Sports Bra Challenge ALMOST HERE!!

So, here are a few of our sports bra recs and just general musings about the subject :). We are so excited for Friday and hope you are too!! After you hear our faves, be sure to give us yours below in the comments…we’re reading!!! Maybe you can help US out :).

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Hello my purple girls!

Thanks so much for sharing the sports bra info. Unfortunately, I’m still in the 2-3 sports bra club :-/ so I’m wondering, at what point did Hannah get small enough to go single bra?

Thanks so much for all you do πŸ˜€

Ok I have to say this…You should NEVER wear just one bra to work out, ever!

I use to work out at a gym where the head of Hoag Hospital’s Breast Cancer Center worked out. I spoke to him at length about breast safety and working out, best bras, etc. He told me women should ALWAYS wear at least TWO good maximum support sports bras when they workout (run, walk, lift, spin, anything). I am now a huge advocate of this and am constantly stopping women in the park to tell them this. Please do not ever wear just one bra when working out, it is just not safe.

I love the Dri Fit but the full coverage Nike bra here is the one I use and I still bounce so much, get the uni and headlight action (38d or dd depending on brand). Maybe I’m wearing them too long and losing support? How often do you replace your sports bra?

I’ve been really curious about the Moving Comfort bras because they’re always highly rated. They just look like so much fabric/ maybe hot. If anybody uses these please chime in with your opinions!!

Moving comfort bras are super fantastic. Was a 38DDD and was the best bra ever! Had reduction 2 mths ago and can’t wait to get into new size. A little thicker but ness when you want good support. fabric breaths well with moisture. They were rec. by a Dr who wears them always not just exercise.

Moving Comfort is awesome! Nothing moves ever! and I totally have National Geographic boobs that would be all over the place. They last forever too! They are a bit more expensive than what you’ll find at Target but you only need one and I’ve had at least one of mine for over four years and it still holds it together!

I wear moving comfort here in Dallas (where it’s HOT HOT HOT) and I run distance, we’re talking 3 hours at a time often, and I can say that the bra is not what makes me hot. They are well constructed and keep the moisture away very well.

I have always worn 2 sports bras – even when I was 120lbs. It would be nice to only use one at a time. This has inspired me to start shopping!

I was wearing 2-3 sports bras and I hated working out because of it. I just bought the Enell sports bra and I love it!!! it’s on the pricier end, around $65 in the US I believe. I’m Canadian and spent $80 but it was more than worth it. I can run, jump, Zumba in it without any discomfort.

I just ordered the Enell – I’m a 38DDD or, according to some measurements, a 38G (ha ha) and cannot wait to get this and try to start running. My excuse has always been that running would give me two black eyes, but hopefully now I’ll have no excuse. And I have NEVER HEARD of the 2-3 sports bras at a time thing until Hannah mentioned it. I don’t even see how that would have helped in my situation – I would have just worn an underwire and been uncomf. Maybe now I’ll never have to!

I’m a big fan of the Under Armour sports bras if you are in the market for something with medium support but maximum coverage. So comfortable and I have one in pink (not purple but hey still cute!)

I have the Champion sports bra. Bought a pack of them at Costoc (bargain) over a year ago. They do a good job and last a long time. They still look good. My biggest complaint these days is the headlight action at the gym. Not really feeling it! I guess if I got a sports bra with padding it would help but not sure if I want that. Really, headlight action is not all that fun! Nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing the twins say hello!!

Hey girls,

I also love my Target sports bras, especially the spaghetti strap ones for the same reasons Olivia mentioned. They are great for layering with a tank and are more feminine looking. Granted, I do not need a ton of support as a C cup, so not sure how well they work for the bigger “girls.”

Great post!


Great post ladies!! I’ve been wearing the Champion C9 sport bras from Target for about 2 years or so now… LOVE THEM!!! I have both types, and they hold up really well in the wash. One thing to caution you about tho’ (it happened to me!!) It you get the bra in fuschia, regardless of how long you own it, be prepared for color transfer to your skin in those really sweaty areas. particularly… ummm… under “the girls”.

So funny that you mentioned TJ Maxx and Marshall’s because I was going to mention it after the video was over. I’m a frequent shopper there, and they do sell the name-brand (adidas, new balance, nike) sports bras for usually $12.99! It’s definitely a steal. I recommend going there. They also have a bunch of shorts, capris, and t-shirts cheap as well πŸ™‚

Lululemon all the way!!! After wearing Nike, Champion, Adidas, & Puma all through college, I never found a sports bra or workout clothes I *loved*. After I discovered lulu, all I want to wear are workout clothes! I get excited about choosing what to wear to spin/yoga/pilates/running everyday. The fabrics are amazing, they wick sweat well, breathe beautifully, look fashion forward, and last FOREVER! It’s an investment, but soooo worth it if you work out everyday. Pieces I’ve had for 5 years look anything but worn out. No rips, no fading and no loss of elasticity!

