#MyFitspiration Obsession Confessions

New Series: Obsession Confessions

Hello Loves!!!! So, Hannah & I have been wanting to start this Series on the blog for some time now. As you know from our Facebook & Twitter, Hannah & I have a tendency to become “obsessed” with things we love. It could be a new lipstick, a pair of socks, or a new workout class. In addition to things we stumble upon we also are so blessed to have companies send us awesome things to try. Some we end up loving…others we don’t. Sooooooo… we now want to share these things with you!! We will not only review our new obsessions, but we will show you how & where to get it. Sometimes these companies will even allow us to pass along discounts & specials! I mean who doesn’t LOVE a discount?

Now, here are a few things you can ALWAYS count on. First, we will never be anything but 100% honest with you. We always disclose to you what we buy with our own money & what was gifted to us by companies. Second, we are only going to review stuff we love. For instance, you might find us reviewing one of the better peptide company because we trust in its potential. There is enough negative stuff in life…let’s just celebrate the good stuff. We feel this is an opportunity to not only bring you some solid reviews, but also expose new upstart companies as well. That doesn’t mean we won’t tell you about the big company products as well…it will be a mixed bag! 🙂

Also, let us know products YOU love! Leave your suggestions in the comments…we are always open to trying new things…AND this blog is for you too, so we want to showcase things you’re interested in too! Fun right?? Ok, so let’s get this started!!!!!


Olivia & Hannah

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Hi Hannah and Olivia!

I’m so excited you guys are doing this! I love being able to continue to follow you both! You have both been an inspiration to my partner and me during our weight loss journeys.

So my newest obsession, I have to admit, comes in the form of food. But it is PHENOMENAL! My friend is starting up her own business and makes amazing gluten-free goodies. She uses all-natural and all organic ingredients and makes everything from scratch! I am not gluten-free, but I have actually been doing a gluten-free diet for the past 2.5 weeks and I feel amazing!

But you don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy these treats! My favorite right now is the fruit and nut trail mix and the dark chocolate trail mix. She also makes a fabulous jerky and other yummy foods.

I have incorporated the trail mix into my diet as a late afternoon/pre-workout snack and sometimes have a little after dinner if I am craving something sweet. I have lost 97lbs over the past 2 years and am really committed to keeping it off and living a healthy lifestyle. These little “treats” help me maintain healthy snacking habits but also make me feel like I am really treating myself!

If you are interested in checking out her products, her Facebook page is:

Thanks again for this blog! I am really looking forward to great things from it! You guys rock! 🙂


This is a toughie, because I always have to wonder what it is that other people want. A tangible product that I like is:

The Germ Terminator.

It’s a toothbrush sanitizer that uses the natural process of heat and steam. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS in use like by using distilled water rather than tap water and by using toothbrushes with NON-transparent handles. The Germ Terminator has its own website to provide great info about the product.

And for a non-tangible product, perhaps the following website is a good recommendation:

When searching for health info, it just might come in handy. Don’t assume any medical information is completely dependable, but take what’s out there for what it’s worth.

Other products and sites could be helpful. What are we interested in? And should we work together to invent anything? Maybe a guide to motivation or instructions to determine whether a certain physical ailment is holding us back.


Two quick additions after looking at online Reviews. I saw a lame 3 star rating on an amazon Page and went to the Reviews to find out why.

First, unless you know exactly what you are doing, I strongly recommend buying straight from the Germ Terminator website. People have been having issues with second-party sellers.

Second, use a high quality toothbrush in it. If you use a junk toothbrush then the bristles might fall out!

I’m very excited about this too! When I was growing up, my mom was sick and often in the hospital so she wasn’t able to teach me and show me things like how to do my make-up, hair, skin care, etc. and somehow I’ve never learned it because everyone else already knew and I was embarrassed to admit I didn’t. So I think hearing about products will be very helpful to me! So, thanks for this so much!

P.S. Two things I LOVE are: and My Fitness Pal app! Oh, and my amazing gym, Lifetime Fitness in Tempe AZ!

Cool, there are a lot of great apps I think! Olivia introduced me to FitRadio and I LOVE IT! I look forward to more app recommendations and I know ya’all will do it up well. Oh, quick question, how do I make my profile here have a picture like the cute owl of Olivia and your cheerful sunny photo in yellow? Thanks, smiles, JJ

Hi Olivia and Hannah,

This sounds great! I have never been a girly girl, I am the one that yells and screams while watching the Titans and acts a fool like they can hear me. LOL My husband was born with the shopping gene, (not that I can’t spend some money now), but being a “big girl” makes going shopping for the nice clothes or taking the time to do my hair or make-up before I go out was never a big thing for me. I am so looking forward to learning how to be a girl as I go along and do my weight loss journey. Thank you so so much

I agree 🙂 I just wish I had the support on my weight loss journey. I am kind of on my own with this. It is the biggest battle of my life. Right now I am just doing all that I can do, going to the Y up in Smyrna, and keep saving all my change and singles and gather enough for even 1 week on one of the ranches, thinking Buffalo/Niagra so I can take a trip to NYC to see my old classmates. I am going to try and make this the year of ME and do all that I can do and find all the help that I can scrape together, and maybe even try the girly thing, but one thing I will never give up………………. My Titan Football LOL :))))

Where are your appearances going to be here in Nashville? If I can build up the stamina in time mabeyI will try the Music City 1./2 marathon or something, even if I have to walk more of it than jog it. But I will sure as heck try it

My youngest son just called and said that if I work hard, he will travel up from Alabama and do the 1/2 marathon with me. I guess that was a challenge.

