Talking PCOS

This is something we get asked about all the time! Here are some thoughts on living with PCOS and overcoming!


The App that Helped Olivia get Pregnant

Get Glow free for iOS and Android here!

So many of you guys have asked if there were any tools that helped me (Olivia) get pregnant with Harper. Well, here’s the one that helped me the most! It’s a free app called Glow that you can get for iOS or Android. In the video I give you the lowdown on all the ways it helped me and might have a special guest to give his review ;).

Here are just a couple of Glow facts that might make you interested…

-40% increased chance of getting pregnant for women trying to conceive on the Glow app
-Over 150,000 pregnancies reported on the app so far.

Thanks to Glow for sponsoring this video. I’m so excited to share it with you. I used it so I can proudly recommend it to you!

xxo Olivia


#blessed DietBet 2015

Join HERE.

It’s time for a new DietBet!! This is a very special one leading up to one of our favorite holidays: Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t want to feel great so you can actually enjoy the day and the meal???

The idea is simple…we lowered the bet to $20 so you could join AND bless someone else by paying for THEM to join…let’s celebrate all we have to be thankful for…and lose weight in the process!!


Harper Comes Home from the Hospital

Brand new vlog…lots of cute video ;)…birth story video coming soon!


End-of-DietBet Hangout

Live 8/7/15 at 9 Eastern…join us for LIVE fun!!