Brand New DietBet!!

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So many have been asking and it’s finally time. We’re going to get you ready for the holidays by doing two back-to-back DietBets. Join the first one today! It begins September 28!! Let’s do this together and see how much amazing change can happen…let us know if you’ve joined the game in the comments below!

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Hi Ladies!
1. O- that lipstick!!! LOVING IT!
2. I’ve done every single diet bet you’ve hosted and succeeded everytime….I love doing them with you 2.
3. I want to join with all my heart…but…I’m guessing this would be a poor time for me to join b/c I’M PREGNANT! It makes me sad that I can’t be part of this one but maybe I could just follow along and participate via comments and recipe ideas. Maybe I can get my husband to join.
4. Just thank you for being you. I’ve followed the community since you started it and although you may not recognize my name I want you to know I’m a huge supporter and you’ve just done so much to lift me up without even knowing it. THANK YOU.

Stephanie!!!! Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a wonderful reason not to be able to participate…a BABY!! 🙂 We would love for you to join in the comments of videos or the DietBet!! Thank you for always supporting us…we need it…this community is so incredible and I feel so blessed to be a part of it!! Big Hugs! xo Olivia
ps. the lipstick is from Bite Beauty…not sure the color, but I got it at Sephora and it is a true bright purple…so fun for fall!

THANK YOU! Typically I would respond via your youtube channel but I’m not ready for that news to be all over my google feed yet 😉 We are so very excited!
I’m not sure I could rock that purple but you WORKED IT. I may be in NYC for work sometime in the next month or so. If I am, I’m doing everything in my power to make one of your classes!
One last question, how do I get a picture by my name when I post on the website?

My sister and I are doing our first diet bet ever together with you! We are looking forward to some fitspiration! Can’t wait!

Actually you can find information about this incident online, at places Of course this is a site mostly populated with people who enjoy making up conspiracy stories on the days they forgot to take their meds, so take that for what it is worth. The reality is that in this country, attempts to ‘hide’ important information never succeed for long. There is simply too many ways top make money by exposing these ‘secrets’, too many avenues of getting information out. The ‘conspiracy’ would need to include so many people it could never be contained.

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