Quick Fix – Is It Worth the Risk?

Hello myfitspirationers!! If most of you follow me on twitter (in case you don’t, join the party @BL11Hannah), you will know that I recently researched the HCG diet after watching a friend inject herself with the hormone on a lunch date with my gal pals. I was confused, thinking “Since when do you have diabetes?” Her explanation came after I was told that the injection was HCG known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone found in the urine during pregnancy that is the latest weight loss quick fix craze. In theory, the HCG hormone is supposed to suppress hunger and trigger your body’s use of fat for fuel. Which is what BootCamp does for me ;)!! I recently read that the hormone is now coming from female horse urine. Is that something you are comfortable injecting yourself with or putting underneath your tonque? If so, I would just stop reading now! 😉

Believe me when I say, I am no stranger to quick fix diets! If you know me on a personal level, you will know that I am obsessed, that’s right OBSESSED with infomercials! I was the first human to ever buy Oxyclean. Olivia calls my spare bedroom the exercise graveyard where made-for-TV exercise equipment go to die. To name a few….The Ab Circle Pro, The Ab Glider, Brazil Butt Lift (still have high hopes for that one), Food Lovers Fat Loss System, The Ab Dolly, Electro Muscle Stimulator…Need I go on? If you’re like I WAS, I bought into everything. I was so desperate to lose the weight quickly that I watched tons of money circle the drain as my diet dreams of success fell further and further from reality. Why did I ever think it was ok to eat Velveeta Cheese AKA: Liquid Gold for breakfast wrapped in bacon and lose weight? Hello low carb and lovin it! Eeek, so many diets so little time. Yet, I still managed to get close to 300 lbs. When I stepped on the ranch of the Biggest Loser, or should I say, when Olivia dragged me by my hair kicking and screaming, I was just waiting for production to give us a blue speckled pill (you know what I’m talkin about) a shot or lightening fat zapper. How else do those people lose so many pounds in a week?

Then came the first workout.

Jillian Michaels perched on my treadmill and announced to the ranch team “You’re gonna move more and eat less, the quality of your food is going to out-weigh the quantity and you will literally heal your sick bodies with food”. Excuse me? Did I sign up for this? This sounds like my Weight Watchers hell! Even though I think WW is one of the best plans out there, I didn’t want to do it again! Flashes of “Congrats, you lost a quarter of a lb this week” ran through my mind. Then Olivia pulled me aside and said “Have we really given our bodies a chance to heal through diet and exercise?”

Well……..errrrrr….I’ve tried everything, right? WRONG. I had never really trusted my body for a SIGNIFICANT length of time to truly operate the way it was created to, without all of this excess weight! So I committed to the old fashioned way and low and behold it worked! My body began processing chemical free food, I had energy, my mood was better (except when Olivia made me wake up early) and miracles happened! My oily skin and hair became dryer, my skin clearer, I even had less hair on my legs to shave. Ridding my body of excess hormones by eating organic, pesticide and chemical free changed everything. I didn’t even miss my infomercials because for once I was starting to break the cycle. That’s when I became one of those people I loathed in the past who preached “Lifestyle” and guess what? I got one! My very own lifestyle!

Does doing things this way take more time? Yes. More effort? Yes.

BUT….It will get you off the yo-yo diet train for life. Food and exercise and A LOT of prayer, healed my body from the inside out, I have also learned many great tips and recipes with cbd oil, with the Vita Hemp USA discount full spectrum cbd oil gummies to improve our general health.  I learned discipline, worked on my confidence and was finally able to de-cloud my mind of this Quick-Fix syndrome that I had been oh so accustomed to! My blood pressure stabled, I became fertile, and I began to see life in a different way. Healthy can be a state of mind but it is also a walk. Sometimes you fall, sometimes you don’t, but the point is, you keep walking! I started researching long term effects of fad diets. Heart attacks, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, starvation, vital organ shut downs, and so many more. So ask yourself, is this really worth it in the LONG RUN? We all know there is no “Quick” way to make money! So why would you think the same about your body? Why would you treat yourself this way and for what? So I challenge you to quit the quick fix (say that 10 times fast). Lay down the diets, and get yourself a lifestyle, try the programs from the nutrisystem reviews ! After all, you’re worth it and so are those higher priced groceries. We spend so much $$ on our homes and cars, why wouldn’t you on your body? This blog is for EVERY person out there who has tried the quick fix and failed. NO MORE! You deserve better and so do your children’s children. Trust me, you will thank me later!! If anyone is trying to figure out how to wrap velveeta cheese in bacon without it melting, it can’t be done, I’ve tried. Step AWAY from the yellow box!!

Now, below in the comments, I want to hear the fad diets you’ve tried and did they work??? Don’t be shy, Let’s hear it!!!

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I was put on nutrisystem at the age of 12 to lose weight in time for my Bat-Mitzvah (at 13). I think I lost 20 pounds, and actually, it was one of the better programs to be on. It involved eating real food (mostly) at regular intervals during the day (every 3 hours or so) and I think was supposed to teach me about portion control and nutrition. But of course the problem was, that any kid that age who needs to be placed on a diet has a reason for gaining that weight in the first place. And as soon as I got off Nutrisystem, after my Bat-Mitzvah, I gained it all back and more.

