#blessed DietBet 2015

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It’s time for a new DietBet!! This is a very special one leading up to one of our favorite holidays: Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t want to feel great so you can actually enjoy the day and the meal???

The idea is simple…we lowered the bet to $20 so you could join AND bless someone else by paying for THEM to join…let’s celebrate all we have to be thankful for…and lose weight in the process!!

2 replies on “#blessed DietBet 2015”

YEEESSSSS! Thank you. I’ve been waiting for your guys to announce a new bet. I’m all over this like a well insulated child on a smartie. See you ladies soon.

I am so happy y’all are doing another DietBet! I have been in 5 since yours, and none have been nearly as good. Weigh-out day is after a week at Disney and during a week at the in-laws’ though, so I’m going to have trouble deciding…

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