doing beam…something to the effect of, “No one doubts that these girls are great athletes.” They’re all superior athletes in their own right, even the individuals that never “make it big” or win gold. What takes some of the athletes to the podium is the ability to channel their emotions to their advantage. As you said, Jordyn could have easily allowed her devastation to overwhelm and control her. That’s likely what I would have done. Instead, she took that disappointment and allowed it to fuel her and the team toward a victory. Although I may never reach the elite level of physical fitness maintained by the Olympic athletes, I have no doubt that the mental strength that carried them to victory is within reach for all of us. I want to learn how to “set my mind on things from above” (Col. 3:2), to find freedom from the shame, doubt, and devastation that will inevitably try to control me.

Love your comment!!! I agree 100%. It’s about having control over our emotions….which is the one thing we do have control over… albeit, the hardest by far. I love how you put this…”Although I may never reach the elite level of physical fitness maintained by the Olympic athletes, I have no doubt that the mental strength that carried them to victory is within reach for all of us.” Amen to that!!! 🙂

I love gymnastics. However, I couldn’t stay awake to watch it. I have been kicking my butt to lose weight. I have been fat for a very long time (since 6th grade). I’ve lost 53 lbs so far and just hired a trainer to get the last 22 lbs off.

First, WOOHOO 53 pounds!! That’s amazing….we will definitely forgive you for going to be early! It’s super important to get 8hrs sleep when trying to lose weight…your body NEEDS that recovery time! Keep going…you’ll be at your goal in no time! 🙂

You and Hannah inspired me the most of anyone on BL. So glad I discovered you on Twitter. I have never been an athlete but with healthy eating and hitting the treadmill I’ve lost almost 30# so far. Just joined a Boot camp that starts Monday to take me out of my comfort zone and it was great to see you discussing them on here.

30# AWESOME!!! Yes, both Hannah and I love bootcamp style classes….they will definitely get you out of your comfort zone for sure…plus a GREAT sweat!! Who needs to stay in their comfort zone anyway? 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words….Biggest Loser was such a blessing in both our lives!! I’m glad we connected 🙂

Although I am an Olympic fanatic, I AM CANADIAN, so I don’t watch the women’s gymnastics with as much enthusiasm as you ladies do, I find it to be as subjective and predetermined as the ice dance in the winter Olympics used to be and still is. I did however watch the individuals the other night and I must play devil’s advocate here. If Jordan would have performed her routines like she did last night when she was competing in the individuals I think she would have made the finals. She was not as spunky, she didn’t push the envelope as hard and just went through the motions, expecting to be a finalist. Her two team mates on the other hand went full bore and it showed. These comments are just my opinions of what I saw.

I like watching the Olympics to see the little guys compete and do their very best, like the rower from Niger, who even though would not place in the medals and was 2+ minutes behind the last rower in his heat, continued on and finished to the joy and cheers of the fans watching. Now that is what the Olympics should be about, the amateur athlete competing for the love of the sport and for their country, not the highly paid professional who is doing this in his/her spare time. Yes I am talking about the American Men’s Basketball team but the men’s hockey program in the Winter Olympics are just as guilty of it as are the tennis & soccer programs and soon to be the golf in the 2016’s in Brazil. Call me a traditionalist, but the Olympics are for the amatuer athlete to compete and perform to their best ability. And when I say amateur, I am referring to an athlete who competes in his/her sport without payment for competition. Most are paid by a specific sponsor to wear a particular brand name clothing/shoe line or be a spokes person for a brand but they are not paid to be a gymnast/cyclist/rower/weightlifter.

I am a cyclist and I also hail from Clara Hughes hometown of Winnipeg, MB. Those of us in the cycling community here, we knew she was injured and for us old timers we are so inspired by her grit and determination of wanting to compete one last time at the summer games to see if she still could compete with the babies. She proved that age is not a factor any more but it rather gives you a better perspective of what you have to do to get it done. We are so fortunate to have Clara along with Cindy Klassen (speedskater)as members of our great city and country and are thankful that they give back to the community whenever they can.

Well, just because you are Canadian we won’t hold that against you!! KIDDING!! 🙂 I totally hear you…its a great point. I agree with the fact that she might have been edged out by sitting on her “laurels” a little…its possible. That being said…I could imagine how much MORE that would have added to the disappointment…knowing that you didn’t give your all because you thought you had it in the bag. YOWZA! We will never know what truly went on….if it was just a bad night or thinking that it was a done deal. Either way I was still super impressed on what happened AFTER…that to me is where the true character comes into play. How do you react when things don’t go your way….and she passed with flying colors in my opinion.

