Make 2012 the Year of You!

The first New Years Eve of the rest of my life!

I know I’m a little late on the “New Year Bandwagon” but in my travels of late the message has been all about 2012! Olivia and I have met thousands of people who were just like us, desperate to change and trying to find a way to do it. That’s what this year is about. A RADICAL change that is in your hands! Yes, YOUR HANDS. I can remember one of the things our dearest Jillian (insert her pet names for us pumpkin and peanut)said to me “Hannah, your destiny awaits you, you just don’t know how to reach for it”. That was the day I learned that I wasn’t waiting on life to happen, life was waiting on ME to happen. It was to say the least, a powerful day for Olivia and I. It was also the day that Bob took his purple girls outside and found out who we really were (see picture on the steps of the BL gym sans our normal prom make up and newly coiffed hair do’s – insert 200 + pounds ). I began to talk about things that no one knew. Giving up on my life selfishly at the age of 20. Letting fear of being talented at NOTHING but sports control my life. Feeling like I had NOTHING to offer the world much less a man. The 12 year pity party (my pity parties included FABULOUS food and alcohol-free cocktails ;)that began as a result of an injury that would soon take my mind to depression and total denial. As I packed on the pounds I became numb and quickly fell asleep in the passenger’s seat of my own life. Bob found out that day EXACTLY who I was and as Olivia talked about her own dreams being broken, wanting a career in music (we have all heard her victorious vocal chords as she belted out harmoniously from the biggest loser scale with Jillian’s mouth hanging wide open and Bob and I in tears). Bob simply said 5 words to us, “It’s time for new dreams.”  Bob and Jillian saw something in us that we hadn’t seen in ourselves in decades. Hope, promise (a looming horrible makeover dress with devestatingly ugly bangs for me)and most of all LIFE. It was the first time since 1998 that I thought I could have a new dream. There that day my fight to lose weight but most of all find a new dream of loving myself through health and reaching for my own destiny began.

I know not everyone can go to the ranch or even meet these two AMAZING people BUT you can go through the same change and stand on your finale stage of life with your pretty hot pink lips (Olivia) or dangerously short red dress (thank God I didn’t have a Britney peak-a-boo moment)Hannah.

Bob learning why the Purple Team came to the ranch

This Blog is not only for people that need to lose weight. This blog is for everyone that wants more out of YOUR life. For people who want something but never really stood up and DEMANDED it. Well I am telling  you right now NOW is the time. Not Monday, not 2013, not in a month or even tomorrow. NOW. This might mean you take a small step like cutting out soda or vowing to spend more time with your family. This might mean starting a walking program or being more social by putting yourself in situations that might be a little uncomfortable. This might mean GOING for the job you always wanted but never thought you could have or going home TONIGHT and cleaning out your pantry full of junk no matter what your family says. Life is short WHY NOT YOU? From a girl who just had a banner year in her life and has finally decided NOT to waste another second being unhappy and out of control.

O and I with some healthy eats!

As the clock started the countdown to 2012 5…4…..3…..2…..1, I remember thinking to myself (in my pretty party dress, the first time I ever wore a  dress for NYE) all the things of 2011 that were the best of times and the worst of times, but most of all the milestones that led me to this day. As the clock struck 2012, I stood up and literally screamed for joy as this was the FIRST time in 14 years that I did not have to make a resolution to lose 100 lbs, as I cried tears of happiness and danced the night away with my friends. All because I learned how to ask for help and receive help. Happy 2012 MyFitspirationers, you inspire me everyday and I know you will attack your 2012 goals with confidence and fury!

NOW, what are YOU waiting on?



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Hannah! I argue about this with myself all the time! I live in the woods (my job) and often find myself saying things like, “well, when I move back to the city, it will be so much easier to [exercise, eat healthy, be happy]”. Logically, I know that’s not true: my struggles with weight were part of my city life, too, for example. But when I’m making excuses for myself (like last night, when I chose to watch the West Wing instead of treadmilling), that’s what I say; “I’m waiting to move back to the city”. I’ve been trying to remind myself lately that I should be using this wooded life as an opportunity to prepare to move back to the city. I have to spend a lot of time alone, so why not exercise? I should be preparing for life in the city, or just life in general, not waiting for it!