Then there was the Atkins and then South Beach phase. I was probably 15 or so at that point. I think I lost 20 or 30 pounds again, but once I moved into phase 3 of South Beach (where you reintegrate carbs), I completely yo-yo’d.

Then there were the two years of eating completely sodium free (under 500 mg a day) in an attempt to lower my blood pressure. But because I couldn’t eat the way my friends at school ate, and chocolate is very low in sodium, that really became the chocolate diet.

3 months ago I read Jillian’s book: Master Your Metabolism.. and now I’m 26 pounds down and still going. I’m eating as much organic and pesticide free as I can afford on a grad student salary, and this time I actually feel great in the process. And on top of that – I actually believe this one is something I can keep up for a long time.

Jillian has food down to a science. When we started eating pesticide
and chemical free we began to literally heal our bodies
with food. It was the real transformation what happened
on the inside. Blood pressures went down, hair became stronger, skin became
clearer among so much more!!! Clean eating literally got me my own lifestyle! Proud of you for sticking to your guns and ending the yo-to game!

You arent saying thay Weight watchers is a “fad” diet right? The program is built upon breaking down and facing the choices you are making and looking at every single thing you are putting in your body. Not to mention the physical activity portion but my struggle it’s always been in the kitchen.To be successful you must constantly motivate yourself. I’ve been on the plan since the third week of your season of biggest loser. You two inspired me so much but I knew I needed support to be successful. I was a size 16 (but about to pop out of a 16) and now I’m a much healthier 10. I lost 50 lbs and kept it off for almost a year. The day to day is still a struggle and I’m glad I have support. Every single person whom I have known in the last 3 years (3 friends and 5 co workers) that has lost weight on Hcg “diet” has gained back all their weight plus at least 10-20 lbs. what sort of “doctors” are allowing this?

The problem with Weight watchers is that you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay in your points system. Heck, if you wanted you could eat ice cream all day as long as you didn’t go over points. They don’t focus on clean eating. I lost my first 40 pounds on weight watchers and I loved it but it wasn’t working for my body. I wasn’t fueling it with all the good foods. I was eating unhealthy foods still, at a much smaller portion but still they weren’t doing my body any good. They focus too much (I think, anyway) on all the unhealthy foods you can still eat while trying to lose weight. quit weight watchers and now have been focusing on calories and clean eating and I feel much better! Weight watchers is great for some, it just doesn’t work for everybody!

I have been doing weight watchers for a year and have lost 50 lbs. I disagree that they focus on the fact that you can eat whatever you want.. yes you can but they very much teach making good food choices. The premise of WW is that you can eat what you want, in moderation. As a member for a year I can tell you, my desire for bad foods is gone. I focus on clean eating, healthy foods etc. The beauty of it all is if I want to have chocolate or ice cream, I can and still lose weight. Is all that good for me, maybe not but if I am living in a world were I feel like I cant have it. .guess what, I want it more.

As for fad diets, I have tried Atkins, South Beach, 6 Week body make over.. with some success but it always came back. With WW I have accountability and I learn how to eat right for life.

We are definitely not saying Weight Watchers is a fad diet at all! Everyone has to find what works for them…you are correct support is key! Like I stated above ANY diet a person chooses that doesn’t become a lifestyle for life is in essence a fad diet. 🙂

No, weight watchers is not a fad diet. I was saying Inwas expecting immediate results! Although they push a lot of chemical packed foods such as 100 cal packs, sugar free ice cream, etc. but it’s the one of the best “diets” if you can count points the rest of your life. 😉

You are totally right ladies. It could end up being a waste of money if you aren’t willing to put in the work and weight watchers needs to incorporate clean eating as more of a focus in their meetings. I guess I’ve used it as a tool to help me keep in check and for support. I know that I probably will have to count points or track my food intake for the rest of my life to stay on track. Early on in my experience with weight watchers (and getting healthy) I noticed how eating clean effected my day to day engery levels at work and in the gym. I started eating non gmo /organic as much as possible I believe that has totally changed my metabolism and my general health. You’re right Hannah they do push that nasty 2 pt packaged crap at their meetings but I wouldn’t touch that shiz with a ten foot pole. There’s down sides to pretty much all organized diet plans but for the most part the principles at weight watchers worked for me.

WW changed my lifestyle from being 254 lbs with very unhealthy and not active lifestyle to being 178 lbs. clean eating, aware of choices, running and training for a half marathon kind of girl. Just like all “diets” ( i consider WW a lifestyle change) it is your choice how you eat, how active you are, and how long you continue the change. I have been on WW for almost 2 years, it has been a long road but the majority of it is for the better because I am changing inside as well. I am still working on more weight loss, but that will come in time.

I have never really been on a “fad” diet, but I did try those Hydroxycut water packets about 4 years ago and they started to make me feel awful because they ARE awful! I used Weight Watchers off and on for the last 6 years and, to be honest, I love their recipes, but their Points system is now whacked out! I think it’s terrible that they neglect calorie counting and in comparison to the new calorie counting system I’m using now, WW wanted me to eat 600-700 more cals a day to hit my points goal. It was just too much food for what I was doing otherwise.