I too was so moved by Clara Hughes….I’m no spring chicken either and it was awesome to see that age is just a number. Just because people think you are too “old” to do something means NOTHING! If you think you can do it….DO IT!! 🙂

Thanks for your well thought out comment….I appreciate it. It made me think. 🙂

I love the gymnastics, but also love the figure skating in the winter….I was a Dorothy Hamill wannabe…complete with haircut! These athletes are amazing and watching the oepning ceremonies and seeing all of them walk in, so proud to represent their country was truly inspiring. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch much, but I do make sure to keep watch on the medal count! It was interesting to see the former BL Rulon take gold! Love you and Hannah, you are truly an inspiration to many! 25 lbs. down so far with another 15 to go….my favored exercise is Zumba….love it!

Olivia, what a great principle to draw from this experience. I was so impressed by her team spirit as well. Also, I was glad that even it wasn’t necessarily the gold she was expecting, that she still came away with an amazing reward. Love your belief that He will guide you in the way that is good and weave all things together for the best.

Also, may I ask a fitness/weight loss question? Well, here goes. I have lost about 35-37 pounds since January 1. This is great, but I am still at the higher end of a healthy BMI for my height. This is the least I’ve ever weighed in my adult life (23) and I just don’t know if seven months into my weight loss journey I’ve hit a plateau or if I’ve just achieved the weight that my body thinks is right for me. Any suggestions about how to just accept where I am or on how to break through this plateau where I’ve been for about two months now?

Thanks so much for the inspiration that both you and Hannah are. I took the opportunity to view your season again on Netflix this summer and was reminded of your dedication, passion, and humor! Keep on inspiring!

Thank you for your sweet words!!! 🙂 First, big congrats on your weight loss so far. As far as figuring out where your body should end up….that’s a hard one. I was fortunate to have Dr. H on the show to help me figure that one out. Your primary care physician should be able to help you find a weight that is both healthy and maintainable. That being said if him/her thinks you could lose some more weight know that plateaus are very normal and happen to everyone. I had a couple on the show. They are hard to break through, but totally doable. Sometimes it is just your body trying to tell you something. Are you getting enough sleep. Are you stuck in an “exercise rut” or “eating rut”….I am so guilty of that!! Think about it….your body is so smart and adaptable…its for our own good actually. BUT, it gets used to what we do and eat. I find that it is helpful when you feel “stuck” to switch everything up….how you exercise and what you eat. Its always about keeping your body on its toes!! xo

Wow – thanks so much, Olivia. I just talked with my doctor about this recently, who suggested that I focus on maintaining, but if I want to lose more to be more careful about my diet – which is my downfall because I love eating just as much as I love working out! I started with an elliptical, moved to running, then in June started Insanity (I think this built muscle – which as we all know weighs more than fat!), and now I think I’m going to try to mix back in a lot of the running and see if that helps take off some more pounds. Would love to be able to lose maybe another 15-20 pounds if I could. Thanks for the advice!

I knew there was a reason you are my favorite Biggest Loser! I love your faith and your ability to tie it in with your journey and everyday life. You are real in your victories and in your struggles. I know the Author of your steps and your days is pleased with you.

Inner peace in the midst of disappointment is so hard and is something I am trying to work on as well. I lost my 100th pound December 10th and since then I have only lost 16 pounds. I have been working my butt off in the gym and with my food. However, for whatever reason Results are being withheld. Trusting and loving my Author and walking in his peace during this part of my journey is he biggest challenge. If i can succeed there the weight won’t be the priority. Like I have read before, sometimes the journey is the goal. I had just written about this topic on my blog Saturday.

As a single 29 year old woman whose life goal is to be married let me just say…I LOVE the Olympics and the swimmers, divers, and volleyball players who GRACE us with their presence!

Wow! Congratulations on your 116lbs! That’s amazing. I am drawing confidence not just in the additional health that I’ve gained from my weight loss (much smaller than yours!), but also in my ability to set a goal of lifestyle change and reach it!

This came at such a perfect time. Today was the end of a 60 day Fat Loss Challenge and after working my butt off at CrossFit and eating mostly Paleo I lost 3% Body Fat, which in itself was great… but I know people who placed ahead of me. I wanted to win so bad and I just kept going back in my head over the things I could have changed, the reality is I cant change them. I am proud of the nearly 17lbs I’ve lost in the last 2 months, so I’ll take it and move on. Thanks for sharing!

I believe that she will inspire more people with how she has handled what is undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of her life than she would have winning the individual gold. As wonderful as it is to see someone follow their dreams and win an Olympic gold it’s just as inspirational to see someone pick themselves up again and face the next day with such dignity and perseverance.