I’m glad you guys blog!

hi kerry, I know you were writing to Hannah but I’ve got my input anyway. Something is better than nothing. Did you exercise during commercial breaks? not really a question; just food for thought.

It’s perfect that this season of BL is about no excuses. I told myself that on NYE. NO MORE EXCUSES. Oh I had good ones. I have a spinal cord injury. OK yeah but so do a lot of people. Work around it. I don’t sweat so it’s hard to workout without over heating. So work out the best you can. My work schedule is crazy and there isn’t a gym around that is open when I need it to be. So…workout and do what you can when you can. And this one was my favorite until November. I’m only 20 lbs overweight…its not like I’m obese. Guess what? You don’t have to be obese to get diabetes. I got my wake up call. Those 20 lbs are around my midsection. I’m tall so I carry them well…and thus hide them well…and thus…allowed myself to do nothing about them. That was when the excuses stopped and the planning began. It’s all about a good plan. I plan my meals so I don’t have the excuse of not having the good stuff and then turning to the bad stuff. Instead of thinking I had no time to work out…I made plans to work out in small increments. I’m taking charge of my life…thanks to Bob and Jillian and all the things they have taught countless contestants over the past few years. No Excuses People…what are YOU waiting for?

Wow. This heartfelt post packs an eloquent emotional punch like none I’ve seen here before.

That’s it. I’m buckling down. Watch out, world, here I come.

Thanks, Hannah!

I love this. So many things you’ve said on the programme and in magazines have resonated with you would try to avoid people from your high school seeing you, how you felt embarrassed to go out with friends at night. I feel exactly the same because of my weight, yet no matter how much I hate being like this, I still don’t give it my all to lose the weight. I’m on the right track now and I’ve lost 25 pounds, so just got to believe in myself and believe I deserve better. I’m bookmarking this post to read whenever it gets tough. You are such an inspiration and I really hope you blog more! x

Seriously, perfect timing for this blog, Hannah!

As I’ve shared on here before, I’ve been dealing with a horrible relationship for many many years. It’s been something that always controls my mind. And when that size 6, plus size article came out… guess what I did?! I went running back to that crazy ex boyfriend of mine. Why? Because I thought he could fix me. I used to be a 2 when I was with him. I’m now a 6 and that article scared me, big time! Everything from “What’s wrong with me?” to “I’d rather be with someone who beats the crap out of me than no one at all,” came rushing back. He has some weird power over me that is insane to get away from. The last two days have been HORRIBLE… Things have happened that I never dreamed would, I never thought he would take things to the extent that he did. And as I NEED to get away, I also feel this sense of guilt for leaving him and sense of fear that he’s right in everything that he ever said to me and I won’t find anyone else.

The reason this blog is so perfect in timing is because I just got home from his apartment and knew that had to be the last time I was there. I didn’t know what to even think. So I turned to myfitspiration praying there was a comment or something on here to motivate to make life okay. And here it is! Amazing. As I’m sitting here sobbing typing this, I’m realizing that I’m just letting life pass me by. It’s time that I get rid of the negative people from my life FOR GOOD and learn to stand on my own two feet. (Although, I’m so scared of failing). But because of this blog and “your destiny awaits you,” I know now that I have to make things happen and have to change my life for the better. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but it’s going to happen!

Again, thank you both for your constant motivation and inspiration! It seems silly, but I don’t have a lot of people to turn to anymore because of this guy (I literally dropped everything for him and never fixed it). So, I kind of come on here to vent it out… sorry!!! And pray for that little bit of hope I get out of others amazing stories! (And like Hannah’s response last time which totally touched my heart)! THANK YOU BOTH!!!! (Sorry again for spilling my life story out on here.. totally inappropriate, I’m sure).