I don’t “diet” any more. I eat healthy and work out and think positively. I log my food/exercise in a food diary and that’s it. I don’t restrict myself all the time. I still eat out occasionally, have sweets, and maybe have a glass of wine. I have lost 30 lbs in 2.5 months and I have never felt better!

I encourage people to NOT follow a diet system because they are temporary. A lifestyle change is permanent and not as restrictive. It also allows you to call the shots – you are accountable for your own actions.

Hard work and good choices will always prevail! 🙂

Couldn’t of said it better myself! I love the fact that you said that you think positively! The mind set of getting healthy is just as important as the food we put in our body! You go girl!

Thanks, Hannah! I think it’s absolutely awesome that you and Olivia take the time to read comments and respond to all of us. I feel honored to be able to chat on here with you two, as you are some of my biggest inspirations for getting healthy. I will not stop! 🙂

I definitely don’t think she’s saying Weight Watchers is a fad. She was more saying that “eating less and exercising more” just seemed like Weight Watchers all over again. It wasn’t something she was successful with so she didn’t feel like something like that was going to help her be successful this time. Or at least that’s my interpretation.

I have avoided most fads and in the past turned to healthy eating and exercise but I did go for the “Carb Addicts” craze and did a lot of protein. I lost a little but really not much and didn’t enjoy it at all.

I am a huge fan of Weight Watchers and just recently got back on their program. I have used it in the past but due to family stress and nursing school and everything else I got REALLY lazy and a lot of fast food, late night eating, and NO exercise derailed my goals big time. I don’t want to keep repeating that cycle so I chose Weight Watchers as a tool to keep me focused on my food and portions and to help inspire me to exercise and give back to myself the way I should.

I think I can speak for Hannah and say we don’t think Weight Watchers is a fad diet at all. It is a great program that many people have great success with! That being said I feel any diet a person chooses has to be something they feel like they can sustain for a lifetime…aka a lifestyle. If it’s a program you can’t stick to then in essence it is a fad diet in your life. Make sense? 🙂

That absolutely makes sense, Olivia! That’s exactly how I see it. I use it as a tool to change how I see my food. I weigh and measure to put in my body what I need to fuel it, not just eat to eat. I know that these are changes I can sustain and don’t leave me feeling deprived of anything. Thanks for all you do to help other people find a better balance in their lives!

Thanks Hannah! I do definitely want to have a healthier lifestyle and I know changing my eating habits, as well as my fitness level, are the only ways to make that happen. Thanks for all you do to help other people find a better balance in their lives!

I’ve done Weight Watchers (Not Fad) but I soon lost motivation!
I’ve tried South Beach, heck I have even tried not eating period!
On the better note, I started counting calories and I have lost 45lbs, however currently I am struggling to find motivation to keep going!

Thanks for this blog post!

Counting calories is what worked and has continued to work for me. Sometimes motivation can be where you least expect it. Remember, you can be inspired by someone BUT you hold the motivation key. Let yourself unlock it and enjoy the endless possibilities my dear!!

I tried so many of those weird things too…Nutrisystem, which tasted so awful that I couldn’t even do it from more than 2 days; Atkins, on which I lost 16 pounds but then suddenly felt the urge to eat every carb and sugary thing in sight, and then other times eating so little I was basically starving myself. I remember years ago reading about a famous athlete I admired, and he would sometimes have just air popped popcorn for dinner to keep his weight in the range it needed to be, so I even tried that. Crazy!

I can sort of say I inherited this from my mom. In the 70’s she would try all of those weird diets, like the hard boiled egg/tomato diet and the skim milk/banana diet. On those diets you could only eat those foods. She told me she had to stop the skim milk/banana thing because it started upsetting her stomoch, making her burp all the time and the burping smelled like peroxide. We even tried that stupid Beverly Hills diet in the 80’s together….lasted two weeks before we were ready to lose our minds.

And yes, I have a room dedicated to all of those gadgets as well. The storage room in our basement is the Graveyard of Infomercials Past. I do use some of the workout DVD’s – those are at least helpful. But all of the ab contraptions are in there to mock me, along with those special diet programs like that Food Lovers System.

Fortunately, I now do what I should have been doing all along…eating healthy, nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, and working out – pushing myself to be better every day. I’m down over 35 pounds so far and still going strong. It definitely needs to be a lifestyle for it to work and keep working!

Marie! You sound just like me! I can remember Olivia fiercely pulling into Wendy’s so I could make it to the bathroom after consuming a Jenny Craig can of chili! Oh the memories! Also, my younger sister Norah did the Beverly Hills diet, one day all she could eat was shrimp cocktail, the next day watermelon! It all comes down to getting back
to the basics! Eating less, moving more and getting your mind right!

Beverly Hills was awful! One day was all pineapple, which I love but just pineapple all day means lots of canker sores in your mouth and on your tongue!

