Yep It’s a RECAP!!!!

Seriously, the Sports Bra Challenge was…EPIC!!!!! We had a blast!!! Hannah and I break it down for you jiggle by jiggle. šŸ™‚ Don’t forget to tell us in the comments how your Sports Bra Challenge day went. WE CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR!!! Big love to you all.


Olivia & Hannah

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Olivia and Hannah

When ya’ll threw down this challenge I said to myself, “There is no way you’re doing this,” but as time went on I knew I needed to dig down deep and find strength and do this thing. Part of me wanted to do the challenge the entire time, but my fear was stopping me from doing it. I knew that to not live in the background of my own anymore I needed to do this challege. I did it after work so the entire day I was thinking about it and all I could think was what did I get myself into. I thought about backing out but I had already committed to the both of you that I would do it. Today I not only worked out in my sports bra for the first time but also did TaeBo for the first time. When I started I was so worried about all my goodies jiggling around, but I thought in order to get the most out of my workout I needed to forget that didn’t have a shirt on. When I finally got myself to forget that didn’t have a shirt on I had the best workout I have ever had. I was so focused on getting the most out of my workout that I didn’t care that I was only in a sports bra and shorts.

Thank ya’ll for throwing down this challenge and being willing to keep yourselves accountable and helping to keep me accountable to become the best person I can be. Bring on the next challenge ladies. šŸ™‚

Oh my goodness girls! My friend and I were stocked about this and planned for the evening. We are both runners….but, um, did you hear it was 103 degrees in Washington DC tonight? We revised our plan, and waited til 8pm. We were going to hit the National Mall and totally flaunt it…who knows maybe we could whip up a solution to the debt ceiling crisis too….but on our way there we both got nervous and instead detoured to the Washington & Old Dominion trail.

There was a moment leaving the car when it was like what the heck am I doing….my stomach is blindingly white and not as flat as all the other girls I see doing this. But then my friend and I took a deep breath and set out for a 5.5 mile run in our sports bras! Totally feel you on holding in the abs…gave me a side stitch! I may never never do it again….but I will always talk about that one time I did.

Heart you both and bring on the next challenge

I’ll be in DC in October for the Army Ten Miler. Last year I saw a ton of people running through the mall. I would love to do some recovery running while we’re there. Any advice? Also, we’re coming in a couple days before the race, so I’ll need to stake out a good running place for my last run before the big day. I love DC.

So I totally couldn’t bring myself to showing it all. I have had 2 c-sections, and an abdominal surgery that has left my belly so jiggly, not to mention there are lots of men in my spin class (yikes)!!!!! So my compromise to this was I wore a tight racerback tank and tight workout pants that I have been so nervous to wear because even though I have lost nearly 80 pounds I forget that I am getting skinny, and I am not the same 247 pound girl!!!! So I wore that tight workout tank and worked it! Slow steps for me, I will get there! Thanks for the challenge!

I stressed about this all day in Phoenix but in the end, it feels great to say that I was part of a fitness community. I can’t say I felt particularly liberated because I was so embarrassed, but it did help me feel so much less isolated and it motivated me to know that I’m not the only one who struggles but gets to the gym anyway. I was too shy to ask someone to take a picture at the gym, but I re-enacted the cardio kickboxing class in which I did the challenge when I got home. Not sure how to post the pictures though.

I’m looking forward to the next challenge and wish I was nearer to you to meet you all and enjoy what sounds like a fun place to be at Soul Cycle. I’ve never taken a cycle class because it seems scary…maybe the next challenge could be to try a group fitness class for the first time, whatever fitness class you’ve never taken. I love Zumba and kickboxing but I know some people who are nervous to try them just like I’m nervous to try spinning so it might be a fun challenge.

I sure would love to meet you guys. If you ever want to visit Phoenix, it’s a lot of fun here!

Thanks for your inspirations! You both are SOOOO beautiful and fabulous! I thought you look amazing in the photos of the challenge you posted on Twitter and you both were so beautiful in the video above! I love that you’re both so pretty on the inside and the outside!

Best wishes,
Smiles, Jeni

Hi girls!

Crazy day for the SBC out here. I did work out at home in my sports bra and took a few pics. Thanks for the fitspiration šŸ˜€
Maybe the next challenge could be to participate in a physical activity that you’ve never tried before on a certain day.