I liked Hannah’s article too. In response to your Comment, I’ve found a tendency that when we empty an addiction (like a former boyfriend or girlfriend?) out of our lives, we have to fill it with something else in order to prevent boredom. Otherwise we run a huge risk of craving what we already know. I love that you mentioned prayer. That’s one of the keys out of any mess. Best of luck finding your path!

The story you shared in this comment touched my heart because I know how hard that situation is…it felt like I was trapped even though I could always get out anytime I wanted. I just wanted to hug you and tell you that I know how hard and painful that kind of situation is but I’m so glad that you were inspired by Hannah’s beautiful words! You can do this! You CAN create a life that is for you and that is a life lived well, I just know it! I’ll pray for you if that’s ok…

OMG hannah that is so inspiring to me but one thing i want to add to that im so proud of how much you have changed your life i truly mean that but you know hannah ive woke up and seen the light and i told myself if hannah can get on the biggest loser and change her life so can i. but one thing hannah ive told you this prolly 100 times i know where you where coming from bc i didnt like myself at all but again we all luv you and just keep doing what you do best inspire ppl who need it!!!!

Beautifully written Hannah! This is the first year I’ve never made a resolution to exercise more and it feels so good to be running my first half marathon of this year tomorrow knowing I’m in good shape and will finish strong. 2012 is going to be my banner year where I’m putting myself first and not wasting a single moment!


I want to thank you for this amazing post. You are absolutely correct. I think everyone can easily underestimate the power of finding it within ourselves to truly love ourselves. No matter how hard we work out, no matter how healthy we can eat, if we don’t love ourselves… we will never live a long happy and healthy life. I love coming to myfitspiration to hear your advice and to learn from you about how you are able to find this love for yourself. Like you, I had difficulty finding what I could offer to anyone. I wasn’t able to see that moment until watching a Biggest Loser episode and it sunk in. I could figure out how to lose weight but I would never feel it was enough until I loved me.

Thank you for reminding me and others of this importance. Thank you (Hannah and Olivia) for your constant motivation and for truly giving back and motivating all of to be the best version of ourselves!!

This blog has perfect timing for me as well. For such a long time, I think I was somehow scared of success. I know that sounds strange, but to some extent it was true. I would get closer to a goal, then sabotage myself by find a reason (read: EXCUSE) that I had to stop going for it. I let the fear get to me. Just in the last few months have I really started making plans and writing down concrete goals – and following them up with ACTION!

I also had a – ahem – “friend” decide to attack me, telling me everything that was “wrong” with me and all of the reasons that I would never accomplish my fitness, career, or life goals. Now I don’t mean constructive criticsm like you would get from real friends, trying to offer you suggestions to help you get where you want to go…this was a completely demeaning attack where she came out and said I was supposedly worthless and should just give up. I had to give up this “friendship” because she was always the person who complains about everything and puts me down, and there was too much negavity that far outweighed any positives. At first I politely asked her to stop speaking to me that way, but she continued, saying she could say whatever she wanted. That’s when I told her I was done with it. I certainly didn’t need anyone else making me feel bad about myself, since I’ve been so good at doing that to myself in the first place.

Then I also realized…if I refuse to let her talk that way to me, I also need to refuse to let ME talk that way to me. Nobody has a right to treat me like that- including myself!

I also know that ending this relationship was a blessing from God, because it allowed me to not only learn a lot, but dropping that negativity has made room for more positive people and situations in my life. It’s amazing how much better I felt about myself once I stood up to her and stopped taking the verbal abuse.

So to everyone here – stop being afraid of success. Be brave enough to stop the negative voices, whether from yourself or somebody else in your life. You are worth so much more than you realize! Start really living life and GO FOR IT!

Marie xo

WOW, Hannah!

I don’t know if I can possibly put into words how INSPIRED, INSPIRED, INSPIRED I am by this post of yours. I have never “commented” on this blog before, but I just can’t even refrain from doing so now! I have been following this blog that you and Olivia have for some time now. My younger sis and I (of course) just love the two of you and honestly see so much of us reflected in the two of you…and that is such a good thing, I think. 🙂 Of course it is! Anyway, we have had our share of weight struggles over the years coming from a very “large and in charge” family.