I’d been tempted to try Jenny Craig, but after Nutrisystem was so bad I decided not to. Glad I didn’t after hearing your chili story! ;o) Sticking to the basics from now on…it works!

I lost 50 lbs in 5 months eating low carb, which was honestly, practically no carb (around 25-30 grams per day – all from veggies). I gave up on that when my hair started to fall out and I had some other issues I won’t get into (due to lack of fibre in my diet…). I saw a picture of me from back then the other day and my eyes are sunken in and I look awful. I knew I needed to eat more food groups because I was missing out on some important nutrients.

That was about a year ago. Since then I’ve gained back about 10 lbs and am struggling to build a lifestyle that works, so that I stop gaining. Everytime I get frustrated I think, if I just don’t eat carbs for a few weeks, I’ll be back where I want to be, but I know it won’t last and once I stop, I’ll just gain it back again. Finding that balance between eating right, exercising and not depriving myself of whoe food groups is HARD! Any tips?

Carbs are tough because they can pack on the lbs! Try eating carbs from fruit and whole grains like wheat toast and steel cut oats. I try to eat all my carbs with the exception of veggies before 1 pm!

Nice post. Fortunately never tried a fad diet, remenber that the diet always starts at monday 😉
Exercise and a plant-based diet is my lifestyle now. 😀

I would always contemplate starting fad diets but I really lacked motivation and money to try them. For me something just clicked in my head after spending 3 years sitting and watching the biggest loser while eating ice cream. I realized food really wasn’t the enemy. I was my own enemy. When I started I only banned 1 food (pop) and learned to listen to my body. Do I eat only organic unprocessed foods? No. Do I fill up on mostly fruit and veggies? Yup! Do I still have a weak spot for Chickfila? Oh yeah. But I no longer eat it ever chance I get. (and darn that place for being right next to the gym)

I also realized that I was capable of exercising. I still hate working out but I love how I feel afterwards. I love being pushed by my trainer and proving to myself that I can complete the new challenges.

I love your honesty! I too have a weak spot for chicken Sammy’s! We are human and food is a part of our lives. I always be a food addict but making better choices helps me say no when it counts! 😉

Amen, sista! It’s rather empowering to be in control of the food and not letting the food control you!

Would love to see somebody do thorough examinations of the various plans that are sold through multi-level marketing schemes… Shakeology, Isagenix, etc….

Having always dealt with being “chunky” all my life I had never really tried a true diet before. My mom put me in TOPS (taking of pounds sensibly) as a kid but after every meeting we would go to dairy queen for dinner. We ate out a lot. My stepmother would wake me up early to do Kathy smith videos and it created a hate for exercise. I carried that over to my own family as an adult. My weight climbed as high a 230 when I started learning about better nutrition. 4 yrs ago at 206 lbs with a move to a new state I decided enough was a enough and completely changed my families diet to healthy whole grains, lean meats and produce. It’s been a long process to get us to clean eating and no longer eating food out of a box. I learned to exercise for the first time in my life properly, since starting 4 yrs ago I’ve lost 66 lbs, and I’m stronger, fitter and healthier then ever at 36. My family is better off too. It kills me when I see friends who have watched my hard work and struggles turn to diets like HCG, they only lose because they are essentially starving themselves. It’s not the answer. But j til thu come to grips with changing their lifestyle and moving their body they won’t be able to achieve their goals. Both I you girls such an inspiration! Love you ladies! TEAM BOB!

This post really resounded with me. I’ve never “fad dieted,” though i have been on weight watchers a few times, to various results, but always gained it back. I love the idea of “healing a sick body” with food, and with trust that it knows what it’s doing. I was very sick for a while, on a multitude of drugs, and i healed myself– i’m in remission–with the help of both real food and prednisone. unfortunately, the prednisone caused me to gain around 40 lbs, and i was already overweight. My biggest battle now is controlling the portions of the (good, organic, REAL) food I’m eating. It’s time to trust that my body CAN heal itself if i’d allow it to do so. Sticking to the calories I need and working this body out!! Thank you, Hannah!!

Thanks Hanners for this blog.. So ive tried ALL fad diets out there and as you said non of them are a ‘quick fix’ “loose 30 lbs in 2 week” melt x amount of fat in 10 days… be a size 2 within 30 days… its all BLUFF!
with that being said after being fed up of all these diets I decided to go for the lap band and that was way before I knew Jillian Michaels and you guys.. I thought it will be magic but it is not! i only lost 20 lbs the first year.. I thought I can eat my way into a coma and I wont gain anything cuz I did the Lap-band…. Ever since I started watching BL which your season was the first when I started You girls inspired me to go the clean way.. and Diet the right way.. Eating healthy and excercising.. and I can tell you its the first time in years I felt fit, strong and healthy! you opened my eyes to a whole new world.. You saved my life! Now im regretting doing the surgery bec I am having a hard time eating my veggies.. 2 weeks ago I ended up in the ER due to my Broccolli I was trying to eat.. It reallly sucks and every time i hear jillian talking about it on her podcast how bad Weight loss surgery is I cry again.. Y didnt I discover her and the world of normal ppl earlier… Im seriously thinking of removing it.. I feel confident and strong that by now I am well off and know exactly how to eat and exercise.. I lost close to 100 lbs and its all to thank you girls!