I’d love to be able to go to Lululemon but they don’t have anything for bigger girls πŸ™

So that will be ‘maybe’ what I try when I get to goal weight!

ohh…. and champion sports bras are my favorite(-: also i brought a cotton sports bra and tye dyed it myself and i love it!! (:

I’ve never tried Lululemon but I will try!! But I HAVE TO tell you to try Moving Comfort bras. They have a ton of different styles for women of all sizes and they make you feel like a woman! They run on the pricey side $30-50 but I love it. I’m busty and I need it!

Thanks for the advice ladies!

I LOVE my Moving Comfort Sports Bra! They come in all kinds of fun colors too! They sell for $40 – $45 here in Cincinnati, but I belong to a runner’s club, so I get a 10% discount. Woo Hoo! I love the velcro adjustable straps. Depending on the style I get, I need either a D or a DD. What’s crazy, is I know my boobs won’t shrink. When I was in basic training, and I was in the BEST shape of my life – my boobs never went away and they didn’t get bigger either since gaining 30 pounds after basic.

This is a great subject ! Remember PE class??? I remember in junior high when they had us do the mile run, it was pretty uncomfortable for the ladies. That was, uh, a while ago. I was shocked to see girls running that same mile run PE test STILL without running bras! Can you imagine what a horrible introduction to exercise that is for girls?? So double thanks for pushing the envelope on this subject, including headlight action and double chins. Who needs black eyes? LOL

p.s. Unfortunately the Moving Comfort bras which do give fantastic support rub the area under the boobs raw with their rubberized strap. Ugh. They’re okay for 3 miles, but start to leave scars at 4 miles. Hopefully, that’s just my experience.

LOVE your videos, ladies. I am a Ross/TJ Maxx shopper all the way, and I have a ton of Nike/Adidas/fancy-schmancy sports bras, which I never pay more than $16 for.

I did my challenge last night at the gym, since I’m outta town tomorrow! I felt…pretty weird. I mean, I’m not too self conscious about my body (now that I’ve lost 12ish pounds!), but literally NO ONE at my gym ever comes in just a sports bra. I was a little afraid that I’d walk in and they would send me away, but as far as I know there’s no rule about it! πŸ˜›

Hi ladies!
Just wanted to mention that lululemon also has some wonderful full coverage/high support bras. For those ladies who haven’t been able to get away from wearing 2-3 bras at a time, try lululemon’s “tatatamer” or “the bust stops here.”
I had always worn multiple bras but was able to stop after trying these! I love them!
Good luck!

I have the champion one. I love it! I have the same problem as Hannah in the boobie department and used to give myself black eyes all the time when running. The one I have now is great!

Ladies! I am wearing the same lululemon 50 rep bra RIGHT NOW! It is a little pricier, but they last FOREVER, the elastic doesn’t shrink or stretch, and has all the flat (no chafing) seems you could hope for. Hannah, girl, get your pads in there because the pads really just provide shaping and coverage, and make all the sports bras from the lemon even MORE supportive. Also, the big tip for the budgeted shopper, check out the WHOLE rack of bras at the lemon because sometimes certain colors will be marked down, so grab em up!

I’m going to be rocking the tango RED energy bra for the sports bra challenge down here in Charlotte at our 24 hours of Booty Event, so stay tuned for our pictures of that.

Thanks for your fitspiration ladies, you’re helping us elevate our community πŸ™‚ I want to come up and sweat with you ladies sometime!


Thank you for this post, it gives me so many ideas! I’ve also heard that Enell is good for larger ladies…they are not inexpensive but well worth the price for the support. NOw I have to check out my Target and see what they have in plus size! :o)

Wow, I wish I could be at the Soul Cycle ride but I’m stuck in LA counting the days until SC opens out here. I’m a tiny girl with big boobs, think 5’1 with 34 DDD or 32G bras. I now can run comfortably all the time. Here’s the trick and it’s 1 bra and 1 sports top.

The bra. I’ve found 2 are light weight and comfortable. I is the CW-X brand bras that you can buy at good sporting goods stores. Or title nine online sells the frog bra which is just as good but causes more uni-boob.

THEN, wear a sports bra with a built in bra top. Any brand works. I usually choose Nike or target’s C9 line. That extra bit of coverage makes all the difference.

Thanks for the info ladies! I am very large-breasted and wear a hideously ugly Enell bra…it is honestly the only one I have found that works. Someone once gave me some good advice on sports bra shopping (for large-breasted ladies like me): If it pulls on over your head it is too stretchy to give you enough support.