I love this video so much! It made me cry. I LOVE you ladies! So inspirational!

I’m so glad this challenge went great. You two are very inspirational. You have a lot of influence and because you do…I just want to suggest that maybe you could encourage people to do a few things. Encourage people to do this with a dr. Encourage them to know their numbers. Even when you look physically fit…there can be things that need medical attention. And please encourage people to stop smoking if they smoke. Smoking Cessation is my new obsession.. I have never smoked but my mom has smoked my entire life. I’ve done everything I could to get her to stop. She was over all a pretty healthy woman. Her cholesterol was high but she was thin so I think the dr’s didn’t really push that as much as they should. Long story short…my mom has been hospitalized for almost a month now. This week we had to have her put on life support to try and slow down the lung failure until they could figure out what exactly is going on. She has emphysema but not so bad that her lungs would be filling with fluid like they are. It’s a horrible horrible thing to have to watch and I just want to encourage everyone who follows you to please please please…if you smoke…find the strength somewhere to quit. Transfer that addiction to working out or something. Just please quit. I would never want anyone to go through what my family is right now.

Praying for you and your family as well! My aunt and uncle have smoked my entire life and watching their health decline is the biggest motivation to keep me away from smoking for life. I really hope your message reaches those who need that extra motivational boost to kick the habit once and for all.

I was there and it was truly magical. I think the most powerful part was when everyone took their top off at the same time. Felt like burning our bras!
It was my first ever Soulcycle class, but I will definitely be back. The energy was great and I found myself wanting to push harder!
To be honest I even forgot about the fact that I was in a sportsbra only. Jenny created a very safe environment and it just felt OK to do it. without having to worry about being judged. It was great, something I never would’ve even dreamt of doing a few months ago. I’m still on a weight loss journey, have another 16 to kiss g’bye, but that day and even the days leading up to it I started to shift my focus from flabby to firmy. I started noticing the definitions appearing on my stomach, my abs coming out and I felt a true sense of accomplishment. I started to feel proud of all the hard work I’ve been putting into this new look.
For me this day was challenging on several levels:
1) The sportsbra
2) Going alone
3) Going to a place I’ve never been too ( I’m a total social returd and little things like this can turn into full on anxiety fests!)
4) worrying about not being able to keep up

But I knocked all of them out of the park and left feeling great!

The only minor regret I had is that I didn’t come say “Hi”, but that is just part of my social returdness. (work in progress)

I’m really looking forward to the next challenge!

You guys are hilarious! I love reading/watching your blog! Thanks for all the encouragement and entertainment!

Ladies, let me just say that I fully intended to get my groove on in my sports bra in the hotel’s fitness center at the beach. Then my travel plans changed and after listening to my sweet friend discuss her desire to get in shape and lose weight I couldn’t do that to her. We spent the entire 3 hour (total of 6 hours for me for the day) ride to the beach catching up on life and talking about health and fitness stuff. Sweet friend did have every intention to work out with me so in our little hotel fitness center she hopped on the elliptical and I got on the treadmill and we worked our little hearts out for 30 minutes.

Shame on me, I know, for not doing the SBC anyway but it would have made her feel bad about herself and I just couldn’t do it to her. Feeling great about the body you have (no matter the shape or size) is the whole point of this challenge anyway! However I will be donning my sports bra and new Nike shorts and jogging around my sister’s neighborhood here in FL tomorrow.

Props to all of you for getting out and doing your thing on Friday. I’m really looking forward to the next challenge. I second the suggestion about a group fitness challenge especially spin class since I haven’t braved that one myself. State Your Weight might also be a good challenge for men and women where everyone is honest with themselves and the rest of the world about what they weigh and possibly even what they would like to weigh.

I think that was a very sweet reason for not doing it!

I had intended on participating too, but found that my hubby was highly uncomfortable with the idea. Can’t blame a guy for being adorably overprotective. :). I reached a compromise by wearing a very thin/snug running tank. Out of my comfort zone a bit at first, but I realized how cool it was (temperature-wise) and bought an identical one so I could use them more!

So here’s the link to my pic.