What is your input on the Lap-band? would you reccomand I remove it?
I cant eat my fruits, veggies and protein normally I constantly puke.. I call WL surgery fad ditet too!

Thanks for all your support!

Oh my yes, yes and yes tried them all! My favorite was the Dr. Adkins diet! Yes, finally found a diet that I was able to lose 63 pounds on….yeah right. Gained it back plus an almost additional 63. Then I was introduced to weight lifting (in the bodybuilding sense) and had a trainer(not so good in hindsight) teach me to carb load for 2 weeks and then no carbs for 2 weeks and repeat. Lose 12 pounds one week and then gain almost all back the next week and repeat. Felt sick and sore after every workout! What a roller coaster!!
Today I am opting for the healthy lifestyle. Although I am still 200+ and it had been an extremely slow process I will stick to the process and trust the body God gave me. I have recently made the biggest realization and that is, “don’t quit.” Why? Imagine where I would be if I never started. Yes the pounds may come off slowly and result are far from ‘immediate gratification’ but if I don’t try to do what I can, I could be in a much worse place. Because I try, I am certainly in a much better place. I will continue to focus forward in order to achieve the awesomely healthy life and body God gave me and wants me to have. The life and health He wants us all to have!!!
PS. Funny picture as duct tape does fix just about everything….to bad we can’t just wrap our bodies in it and be fixed from the inside out. LOL! 😉

I’ve always been all about the quick fixes, AND an infomercial junkie! I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on Hip Hop Abs (where I quit after the first few days because I felt like an idiot doing the same old thing) and diet pills that claimed to suppress appetite, block carb absorption, and get rid of water weight.. there was even a pill that you took before bedtime that was supposed to “help you lose weight while you sleep!” All I got out of those pills was a little debt (yes, debt) and whenever I went to the bathroom it looked like an orange highlighter broke in the toilet bowl! Talk about not healthy. I have such a desire to lose weight, but no sense in having desire if there is so motivation.. I simply can’t seem to change my diet. It’s like my brain and my body are disconnected. I’ll see the fast food joint and think to myself that it’s a waste of money and I’ll just feel like crap afterwards so just keep driving
But before I know it I already ordered and it’s being shoved in my mouth.. I need to change.. I’m only 22be and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. Somethings gotta give. I need to change. Thank you two for posting things and making videos.. I had Olivia’s omlette this morning. Today is a new day, and thanks to her, I started it off the right way! 🙂

I have been heavy most of my life, pretty much starting at puberty. That is also when the dieting started, not so much by me, but by my mother. I know it was all with the best intentions, but looking back, I can see what a cycle it started in my life. I could go on about that alone, but that is for another time.
I can remember my mom coming home with a new diet to try. There was the cabbage soup diet-seriously, how much of that stuff can you eat? Then there was a diet where we had to eat beets with every meal-20 some years later I think I can finally stomach a beet again. as my 6 yr old loves them. I know there was a time when it was all tuna it seemed all the time. When I was about 16/17 my parents put me on Nutrisystem….which did work. But it didn’t teach me anything. They gave me pre packaged food to eat, but they never talked to me about how to eat. I felt like they would critique my short-comings instead of building me up. At 16/17, its tough. Once out of high school, I gained it all back and more until I was about 26/27 and something stopped me and I made that change. I am nearing my last 20 pounds with the help of great workouts, running, and a healthy diet. Do I fall off, yes, but I try my best, and that is all I can do. As for the fad equipment, I know my mom bought us the Suzanne Summers thigh toner. The Ab Roller. I bought some leg machine not to long ago that still sits in my garage, more a toy now for my daughter and a hanger for me to put wet clothes on.
I love how you pointed out about giving your body time to heal with diet and exercise, versus the quick fix that never gets you where you want to be. That is where I am at now….this was a great time in my life for me to see this post. Thanks Hannah!!!!

Medifast. If you’re not familiar with the program you eat 5 of their meals ( powdered shakes, soups, chili, pudding, bars etc.) and one “lean and green” meal. The lean and green meal was a ounces of an approved lean meat and 3 servings of green veggies and one healthy approved fat.

My doctor recommended it, but the program itself prides itself in quickly you lose while you’re on the program. For me that was just so detrimental! I lost 25lbs, but I lost it very quickly…so I gained it back over the next year. I just had it in my head that it would be a quick fix. So really what happened was that I lost the weight by just putting a band aid on some really deep wounds.

Also, I realized that it was VERY difficult to transfer eating packeted powder foods into my every day life style once I had finished the program.

I’ve also tried Nutrisystem and the 27 day diet…and then I realized whatever I did to lose the weight I had to continue to do for life. My husband and I are using the Weight Watchers point system to keep track of food, while trying to eat mostly veggies and fruit. We’re also added more exercise into our lives.

Actually, for breakfast this morning we both made omelets ( like Olivia’s, minus the mushrooms, and had peppers instead) and strawberries!! 🙂

Thanks for posting all of this!