Ladies, do you know what I’d love? A discussion of the calorie tracking devices out there like Bodybugg, and now there are new ones like the Nike Fuel and the new one that they have on Biggest Loser…. Do you two still use your bodybuggs? Have you tried others? Do you count every calorie, still?

I have some fitness thing on my new IPod Nano, so I am going to try using that. Out of work for right now, but LPN to RN bridge program starts this summer and new job should be starting soon

I also just received my book and workout DVD’s from Jillian’s site sadly, I have no where to do them, My grown sons laugh and joke around so it can’t be done, so if anyone needs them, they are still in wrappers. 🙁

Hey hey Purple Team! Love you girls!

One of my favorite products right now is the “Need a Margarita” Scrub from Bath & Body Works’ Tru Blue Spa Line. I use it once a week – it is a GREAT exfoliator for your skin and smells amazing. I had trouble skin when I was growing up so taking care of it now is a priority for me. Stimulating your skin with exfoliators help keep it moisturized but also tighter.

Looking forward to this series. 🙂

This is such a great series! You girls have already introduced me to some great stuff, so I’m very much looking forward to what else you have to recommend.

Hi Hannah and Olivia! I would love to send you some of my Ava Anderson Non Toxic products to try out for yourself! Please let me know where I can ship them! I included my email and website in the info area 🙂
Thank you!
Jina Williams

Hi Olivia and Hannah! This is a great idea, please make sure to review non-gender specific products as well.

The one thing I love is the JE Fit app on my phone. As well as free training routines, workouts, videos and bodyspace community.

Keep on rocking!


Was hoping you could review and both have great claims and would love to hear your opinions. Do they really wick sweat away (bondi band) do the really work keeping hair back on a run and out of our face (both products)…do they work for long and short hair.

I’m debating on cutting my hair but I’m obsessed with buns and ponytails when workouts happen.
Would love to hear what you think.

Love you girls! Thanks for being so inspiring! 2011 was the get healthy year for my hubby and I…we’ve lost about 195lbs. total together…I’ve still got more to go. He’s at maintenance and toning phase.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! XOXOXO!

Thank you Hannah. I’m in a slump right now, but will hit my target weight this year….don’t know what that is yet since I’ve never been at a good weight as an adult. X!

You go Heidi!!!!! I know what you mean about the slump. I have been feeling sorry for myself since I got fired. But pulling myself up. If you need a friend to help support you, you can email me. I have no support at home, So I don’t know where you live, but I am here if you need someone to vent to. You can do it. You do it for YOU.

My obsession is my KickIt class at my gym – Crossroads, in Grand Junction, CO! The other “kickboxing” classes at other gyms just don’t compare. If you’re ever in CO, you should come because it’s the best workout! The women in there will put any man to shame… and frequently do. The other day some male trainers joined the class with us and had to take extra breaks or modify exercises and they were dripping with sweat afterwards. He he hee, we all take a little bit of pride in that. 😉

Hey girls,

I have just began following your site, but watched you faithfully on BL11.

I have very fine and thin hair. I have just recently found an over the counter product I LOVE!! It is called

Hey Olivia and Hannah,
What a brilliant idea! My favorite annual show use to be “Oprah’s Favorite Things” show. I watched and downloaded the “O” list every single year. However most of her beautiful ideas were not affordable. So every year, before Christmas I made my “W” List (Wendy’s Favorite Things”), and I would have an open house for girlfriends to come and try and see all of the things on my list, and also had great vendors for Christmas shopping. Soooo fun! So, a few of my favorites…The Clarisonic Skin care system..amazing sonic cleanser that leaves you feeling as though you had a facial. So easy to use. My favorite skin cleanser is Mary Kay “extra emollient Cleansing Cream”, great for dry skin. I have tried so many cleansers, this is my favorite and always in my shower. My favorite shampoo and conditioner for colored hair is “Color Conserve” by Aveda. Great Shampoo and your color lasts longer. My favorite product for shine to put on your hair before blowdrying is “damage remedy” by Aveda or “Elements”. Both leave your hair smooth, healthy and shiny. Also, my favorite make-up primer is “Virtual Illusion” by Arbonne. You put it on before your make-up, your face feels so beautiful, and your make-up goes on and stays on beautifully. So those are a few of my favorites. I love this post, I have taken so many notes already from everyone writing and can’t wait to hear about your favorites. Maybe your new ideas could be called the “OH” List….: ) Thanks for sharing all of your favorites with all of us…looking forward to it!