I had strained my calf muscle about 10 days prior to this, so it was a very easy run. It wasn’t up to my standard, but I’m learning that it’s better not to push myself – especially coming back from an injury – too hard. I posted this picture to my facebook page as well. Here’s a comment one of my friends left on the picture: “I saw this on MLM and think it’s a great idea to show that MOST women do not have a super model figure and we need to stop beating ourselves (myself included) for not looking a certain way. I commend you for baring it all!! You are beautiful. and not in a creepy way or anything…but your boobs look great in this bra! I need a new sports bra!”

I have lost 6 pounds since June 25 though! I’m on target to reach my 5 pound loss per month goal. I have 2 HIGH energy doggies (an Australian Cattle Dog – aka Blue Heeler – and a Catahoula) who keep me on my toes – and right now, they’re both napping from a morning of excitement. Today is my first true run since my injury. In addition to the SBC on Friday, I stripped it down today. I got whistled at by someone driving past me. I had to giggle to myself. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new sports bra. Anyway, now that I’ve finished babbling, I just want to say thank you for this challenge. It’s made me get comfortable with myself – which I’ve never been. I look forward to more challenges!

You girls are so cute together! I love that you are continuing to inspire women even after the BL is over!

And, not gonna lie – Hannah, I love the fact that you are from Nashville like me! šŸ˜‰ Even though I live in Nor Cal, I’m still a Nashville girl at heart.

Though I loved this challenge, I’m more excited for the future ones! I was a bit shy with the sports bra challenge since I only worked out at home. It did get me to workout, though, on a day when I just wasn’t feeling it.

Any ideas for future challenges? A suggestion: drop by a fitness class you’ve never been to before. It’s always scary to do and I know that a direct challenge for me to do it on a certain date would make it happen for me!

Hi Girls!

One of the things I love about you two is that you’re both just SO real, all the time…LOVE THAT. I am just wondering, what your favorite songs to work out to are, if you have a fave playlist or something…what are some songs that get you totally pumped for spinning, running or (free) weights etc?! Thanks for your response to everything!! šŸ™‚

I love that you have this as a challenge. I didn’t find out about the challenge, or your website until after it was over. But I just joined a new gym and am going to my first spin class tomorrow. I don’t have the courage to do this in my first class but I realized earlier this summer that is a goal I have. To have the courage to run on a trail near my house in just my sports bra and shorts.
I won’t be ready to run in just my sports bra anytime soon. I did my first 5k in early July and the t-shirt I ordered was much tighter than I thought. (a nice moisture wicking one) I plan to make that my goal that by October I am comfortable in my body enough to run in it.

I can’t tell you what an inspiration I found both of you to be on the Biggest Loser. So glad you have this website.

I have an idea for the next Challenge. I recently took a kettlebell kickboxing class and the teacher had us work in pairs. I haven’t done partner work in a while, it was great to have a support there. We really pulled each other through the exercises, encouraging each other, feeding off of the other’s energy.
Maybe the next challenge could be a partner workout. Obviously you ladies are living proof of what some support can do!

WOW!!! Can’t believe you guys mentioned me by name!!! Thank You SO Much for that! My jaw literally would have dropped to the floor, if it wasn’t securely attched! REALLY wish I could’ve done the challenge that day, but was suffering fatigue, due to firly severe anxiety that day. I WILL be doing the challenge on another day & Will post before & after pics. Hopefully, I can get someone to take a pic of me, during. I’m still dedicated to this. Even more so, now, after that shout-out. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! You’re AWESOME!! šŸ˜€

I just workout for the first time all the way with a sports bra on! And its pushes you even more! I love it!! Makes me feel better about my body too! Can’t wait to lose more weight and do it and really look good! Thank you so much girls!!!!!!! Love the “fit”spiration!

I’ve subscribed to your blog feed! Excited about getting my health on!
I love reading and watching your updates. You guys have really changed my attitude about myself and given me back my strength. Thank you for sharing your stories and lives with us and truly, truly, truly changing lives.

Olivia and Hannah: I’m loving the blog! Just a thought, but it would be really cool to see a video from you both about your BL casting experience, as since open calls are happening now. I’m sure many of us would enjoy hearing about the “off camera” stuff that led to the start of your BL journey. šŸ™‚

Hey Ladies!
Thanks for the inspiration! You two continue to inspire me to try new things. I am new a huge fan of spin class! Nothing like burning a few hundred calories before 7 AM!

My fitspiration … if Hannah and Olivia can do it … so can I!

Thanks Ladies!

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