Kristy, do you have a Lululemon or Fleet Feet or some other kind of sports shop like that around you. They should be able to properly fit you for a sports bra.

Love this topic! I also have a sizeable chest, but my life has forever been changed since I discovered the Nike High Intensity bras — finally something keeps it all in place! Love the Lululemon Tatatamer, too. Can’t wait for the sports bra challenge tomorrow!

thanks girls!! i always thought if i wanted the boobs to stay put, you had to wear 2 sports bras to squash them down. i’m nervous to try just one. i’ll have to try the nike one hannah talked about w/ full coverage. olivia – i love ur makeup! what are u wearing??

I have no recommendations because much like Olivia…I look like a 12 year old boy in the boob department. I doubt if anyone would notice if I went without a bra even. Funny thing about your new blog…the whole time watching BL11..I rooted for Hannah because she’s like all my friends personality wise…but watching the videos on the blog…I’m finding I actually have a lot in common with Olivia. Love you both tho…keep up the inspiration.

I use Moving Comfort bras now. I’m a 36D/38C, but they are saggy and I do mega miles so I need really good support. I’ve tried Champion, Lulu Lemon, and Nike. I go back to the Moving Comfort every time. I run marathons and do not find that they chafe. I have some back fat/rolls, and the MComfort bras seem to keep everything in place very well. They don’t feel hot. I use the racer back/pull over the head style. A bit hard to put on, but worth the struggle.

I like the Lulu Lemon tata tamer, but only for walking or traveling. They do not give adequate support for me. I like to be lifted AND supported AND minimized.

I have 4 sports bras that I have been wearing for probably the last 6yrs now. Bought them at a local Meijer, not sure of the brand, I am not a fan of them, but deal w/ it when I walk. I am also a big girl 38DD, so apparently the sports bras I have been wearing are totally wrong for me. Never realized that they made full coverage ones. Learn something new everyday. I am definately on a very limited income, but as soon as I get my finances back in order am gonna start shopping. Thanks ladies for your wonderful input!! Keep it up! You are an inspiration for many people!! Love you lots ladies!!! : )

I actually have found several really great sports bras at Old Navy and at the Gap/Gap Body. The Gap body ones offer great support but my favorite one is from Old Navy, I literally paid 4 dollars for it on clearance. I have a medium sized chest (36c) now after a 40 pound weight loss, I used to be a 38-40 D/DD so I understand Olivia’s complaints about feeling like a 12 year old boy… haha. I do agree with Hannah that its actually sometimes really nice to have a smaller chest, dresses, tanks and shirts fit me so much better now.

Wasn’t mentioned, but for good active wear on a budget, I actually hit up Old Navy. Crazy, right? I stumbled on some sports bras there a couple years ago and still love their stuff! Plus, they have a lot of cute styles and last time I was there (about 2 months ago) all the padded sports bras had the removable pads, which I love because I’m not a fan of the padding. Not sure on how high the sizing goes (I’m closer to the 12-yr-old boy end of the spectrum). Mine have some sort of dry-wick tech going on as well. I also recommend the running shorts/capris – they have the zipper key pocket right above your booty which is GREAT when I’m heading out to run the resevoir in Central Park! And since it’s Old Navy, it’s all affordable!

Hope that helps, ladies! xo

I’m getting jealous reading about the sizes of the girls in these comments. I seriously have never been big..even when I was 60 lbs overweight. And when I started losing the weight and that was the first place I lost from…it was very depressing.

You’re not alone. The only time in my life I was a C was the first 6 months of breastfeeding. Otherwise, I’m a B when I’m overweight and an A (almost AA) now that I’m at a healthy weight. And, I’m no petite thing either, I’m 5’8″.

Different challenges for different folk.

I wear a regular bra with a sports bra over top. I have yet to find one I can wear on it’s own for high impact stuff like combat and attack classes. My current fave is my UnderArmor sports bra. I wear it alone during pump and spin classes.

KUDOS to the brave, inspiring, and beautiful woman running at Fowler Middle School outdoor track this morning in th suburbs of Dallas, TX!!!!! I ran by this morning and wanted to run over and give you a high five, but had chickened out, myself, daring only to run in a fitted, bright fushia running tank.

You rock!