About a year and a half ago I took charge of my life, lost some weight, and trained for and ran a full marathon. (I overall lost about 70 pounds through running.) It was such an EMPOWERING experience! I felt so trim and healthy…and most importantly, I felt so in charge of my own life! Then…a few months later I SEVERELY injured my back, had to have surgery, and it has been such a challenge to deal with the limitations along the way. I have gained some weight back…yargh…and I know all about this “pity party” that you are talking about in this post. (Unfortunately!) I have felt SO DISCOURAGED this past year, but I know I need to take charge once again and have that fire in me that I had as I trained for the marathon. The pity party has to end sometime, and I’d like it to be sooner than later! My sis and I made some amazing goals for this year, and so far so good. I’d like to gradually get back into running since it is now a passion of mine. I’d like to get trim and feeling in charge again.

I’d like to happen to my life instead of waiting for it to happen to me! I could go on FOREVER, Hannah, about all the things I am hoping for in my life. I have spent far too much time feeling disappointment in myself. Bleh…enough of that, right? And reading this post of yours…just FUELS MY FIRE TO MOVE FORWARD!!! I am honestly moved to the point of tears right now because I know for a FACT that you and Olivia know all about how hard it can be. But you also are amazing and genuine proof that it is possible!!! Thanks for fighting for yourself and for your dreams…it gives me (and all of us, I am sure) a MAJOR BOOST to start doing the same for ourselves!

I seriously love you two! Keep up your amazing, inspiring, empowering work…of simply being YOU and letting us be involved in the journey!

T-R-I-S-H (That’s my real name…my nickname is Trika.)

P.S. My sister and I are coming to hear you speak locally in Ogden next week. We’re super excited and glad that you are taking the time to share your experiences with anyone who will listen! Well…we’re LISTENING! 🙂 Take care!

I hope it isn’t too strange that I’m posting a comment…in response to my own comment? Ummm…yeah, this looks quite sad, doesn’t it?! Hah! Oh-well. I still think I’m pretty cool. 🙂

I am just wondering if you have a mailing address for your “fan mail” or something of the sort – do you?

I don’t know if you remember me and my sis (Jodi), but we went to your AMAZING seminar in Ogden on Tuesday evening. I can’t begin to express just how much that day means to me and also to Jodi. Meeting you two was a miracle for us. I honestly view it as a MIRACLE. I know it sounds over-the-top and dramatic, but I don’t mean for it to be that way. It really was a day filled with interesting miracles that I know will reach far into the future. What a life-changer that seriously was for us both! I know we’ll remember that day and draw upon all that we learned and all that we FELT in order to progress through 2012 to truly make it OUR year! (I can’t tell you how many times we just looked at each other in tears over and over throughout the seminar. Hannah, you did such an EXCELLENT job…what a MESSAGE you shared.)

After attending the seminar, I felt the need to write a letter to you that I would like to send your way. But I understand COMPLETELY that you wouldn’t want to give away personal information to anyone and everyone who asked for it. So I’m just wondering if you have a “fan mail” address or anything like that? I’d love to send this letter to you. (You could email it to me if you didn’t want it posted here…?)

And I have followed this blog of yours since its creation, and now that I’ve met you two…I’m going to really consider starting to use “Twitter” for the very FIRST TIME EVER. Yep…I’ve never “tweeted.” (Is that what it’s even called?!) It’s kind of embarrassing. I’ve never really felt the desire to “follow” anyone…it seems like a strange thing to me in some ways. But I really feel that you two are worth the effort to do something new because I know that YOUR ENERGY is the kind I need at this time in my life to inspire me forward. I may not do a whole lot of “twittering/tweeting” or whatever the heck that is called, but I just want you to know that I’m a supporter of you two, through and through!!! I think it was in Jillian’s book, “Unlimited,” where she talked about the importance of STUDYING the people that we’d like to become more like, the people that we truly admire. So…that’s why I feel like it’s important to learn more about you and to…yes, I guess the word is “follow” you. I’m not quick to “follow” just anyone, but I feel absolutely confident that “following” the Curlee sisters would be nothing but a blessing in my life.