All so true Olivia! I love watching the Olympics. I am particularly enjoying the women’s indoor volleyball. Destinee Hooker is just above amazing! I watch the athletes and am so in awe of the years of training many of them put in for just a moment in time. And yes, the women’s gymnastics were unbelievable, especially Jordyn. She is such an inspiring young woman. I am currently on my own journey to get healthy. You and Hannah are such an inspiration to me! I have rewatched your season of BL and have especially been inspired by Marci Crozier. I am 53 years old and sometimes I want to let that hold me back, but I have to keep telling myself that age is JUST A NUMBER!! 🙂

Hi O! As I was reading your post & the comments, these two thoughts popped into my mind:

1. Success may reveal things about us, but it does not define us.
2. Our response to adversity is what reveals our character.

A thousand scriptures also came to mind as I read your post and the comments. I am always grateful for how you softly but effectively shine a light on His truths.

Blessings, girl!

you say you want what they have that drive….. well you do have it, you inspire me all the time to get bsck up and try again. you yourself have your own olympic story and to this day I am so impressed with you not only in fitness but also how you love god and you love the people whom others might not not agree with. I just think you are trully an amazing person and hope to meet you some day.. thanks for always being you…..


Not sure if you will see this and reply, but am loving your blog. Your season has just aired in New Zealand and I fell in love with both of you. You inspired me to get back on the wagon and continue on my weight loss journey. Thankfully after losing my 20kg and falling off I haven’t gained – been off for about 7 months now! An achievement, though need to lose the next 20kg.
Thank you for inspiring me, and for your blog. If you are looking at future topics I would love to see meal and snack ideas. That is where I struggle most, particularly when I work full time!

Loving the site

It might be her age. Although they have initial upsets, children seem amazing at resilience.
At Jordyn’s age, a person’s body is better at recovering after injury than it is much later in life. I don’t think the mind is very different.

Absolutely loved watching Jordyn. My heart broke for her when she missed out on the all around because of the silly two per country rule, but she stepped up and led her team to victory the next day. What amazing strength! I’d have been in bed with the cupcakes like you said. 🙂

I always really like what Michael Phelps has been saying these games – so much history on the line and pressure on his shoulders (at only 27!) and all he wants is to be the first Michael Phelps. That really hit home for me – all we can every really strive for is to be our best selves and only we know what that is.

Adore you and Hannah – you guys are inspiring, adorable, and hilarious!

I’ve loved watching the Olympics more than ever this year! Gymnastics has always been my favorite event to watch. I’ve also gotten into the swimming this year too since I am now an official triathlete 🙂 I’d like to do another one this year in Sept (on my bday!). I swam freestyle laps this morning for an hour and imagined I was an Olympic athlete lol 🙂

olivia! i have never been big on the summer olympics. i loooooove the winter olympics (i like most events, but obsess over the hockey, good canadian that i am). i don’t know what it is. i think i’d like watching soccer if i knew when it was going to be on. anyway, i haven’t watched much of the games yet. BUT i will be ALL OVER the women’s omnium (track cycling) on monday and tuesday because one of clara hughes’ fantastic canadian cycling team mates, tara whitten, was my best friend when we were kids. we had all our birthdays together and did sporty things … and then she became a neuroscience phd candidate and an olympian and i pursued a less … phenomenal life path. i am SO excited to cheer for her monday and tuesday. (and every time i read an article about her that says, “Whitten, age 32 …”, i think, “oh my WORD. that means i’m 32 too. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN.”)

Dear O’Bird, I like you and I like Bob however I think your tweets are becoming a little annoying and over the top. So what if you are hanging out with him??? Chill out a little bit.

Oh my gosh, I could have written this! I was feeling the same way watching all of this! She blew me away! Also…have you seen Oscar Pistorius run?! The South African with two amputated legs?! He’s my new inspiration. That was most likely the most moving thing I have seen in the entire Olympics!! <3

I totally agree: Romans 8:28 is where it's AT!!! 🙂 Love to hear you speak the truth, girl! Yay Jesus! 🙂

I totally agree with you that these athletes are outstanding. They inspire me, as do you and Hannah. I’ve added your blog to my blog. I’m 63 years old and have been seriously exercsing for about a year…lost 55 pounds and am loving what I call Training To Be Fit At 99! Thanks for all your inspiration!

Wow… your post today… so spot on. I agree… it’s about what we do after. I was looking for inspiration today, you just gave it to me. Thank you.

Beautifully written, Olivia!

..and..yes, when MaryLou won gold..eeekkk! She was my hero for years!! (in some ways I think she still is!)

Don’t know if you ever look back at these threads but it’s 3 months later and I’m signed up for a whole year of boot camp now and still losing! Just started watching Season 11 again! Thanks to both of ya’ll for keeping on inspiring me every day on fb and twitter!

Melinda! That’s amazing!! We are so proud of your progress! BootCamp is literally my favorite workout well and spinning of course! I tend to do better in a group class than on my own! Don’t forget to send us your before and afters throughout your journey!!

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