Hi Olivia and Hannah
My best friend and I did the sports bra challenge today, and let me tell you it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. We ran at a local pond outside and luckily it was a dreary day so there weren’t that many people there. I was so self conscious the whole time. The only good part was I ran 2 miles in 22 minutes and 30 seconds which was my fastest time ever. I wanted to thank you for coming up with the challenge because after all is said and done I am glad that I did this. I think that it was good for me and one day when I have gained even more confidence in myself and my appearance I won’t feel that way I felt today. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us. You girls are great! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

Thanks for the recommends! I googled BL Body Sports Bra and HSN came up with a 2-pack on clearance for $19.90! I got 4 sports bras for $47.60 shipped! πŸ™‚

About 3 years ago , after searching and searching, I found the BEST sports bras and so I bought 5 of them. I bought 5 of the exact same Champion sports bras (3 black, 2 gray) and they are the BEST! Although not overweight, I am like Hannah and am well endowed in the chest area. You are so lucky Olivia, I wish I had no chest! However, I work out 6 days a week and still have the same 5 bras and they are still great (although I’m thinking about getting a purple one just cause I want it!). I bought a Champion one from Target a long time ago, but the ones from Target are what I like to call “loosey goosey” , they don’t have much support and don’t work for me. I need high support and the ones I wear can be found at this link:

They are expensive but SOOOO worth it. Go get yourself a purple one Hannah! You’ll never regret it! You don’t even know what you’re missing until you try this one and you’ll never wear the Target one again!

You girls are awesome! Keep up everything you’re doing!

Enough about bras…I cannot get over Olivia’s hair. HOTT. I’m trying to grow mine out but this totally makes me want to go SHORT and SASSY again. Love you ladies. You were a huge inspiration to me this year (recently divorced and had a lot to work through). I used to run on the treadmill and watch you guys at the gym and there were times where I would cheer you guys on, laugh at your hilarious comments or even cry when you inspired me and people thought I was damn crazy. It was great and I looked forward to it every week. Anyway thanks for all you do! I’ll follow y’all as long as you’re online πŸ™‚

Ok I have to say this…You should NEVER wear just one bra to work out, ever!

I use to work out at a gym where the head of Hoag Hospital’s Breast Cancer Center worked out. I spoke to him at length about breast safety and working out, best bras, etc. He told me women should ALWAYS wear at least TWO good maximum support sports bras when they workout (run, walk, lift, spin, anything). I am now a huge advocate of this and am constantly stopping women in the park to tell them this. Please do not ever wear just one bra when working out, it is just not healthy.

He basically said as you jump around, run, walk, etc. (wearing only one bra / no support) you get tiny tears in the tissue, which makes perfect sense. This aids gravity into pulling them down to your belly button, as well as tissue damage. No one can tell us what causes breast cancer with 100% certainty, but if I can do anything to not cause damage to my breasts, I’m going to do it!

Forget working out! I need to re-assess what I wear during my sexy times if you catch my drift, cause I’m not wearing ANYTHING then and I’m pretty sure I’m getting TONS of damage…Just sayin’

Really? I’m a 44 year old runner and now CrossFit…. started running at 13 years old…. It seems like if damage was gonna happen it would have hit me already….30+ years of high impact activity….

Hey Ladies!
I just found your website and am so excited! I loved watching you girls kick ass on the ranch. Great bra recommendations! I too need my tah-tahs tamed and found some great sales at TJMaxx! πŸ™‚

First of all I have to say I LOVE you both!! And I really enjoyed watching you on your season of BL! I was rooting for one of you to win and I so glad that you came in 1 and 2!!

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but I find it funny that in a matter of 10 seconds you swing from the opinion that it is important to have a great sports bra and worth spending a few extra dollars to get the best protection, to the opinion that we’re all on a budget and let’s find a great cheap value sports bra because you (or your husband) don’t like to spend a lot of money buying bras.

I love that you are speaking to your entire audience and finding solutions for everyone, whether they can afford to spend the extra cash or on a more conservative budget, just feeling a little confused on what your true opinion is……. In the end it really doesn’t matter either way I just thought it was funny.

Looking forward to your next post and hopefully some more challenges!!

It was so funny to me that you two talked about your jiggly bits. πŸ™‚
My first question is about that– how much have you had to deal with extra skin? I’m down 75 lbs from 278. I’m still fairly young (31) so I am hoping my skin still has good elasticity. I guess we’ll see. I have a ways to go still. Do you have any tips regarding excess skin?
My second question is about sizing sports bras–I’ve never purchased one so I’m unsure where to begin
Lastly–my sister and I watched you girls last season and cheered you on. We were so pleased you both went all the way.
Your blog rocks too!!

My suggestion for the excess skin is to find a good plastic surgeon that has experience with it.

As for the bras, 1st wear TWO! The first one (closest to your body) should be the size you wear in your everyday bra or the equivalent, the second one should be one size bigger in the band (around) and one size smaller in the cup. Or for both whatever feels most comfortable, doesn’t pinch and keeps those babies from moving around.

I am very fortunate to live about a 25 min drive from the Lululemon OUTLET store. Yes:-) I’ve only ever bought gift items for my daughter there, but now I’m thinking I’ll check out the sports bras. I wonder if anything there would fit me! Yikes!

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