I know someone recently on Medifast and lost tons of weight quickly. I was curious to the quick weight loss and asked how they were doing it. Medifast was their answer and they recommended it to me for my final 25 lbs. At one time that would have been appealing but now anything that replaces real food with what I call “fake food” triggers the part of my brain that says “you’ll gain it back!”

The HCG diet is so scary and I can’t imagine someone buying into that especially these days with all the knowledge and proof out there showing that changing your eating and starting exercise is the key. Nothing against your friend, but she has a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the right way to do it (YOU) right there next to her. I hope that she will listen to you. Starving is not the key and it will MURDER her metabolism. (Been there…done that too!) I would feel so lucky to be able to sit next to your or Olivia at dinner and hear all of your ideas and experiences in person. Your friend is very lucky to have the example! That is why I love twitter and myfitspiration. You guys help keep me going! Love you guys!

(I am also working on Jillian’s Master your Metabolism. It makes so much sense to me as to why I stopped losing half way to my goal. )

Hannah and Olivia, I know this is off topic, but I would love to hear more about PCOS. I have been struggling with it since I was 13, I would be interested in hearing about your experiences with it, medicines, weight, acne. You know when you have time! 🙂

Thank you Michelle! I second your request. Hannah and Olivia please please take some time to
Discuss PCOS with us! I too have PCOS & even had to have a grapefruit-sized cyst removed at
The age of sixteen. I have dealt with a wide variety of issues due to this condition. I have
Found emmense motivation because of you two. I remember watching BL and thinking
Wow! These ladies both have the samme issues as me and look what they are accomplishing?!
I had the opportunity to meet you both in January, when you visited Ogden, Utah with H2U
And at that visit made a 1yr health goal to keep going:-). Sinnce october2011 I have lost
60pounds & continuously feel healthier and happier. I strive to eat cleannly,, and will
rarely anything that comes out of a package 🙂 I am also getting ready to begin a new
Exercise regiment called PEAK 10. My hope is to jumpstart my body and get off of my current
Platue. I am also training for triathilon in May. Healthy is the newest, and latest fad. I get a strong
Feeling that this one is gonna stick:-) Thank you once again for the support and motivation!

I have lost 104lbs with counting calories and following the basic South Beach principles. I really don’t consider it a fad diet, it taught me to eat lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies, and healthy carbs. I have been able to keep the weight off and I also had a baby two months ago with only a 15lb weight gain. I have PCOS and South Beach/my weight loss is what kick started my fertility.

When I saw the acronym HCG my first thought was the hormone replacement therapy use for menopausal women. I looked a little further and found that it is a different formulation but both are derived from the urine of a pregnant mare. When they offered the HRT to me for my beginning stages of menopause I turned it down right away because of the side effects it has. One of the side effects is it increases your chance for breast cancer and I am already predisposed to it through family history (my mom is a survivor) so not even wiling to entertain the chance to increase my risk, even if it only 1%.
And the way we are doing this weight loss journey is correct, change your lifestyle, heal your mind and your body will follow.
All the best ladies,

As for the “diet” thing I have tried WW online but when given the opportunity to have the BodyMedia Fit armband I jumped at the chance. Don’t get me wrong, I am still following the basic principles of the WW diet as I have all of the books and equipment from the system and the program is ingrained in my mind that it is easy to do. I have been using the BodyMedia system for the past 4 months and lost 10lbs in the first 2 but gained it back recovering from ACL surgery. I knew this was going to happen being that I was immobile for 3 weeks where I couldn’t do anything that had my heart rate up for any length of time.

I am 11 weeks post op & I am now beginning to see the weight come off again as I can now spin with the rest of the group’s intensity, I can use the elliptical again but can’t use much weight when doing legs. I can do the full gamut of leg exercises using both legs (squats, lunges, extensions and curls) single legs are still a couple weeks away. Anyway using the BodyMedia system shows me where I need to improve (diet as well as exercise) and where I am doing ok. Love the feedback.

The only “diet” that I had tried was WW and although it worked I just couldn’t seem to reach my end goal. Now I am trying the Skinny Rules and loving it. It just seems to make so much sense and is easy to follow. I had a homemade brownie this week, it is the first time that I have had so much sugar in 3 months and I felt awful!

In 2006 I was fed up with how I looked and how much I weighed. Instead of being smart and using the 2 advanced degrees and the smarts I had, I decided that I needed to take drastic measures and signed up for Optifast. 890 calories a day of shakes (only one flavour I could have due to food allergies) and one bar (again, food allergies). This combined with the workout regime I had in place (running 3 miles 3x/week) I was convinced I’d lose a ton of weight.

I didn’t. Instead I lost a ton of money and only lost about 7 pounds in 3 months. And I was miserable.

Now, this plan was doctor supervised, and I had blood drawn bi-weekly and was weighed and had my b/p taken every week. Week after week, my b/p became lower and lower. The doctors weren’t concerned, but said if I ever got lightheaded or anything to see if I could get my b/p taken.

