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Hi Everybody!! A couple months back we put up a video introducing ourselves on our “About Us” page. Some of you might not have seen it so we thought we’d post here today…enjoy and let us know what you think should come next in the comments below ;).

xxoo Olivia & Hannah

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You guys are awesome! One of my greatest inspirations on this weight loss journey! I was hoping you could tell us about times when you struggled and what you did to get through them! I hit them sometimes, especially when I get stressed! i want to know how you deal with stress and anything that really just makes you want to eat everything around you!
P.S- you should do another skype giveaway! I would love to pick your brain about life and both your journeys!!!

Olivia, thanks so much for dragging Hannah to the show, because both of you are excellent role models! Thanks for inspiring me to lose weight (obviously still going, just reached 53.8lbs!)


Hi Ladies!
First off you are very inspiring (your whole season was extremely inspiring) and I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are. Hannah, you mentioned struggling with depression in your life…how did you get out of it? I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t battling with depression/body image and was just wondering what exactly lifted you out of yours? Was it just the experience at the ranch/losing the weight or was there more involved. Sorry if I’m being incredibly intrusive into your personal life, feel free to tell me to get out of your business, but I think I’m reaching a new low in my life and it’s not a good place to be, thought your insight might be helpful,

You two are so inspiring….. Could you give me some tips for getting these last 20 lbs off I’m having such a hard time. Any advice would be helpful.

I love the About Us video because it just feels like you guys are sitting down starting a discussion with me in my living room. Hope you ladies both are doing well and having a great week!

I always try to comment whenever I can. I love your videos and they are always so inspiring to so many of us. I want to see more meal videos for sure! I really think it would help ALOT of us. I would love to see a full day of meals. Ideas for meals in a rush would be awesome. I also love seeing you post pics of your groceries. A video of that would be fun.

Loved watching you two on BL! You are both so inspiring. Looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks in beautiful Tennessee.

Couple of suggestions for what should come next:

(1) I have been bouncing around between being 3 and 8 lbs from reaching my goals. Sometimes the weight gain makes sense (because of bad choices). However, many times it does not. Can you provide suggestions on how to finally reach that goal?

(2) Another – suggestion is MAINTENANCE once you reach the goal. Since I’m getting closer I’m beginning to get nervous about the best ways to maintain my new weight.

Looking forward to more posts!!


Hey Guys !

My roommates and I are actually rewatching season 11 on Netflix and you guy continue to be such an inspiration to me !

I would love to see two things on here:

1) definitely more cooking videos I’ve had that omelette about 10 times now and would love something new.

2) if you could show us more of what you eat when you travel, different snacks and amounts, that would be really helpful !

Y’all are awesome !

Isn’t it a no-brainer what should come next? We’ve been patiently waiting for Olivia to arm-twist Hannah into doing what Olivia did, and put on a food prep demo. Right? Or did that idea get lost in the cracks?

OK, if ya don’t want to do that, let’s see… Um, Hannah tell ME how to submit an application. πŸ˜‰ no seriously, um… I wish you gave options ’cause I don’t know what you’re willing to do. How about… … give us a task and have the winner get to Skype with one of you about life and accomplishments. And the task… It could be an essay about how we feel about the BL, or about your performances, or about our favorite four contestants and why, or about a motivation and plan, or whatever! πŸ˜€

You ladies have truly inspired me both while you were on the BL and through your blog.
I got the opportunity to meet the both of you in January at an H2U event, and that experience
Was actually one of the catalysts that inspired me to do a one year focussed push to improve
My health and happiness:) I am about 9 months in and have lost 60ish pounds! I also have gone
From a size 22-24 to a 14-16 πŸ™‚ In the past couple of months I have found myself in a bit
Of a slump/plateau where I haven’t regained but I haven’t lost wieght either. I have noticed some
Inch loss as of late though:) Anyway, I am actually getting ready to start a kickstart program on Monday to get myself back in gear and back on track to meet my goals.
I would really love to see post about living with PCOS, as you have both stated that you
Have it. I would love to know how PCOS affected your wieght loss, how the symdrome affects
Your lives now, etc.
I would also love to read more about staying motivated, getting out of ruts, and how you keep,
And kept your bodies from becoming overtrained. I have actually run into overtraining walls
A couple of times throughout my journey, as well as issues with discoveries of allergies to foods I didn’t know existed until I started working with a trainer and doing a specialized diet. I
discovered that I have siliacs and cannot digest gluten properly. I have run into challenges with
Keeping my body properly nourished and balancing blood sugar, etc. Did y’all experience
Any of these challenges throughout your journies and if so how have you worked through
Once again thank you so much for your inspiration and the motivation that y’all give me to
Keep it up! πŸ™‚

Love you guys! Definitely one of my “fitspirations” as I go along my weight loss journey.

