Olivia’s Day at the Salon

Hello everybody!!!!! We’re excited today to share a new video following Olivia through her day at NuBest Salon in Manhasset, NY. They take care of our hair amazingly! Thank you to Jamie and everybody at NuBest for letting us take a peek! šŸ™‚ Check out their website.

Share your haircare secrets in the comments below…we want to learn from YOU!

xxoo…Hannah & Olivia

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You want me to share my haircut secrets. OK, well my secret is every two to three months to use an electronic clipper to shave off almost all of my head hair and to cut my eyebrows short but not as short as the head hair.

And another secret is to get the right kind of oil to lubricate the clipper and follow professional oil application instructions.

It also helps to have a pair of haircutting scissors, for example if the cutter missed a hair.

I cannot think of any other secret off of the top of my head but hopefully I helped at least a little. šŸ˜€

I LOVE using Nioxin Hair/Scalp treatment. I have very fine hair and it helps it feel strong and healthy. Also, my hairdresser taught me that a little baby powder can be a quick fix for 2nd day hair! I’m looking for a great product to add shine to my hair, any suggestions!? Love this post! We’ve missed you!

Hey Olivia,
What a great way to share your hair care tips, and especially finding out the best questions to ask of the hairdressers. You are so beautiful inside and out! Just had my hair colored yesterday. My favorite product to keep the color lasting and hair shiny is Color Conserve Shampoo and conditioner by Aveda. I love the Aveda products. I go to Scott J. Salon in NYC, he actually started out cutting hair at Nubest years ago, and now has his own Salon in NYC. Nubest has trained so many wonderful people, and they are such a nice family. So thank you, again for sharing your greatest tips with all of us. You and Hannah are amazing and continue to teach us all so much. Thank you!!!

This salon looks gorgeous! It would be quite a drive from Alabama but perhaps this will be on my list of NY adventures when I finally make a trip there. Your new color looks great, by the way!

Love this video. Y’all are SO MUCH FUN! The intro music used for this is so cheery, so you. Looking forward to more fun adventures like this one!

After spending nearly 40 years, buying salon shampoos and still had dried out hair from coloring. Discovered a shampoo and conditioner that does it for me. When it was recommended to me, I was highly doubtful! Gave it a try and have not used another since. Now the place to get this shampoo is very unusual (at least for me)- it’s QVC. The shampoo and conditioner is Nick Chavez’s shampoo and conditioner. They have the best price for his shampoo (in the huge bottles like the salons use) at QVC. I truly love, love, love, love this stuff and my hair has a nice shine and no longer feels dry and brittle šŸ™‚
There is my little secret.

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