A week or so after, while teaching, I nearly passed out. I called the nurse and she came over and took my b/p. It was 60/40. She told me to drink water or a sports drink so I had one of my students get me a gatorade, which I guzzled. And then at the end of the school day, I went home and ate a pizza. And I felt awesome. 🙂

A month or so after that, I began having these debilitating headaches. Curling up on the bed with a pillow over my head and sobbing headaches. It was terrible. It is still terrible. I’ve had countless neurologists, tests including a CAT scan, MRI, and 2 spinal taps. I’ve tried every medication under the sun. Sadly, the only thing that’s worked has been narcotics, and for some reason doctors seem to be reluctant to prescribe them longterm. 😐

This headache, this issue or injury has been the bane of my existence for 6 years. It makes it hard for me to live the lifestyle I’d like to because some days I just can’t get out of bed. Some days are ok and I can handle the throbbing. Some days all I want is an ice pack, a dark room, and my bed. I try not to let it get me down, but after 6 years of having a headache every day it’s old.

I honestly have no way to prove the correlation between the Optifast diet and my headaches. But it happened so close together I can’t help think that there has to be a link. I know that people have become seriously ill on Optifast and even have died. So if you know anyone out there who is seriously considering this diet, even if it is just to drop weight before WLS surgery, please encourage them to try other options. It’s not worth it.

So fad diets are not the solution! Eat less, move more. 🙂

Oh Hannah, what an amazing blog! I, too, have done so many fad diets growing up…the grapefruit diet, yes I remember the one with the beets, and the cabbage soup, then in high school, when I was my thinnest, I was on the lacrosse team and doing “diet center” diet to the extreme. I lost 65 pounds in around 2 months, it was crazy, but I looked amazing. But, like all of the extreme things we have done, we can’t keep up that kind of extreme momentum. All the weight was gained back and more. It was a quick fix, not a life style I could live with.
You and Olivia really inspired me to finally win this battle. Your season of the Biggest Loser was like no other…the support, faith, love, encouragement during the show amongst all of you…just inspired us all. We, as a family, watched Ben at home, lose weight week by week as he lead worship every week at our church, and as we followed your journeys and prayed for you both all the way to the finale, I learned so much along the way, took lots of notes, and just kept praying that God would give me the strength and courage and ability to do what you both did.
Olivia and Ben met with me and explained that is was hard work, and the that there really isn’t any magic…it is calories in and calories out, and you MUST move more and eat less and choose the right foods. They asked me how bad I really wanted it..How hard was I willing to work. They believed that I could do it, because they did, and their belief in me that day was such a gift.
That was the beginning of my journey to a true weight loss lifestyle. I am now 70 pounds down since September. I have combined Weight Watchers with Eat Right For Your Blood type, eating clean foods, making great choices and taking in all of the great knowledge and wisdom from others who are doing it the right way, like the 2 of you! Keep sharing all that you know, and do, with all of us. You are inspiring and changing so many lives, including mine! Many many thanks, Wendy

I am a calorie counter and that’s what works for me. It keeps me accountable and allows me to work special treats into a day. I’m also more mindful of what I put in my mouth calorie wise because we all know a 100 calorie banana is better for our bodies than a 100 calorie snack pack. Living a fit and healthy life can be done and it’s all about making a choice day in and day out to exercise and eat right.

Hi, my name is Emily, and I’m a fad dieter. THEY DON’T WORK!

I recently graduated from pharmacy school. While I was in school, I did a rotation through a bariatric surgery center. While I was there, I learned a LOT about how to eat right. The hardest part for me is that I am single and live alone. I also don’t get a lunch break so I have to squeeze in nibbles here and there. When I get home, I don’t want to cook just for me. I’ve recently started working out with some ladies from church. It’s only 2 nights a week right now, but I’m consistently doing it. That’s more than I can say for the rest of my life. I’m working toward an everyday routine. But it is hard. I am buying Jillian’s Master Your Metabolism as we speak. I can’t wait to feel better about myself.

Do you consider Paleo a fad diet? I’m doing that right now for more than just weight loss but for overall reasons.

Not sure this qualifies as a fad diet, but I have used a diet of little to no sweets. And yes, (lo and behold) it worked. With far fewer unhealthy sweets, I lost weight. And the diet was probably less tooth hazardous. Managing a big lifestyle change might be better but probably requires more effort to get started.

About two years ago I went on a diet and lost 20lbs!!!! And guess what, when I was done with the diet I gained it all back….
Now, after seeing you and your sister on the Biggest Loser I tried the simple way (it actually IS a much simpler way..), and I started exercising and eating what I already love, just small quantities, and healthier versions. It’s much easier to just keep going that way for the rest of your life. Now, I’ve lost 20 pounds AGAIN:) And it’s NEVER coming back.