Hope you two enjoyed your time in the cold and snowy state of Utah! And I hope you felt warmly received. You are so loved and appreciated here! We are immensely grateful that you decided to spend some time with us. Please know that your efforts make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.


So you were serious on the show? I mean, I thought maybe that story about feeling like you had nothing to offer was for television ratings. I’m glad you’ve gotten past that silliness. At the same time, it sure is flattering that you felt you didn’t have enough to offer a man. because if you didn’t, then we must have massive value. Even as a man, there’s no way I give us THAT much credit. So thanks! 😉

Just yesterday, my son showed me some pics (about a year or two old) of me that he had put on his iPod Touch. I said, “Oh my goodness! I was soooo heavy!” All those feelings of not feeling good in my own skin came flooding back for a split second.

I am so grateful to you and Olivia for having inspired me a year ago to TOTALLY CHANGE my unhealthy habits. Since Jan. 2011, I have lost 22-23 lbs., lost a million inches off of my body :), and have tried my best to make wise, low-cal choices on a daily basis.

So, my New Year’s Resolution is to “continue” to stay focused and motivated. Your blog is my first “go to” for just that!

Oh, one more thing, in 8 days, I will be running in my “first” half marathon in Miami! Woohoo!


Hannah! Just wanted to let you know what a great post!! As you encourage other you are also sharing yourself and I love your NYE celebration, not having to walk in the old patterns anymore! Job well done Hannah! Job well done!

Hannah, I mentioned you in my blog post titled “Winning” at – you encouraged me (and thousands of others haha) to enter the Lame photo contest, and I did, inspired and hopeful for a chance to change, and I am now in first place. I was also the girl saying “someday” I would start my healthy plan, and that day was the day I entered the contest – no more waiting for the “perfect moment” because that moment never comes. Know that what you say IS heard. I have your season’s finale saved on my DVR – seeing the transformation of you & Olivia is something that still inspires me, you two are my favorite “losers” of all time, and what you do and say make a difference in this girl’s life (-:

Hannah, thank you for this post. I have been searching and searching for inspiration, motivation, SOMETHING to get me off the couch and out there fighting for my life. You and Olivia, through BL, meeting you in Boston, and this blog have taught me that motivation comes from within. Victory is motivation, all you have to do is get up and start! I am going to start now to remember why I want this and make 2012 the year of “cans”. Keep up the blog posts, they make my day brighter 🙂

I have not drank anything but water since 4/1/2011 after drinking sometimes 8 cokes a day and haven’t lost one pound! I think I have waited long enough for the weight to some off on it’s own, looking for inspiration to get my fat ass off the couch!

Hi Hannah and Olivia,

You both are so inspiring to me! I wanted to share my huge achievement with you because you motivate me and I also know you’ll understand how monumental this is since you’ve been in shoes before.

I’m working on losing weight and it’s a battle, but yesterday I did something I never would have thought possible just a few months ago. I completed a half-marathon! I was in the walking group because I just don’t run, ever, but I made very good time (3 hours, 38 minutes). I was sobbing as I crossed the finish line, and I don’t think I have ever been more proud of myself or more in awe of what I’m truly capable of doing when I just try.

My first comment on this blog! So exciting!

Hannah and Olivia, you are both hilarious! I wish you both a bright, successful future together!

I know t’s possible for one’s weight to fluctuate at any size. Now, I’m not necessarily overweight, but I was wondering if you could give me/us all some advice about how I can stabilize my weight, or at least reduce the amount of fluctuation?
Also, I find it much easier to exercise and be motivated to do so if someone joins me. Do you experience this with your sister as well or do you exercise alone?