I loved the cooking video that Olivia did and I would love to see more. But I’d even settle for pictures of daily meals/snacks/drinks (with comments on what they are, of course). And I’d love to know what you guys do when you have to eat out since you both travel a bunch.


Hi girls – you are totally inspiring! Thanks for sharing with us! Keep up the blog posts because I always check back.
When I was watching the season I looked up Ben.. and found out that he is a born again believer in Jesus! Awesome! So I was wondering about the two of you girls, if you are Christians too. So encouraged.
Be blessed!

Hello ladies, long time fan, first post (of any kind, on any site-Wow!). Just wanted to let you know how much fun it has been to follow your journey. You ladies are bright, funny, encouraging, real and inspirational. I am a 53 year old blessed wife and mother. After a lifetime of obesity/morbid obesity I decided to see if I could fend off the diabetes after seeing the reality of the disease that took my mother from me. Two weeks after her funeral I joined Weight Watchers, I lost 75 pounds the first year, 50 the second and have maintained the loss for over a year. I love activity (jog, bike, cross train) and it is a high priority in my life every day. Finally understand food is fuel and portion control. I have even become a motivational speaker. You girls help me push through some of the tough days, just knowing that you are out there pushing through as well. Please keep the positive information coming!

Not gonna lie, I just wanna be friends with y’all. Cute factor off the charts, and you’re just so encouraging and life-giving and well, you rock! Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

And…Roll Tide!

Thank you both for the inspirational heart felt talk tonight ine North Raleigh- it was especially helpful for me to hear how you had to deal with root issues of bitterness,anger , or whatever else was keeping
You in chains. I’m tired of carrying around internal baggage and so appreciate your openness
And refreshing honesty.
I bought Bobs book and am teaching myself to cook healthy- I’m jealous that Olivia is such
good friends with him because it is very obvious what a great person he is – as with you guys.
Thank you to Hannah for the tip on sweet and low and the healthy deviled egg recipe with
Wholly Guacamole-

But most of all thank you for being real and giving back and
Encouraging me to live by faith and let God take over.
XO- Beth

Love you both! I just did a post today on my and I made reference and linked your blog. You are both such a great inspiration. I’m a tad older than you two, but you’re never to old to get and stay healthy and fit. I was so disappointed that Biggest Loser was not on this season. It is my all time favorite show. I belong to a program here in Georgetown, Texas called Lighten Up For Life and the weigh in for Biggest Loser was always the night before our Wednesday morning weigh in….the Biggest Loser weigh ins helped me get on our scales here and accept whatever big or little weight loss I got…..or didn’t get for that week. You both know this is a lifetime commitment. Thanks for helping so many people realize they can get fit and healthy. I’m trying to be an inspiraton too on my blog and in my 55+ community here at Sun City. A huge thank you to both of you. Keep the encouragements, info and inspiration coming.

If you all ready this, I hope you will consider “shame” for a topic of discussion. I cannot seem to get over this feeling of complete shame. I know Hannah dealt with this on the show, so I hope maybe you could give some guidance on how you overcame these negative thoughts.

Being a Christian woman, I just feel as though I have ruined this perfect body that God gifted me. I have been successful at losing a lot of weight in the past, but I’m left with sagging skin and this reminder that I can’t erase what I’ve done to myself…which leads to a depression and a regain of the weight.

I would really like some help on this issue, and if anyone could offer any idea of how else to think about this issue, I’d gladly welcome it.

thanks for all that you do!

So fun to watch this. You gals are great πŸ™‚
I, myself, have lost 120 lbs. I still have some go but I’m happy with what I’ve done so far. I lost my job in May and have been in such a funk (it’s tough out there right now). Rejection after rejection kind of beats on you emotional well being. I’ve seen the scale slowly working it’s way back up. I know if I can find a job I can get myself back together.
It made me feel good to know that I’m not the only one who has slipped into a depression. It’s encouraging to know everyone can prosper.

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