This is a great idea. I don’t really have anything to offer. I’m not really a girly girl so can’t offer product suggestions there. I’m a techno geek but most of my products are photography and editing related. I guess my only obsession confession is my love of fuzzy fleece. I have over 30 pair of fleece socks and 9 blankies. I do love my fleece =)

oh yeah…and Tastefully Simple Simply Salsa mix. Just add to a can of diced tomatoes (and onions if you want) and perfect salsa. And here is a healthful hint…the leaves on the celery that you normally throw away….loaded with magnesium. I chop them up and add them to the salsa. Got that hint from Dr. Oz.

Hannah and Olivia…if you would like to try some Simply Salsa email me and let me know where to send you some.

Could O Bird do a post about nails, she always posts pics of her nails looking fab. And could Banana Pants do a post on bargain shopping.

Does the fitbit/bodybugg/bodymedia thing accurately track your calories burned? I think the generic BMR calculations for me are waaaayyy off. I’d love something to help me lose the last five pounds…they are hibernating on my rear end for the winter!

Hey, girls!
Does the fitbit/bodybugg/bodymedia thing accurately track your calories burned? I think the generic BMR calculations for me are waaaayyy off. I’d love something to help me lose the last five pounds…they are hibernating on my rear end for the winter!

Shellac Nail Polish — for someone who can’t sit still and always dings up my nails, this is a godsend, haha. I always go home and mess them up cleaning or working out, but this does the trick and lasts forever! 🙂

Have a healthy day!


So my obsession is with Lululemon. Yes it may seem expensive to most folks but when you consider this little tidbit, I purchases a pair of yoga pants from my local Lululemon store 5 years ago and I still wear them at least 2x a week, paid $90 for them, it cost me $18/year to use them 104 times per year or 520 times. For me I treat myself to a new pair of pants or a new top when I reach a major milestone (50 lbs lost) Right now I just purchased a new top and pants. I sustained a major knee injury 2 months ago – tore my ACL and Meniscus – so went through some intensive rehab for 2 months and have been given the clearance to run again (treadmill/track indoor only) and get back on the elliptical.

My current obsession right now is TOMS shoes. I love them! I have 3 pair and I literally wear them every day. They are so comfortable. Plus you get to help out a child who doesnt have shoes.

You must live somewhere warm! I love my TOMS too, but have discovered they’re lethal on snow / ice. (And I was queen of the dramatic wipeout before wearing slick-soled shoes.) Excited for warmer, dryer days so I can break them out again.

I’m very excited to hear about things you guys have tried and loved. A few of mine are: Yellowman by YMX tops, Wrightsocks, GU chomps, Bare Minerals, Hind running pants and jacket, Fage, Silk Almond milk, and BondiBands!

I am obsessed with, and have been obsessed with for a while now, skin care products (specifically the soaps and body butter) from Rocky Mountain Soap Company. It’s based in Canmore, Alberta (which is local for me, and a huge added bonus) and their products are all natural. The climate in Alberta is ridiculously dry, especially in the winter, and Rocky Mountain Soap Company has this fantastic pumpkin soap that is great on dry skin. And I use the unscented body butter on my face. I also bought a vanilla candy cane lip balm at Christmas and it smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Almost edible!

They also have great information on their website about the kinds of chemicals you should try to avoid in beauty products.

Chanel inimitable intense mascara! I researched the best mascara and everything I read recommended this one. I absolutely love it. Also- Burt’s bees almond milk beeswax hand cream, eos Chapstick, camelbak water bottles, Lily pulitzer iPhone cases, matrix biolage color care shampoo/conditioner has kept my hair color from fading for months, opi nail polish in nomad’s dream, naked 2 palette from urban decay and oil control finishing spray from urban decay keeps my makeup on for hours longer! And my fitbit ultra!

Hi O and H!
what happened to the post about playtex sport wipes???? i saw it before it got deleted and bought them as i am currently having a sports bra/sweat/break out problem. love these!! so thanks for sharing. hard to find in stores though 🙂 ordered online….have you seen them in stores?

My obsession is a healthy fiber shake I found on Pintrest! It has spinach in it which I hate. But I can’t taste it in this shake so I am totally loving it. It’s full of fiber and I must be responding to that good because I am sure I was lacking fiber in my diet. Oh my it’s a good one. I have lost 8 pounds since I started it. I can’t help but want one every morning. You both inspire me so much. 40 more to go….

I am currently in love with Suzanne Somers’ Total Thigh Trainer. You are literally using all of the muscles in your lower body when you work out with this machine, it’s fabulous and you will sweat buckets. It’s also great because it’s pretty small and can fold up for storage purposes. I am really excited to see what things you guys are recommending too, I love to try new stuff 🙂

One thing I was obsessed about when I lived in NYC is kettlebell kickboxing.

Amazing workout, pushes you to your limits and the instructor, Dasha, is amazing! She is so supportive and really wants you to get better, to believe in your abilities and make the most out of your workout. She is also a trained martial artist, so lot of the things she says and teaches are directly derived from that discipline. I highly recommend it.

Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of New Series: Obsession Confessions . Thanks for the post. I will certainly comeback.

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