Much love and respect, Sven

This year is my last year for a resolution to lose weight! I have lost, as of today, 66lbs. I am almost half way to my goal and I will get the last 74lbs off and I will have them off this year 🙂 I was so happy when 2012 came around and I realized I have lost 62lbs this past year and now its about finishing it this year not starting it. For me that was amazing bc I’ve spent the last few years with failed attempts to lose the weight.

Your blog, facebook and twitter’s keep me motivated and are helping me get to my goals. Thank you!!!

Oh Hannah… first off you are amazing. Both you and Olivia are such a HUGE inspiration to me. I remember watching your transformations over those long months and thinking…these women are powerhouses! I want to be like them!! For me weight-loss has been such a struggle. It’s hard to lose weight when you live with a man who struggles to keep weight ON. But I finally realized that I have to do this for ME. I seriously have watched that season of BL twice already, but I am watching it again everyday when I ride my bike, or when I need some reassurance that what I am doing is right. You and Olivia remind me not to give up! I decided in December that 2012 is MY year. This year is for ME, and me alone. I turned 30 (OMG) on January 1st, and every single year I say to myself “This year, this year I will do it.” and then I never do. But now that I am like a real adult now…it’s time for change. To quote you… “No more looking for tomorrow, today is time for change” thank you for being wonderful and you!!!

Hi Hannah!

I have to tell you that you have been a huge inspiration to me. My partner and I have lost over 200lbs combined while you and Olivia were doing it on the ranch. We totally connected with you both! I am so proud of you and impressed to see how your life has turned around. It is all about taking back control of your life. I am now in that same process myself and always love to hear what you are up to and hear what you have to say. Keep inspiring! You are amazing!

Would love for you to read my blog if you ever have enough time! 🙂


Hannah ,
you brought tears to my eyes this time ….. i’ll took every words that you’ve said and take them with me along my journey …. You and Olivia have been so inspiring to me this year , i started my journey the first of july and i am REALLY doing it …… you 2 gave me the kick to go out there and start doing something , and like you always said asking for help is the bravest thing that i have ever done …..You are amazing ….People like you girls can inspire anybody out there … Keep doing it
We need you 😀
Send all of you a lot of love


This post makes me so happy for you- you didn’t just win on a tv show or at weight loss, but you’re dominating life!!

I have BL favorites but you and Olivia are kind of like my “celebrity role model” favorites (just made that up… so go with it).

Thanks for the inspiration! Keep doing what you do!

Tweet ya later,


Thank you, thank you, thank you for just being here. You have NO IDEA how much this means. I had tears in my eyes reading this entry because I want next NYE to be ME the one screaming and crying for joy. I just have 30 pounds to lose, but it’s been those same 30 pounds for 20 years, every new years eve promising myself that this year will be different. Living in the NOW – I think I get that now.

Thank you, thank you both for spilling your guts and being inspiring.


I wish that I could have the courage, the money, and most importantly, the support that Hannah and Olivia had and continue to have. I put on a great front to the world that my weight is not “who I am”. It doesn’t define me in my job skills, or my ability to function everyday, but it is sad that I really have no one that I can talk to or confide in because they don’t understand how much my weight consumes my every thought and I have been able to hide the depression that I constantly feel with fake appearances of being funny and happy. The worst thing about being overweight is not having any support. I diet, I fail. I start out all gung ho at a gym, I fail. I shop healthy, and my family goes out and buys junk food and will sit there and eat it or go to fast food places. I sound pitiful here, but I am about at the end of my rope and almost too old to cope with the skills I have used up.

I am a nurse, and my biggest fear is being the “fat” patient that needs the lift to get out of bed, or that it takes 2 people to roll over. Scary and sad and I cry to myself a lot.

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s hard not to tear up while reading this, especially while picturing that exciting NYE moment when you realized you didn’t have to start the new year with a weight loss goal, what a freeing feeling that must have been, but I tried my best not to cry since I’m reading this while at work. You and Olivia have inspired me so much and I appreciate you guys opening up to the world and helping all of us strangers. I wish you both continued success!

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