Thanks Hannah xxx

Remember that your body, your physiology, doesn’t know the difference between fad diets, clean diets, or whatever diets. It is the emotional YOU that determines “what” your eating habits are; positive or negative. As Olivia and Hannah said, however you eat must be able to be achieved for a lifetime. You brush your teeth daily for a lifetime without hesitation or contemplation. All hygiene habits tend to be done daily and never given a second thought. We are not emotionally compelled to brush, we do because we would prefer our teeth stay in our mouth and not in the sink. Eating healthy, to produce the energy and vitality to live compelling, unlimited lives, can be just as day to day as hygiene choices. One habit to work on is move the emotion of a food choice, say cake, and rather than go negative with ‘I can’t because, because, because__________, go positive and look at does the cake fit into my lifestyle plan at this moment, NOW. If it’s OK, eat it and don’t worry about it. If it is not part of your plan at that moment, don’t. Food is food, it is fuel for the created, the majesty of the human being. Give your emotions to the pursuit of your potential, more often than your individual food items. Bottom line for me is too many people spend the day in a dynamic battle against themselves and food. The battle is never with food, it is to Unleash the glory God has put in you, that we all need to make our lives richer.

Oh girl, this hits home on so many levels! Thanks for being so real and laying it all out there. I too, have longed for the quick fix over the years and set myself up for failure in my relentless pursuit of it. What a trap the enemy has us in! Two years ago, I got real with myself and my issues. God directed me towards towards the book, “Made to Crave”, which He used to help transform me from the INSIDE and finally do the HARD WORK to be healthy and unhooked from food. I have lost the weight and kept it off, but the bigger deal is that I am no longer insecure and body conscious. I NEVER would have thought I’d be free from that. I totally thought that would be “my cross to bear” for life. Not true!! I am free now! You girls feel like sisters to me on this journey. You have been my companions along the way. I love following you and continuing to be encouraged! Thanks SO much.

I always try to do no/ low carb but I can’t stick to it. I did once, I lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks and I didn’t gain it back right away, so I was lucky there. But I know people who are doing things like HCG or eating less than 1000 calories, I admit I get jealous because they see results fast. But I know in my heart that being healthy and losing weight in a healthy manner is better for me. I don’t want to be skinny for now I want to be skinny for good. So I keep chugging along slowly!

YThanks, I needed this today… I’m doing a low carb/calorie counting diet and expecting immediate results and it’s not really happening….
but, it is a lifestyle and maybe I need to relish the .25 of a pound for a few weeks before my body is healing.
I’m a nurse, I know healing takes awhile. 🙂

Thank you for posting this, Hannah. I’m about to change careers & next week will be my last week at my office. A coworker asked today if I was going on MATERNITY LEAVE. Rude. I’m still on the verge of tears. Despite this, I still ate 4 donuts this morning. After reading this, I texted my husband& told him we need to cut processed sugar out of our diets because we’re addicted (me more so than him, but he’s addicted to Dr. Pepper). I’m sick of yo-yo dieting. This is the kick in the pants that I needed.

Hannah and Olivia – thank you so much for your posts! You both are so inspirational! I am a calorie counter as well, in addition to exercise 5 days/wk (combo of running and Bob Harper bootcamp DVD). I am down 78lb since July 2011 – goal is 150lb total by next summer! I have been calorie counting since starting last July but I’ve recently started being more careful about carbs and want to learn more about ‘clean eating’. I was wondering if yall have any books/websites/resources that would help me to transition to cleaner eating? Thanks again for all your help!

Hi Alicia,
You should check out Clean Eating Magazine (and their website) – it really helped me learn more about eating clean! Jillian’s Master Your Metabolism is great too!

I’ve been off and on dieting for literally 20 years and always had a serious weight issue.  Tried everything and found what absolutely works is not found in a book or program.  You have to watch calories and you have to work out.  I will never live by carbs are bad …fat is bad at any time of the day.  I will eat what I want when I want if I don’t it won’t work long term… It just won’t.  I just wished I knew this 20 years ago.  If you watch your calories and workout you will be healthier and happier.  90% of time I eat low fat high fiber foods because I just feel better eating that way and you can eat more and stay within your calorie limit.  But if i want cake at 5pm and i have enough calories I’m eating cake. When I limited types food or times I could eat those foods I would eventually stray and what started as a “cheat day” turned into a month then a year.  Allowing myself to eat what I want when I want keeps me feeling in control and allows me to never cheat.  Theres no such thing as cheating with how I live..I only have so many calories and I live by them because there’s no off limit foods just limits. I feel like I finally gained sanity and lost 150 pounds!

My wight has been up & down for years. During one period when I was around 200 where I belong I ran into a friend who wanted to know how I’d done it. But before I could answer he added: “And DON’T tell me if you ate less and exercised more!” Like so many of us he wanted that “miracle” weight loss.

Sadly for me I’m 315 and need to get moving on getting the pounds down and needing something to kick-start me into eating less and moving more. No more fast fixes.

p.s. You sisters inspired me to send in an application for BL14. Heard two days ago I was not a finalist 🙁

Hey Hannah and Olivia…

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all that you do on here and youtube/twitter etc! Only just seen your series of BL here in the UK! This has been my favourite series (more so than series 7 which i didnt think possible!).

Even though i’m a guy, you two have really helped me to keep going. As you both said about being the underdog, I always felt the underdog. Not to anyone else, but to myself. “I’ll never be able to do this I used to tell myself”, WRONG!! Currently 45lbs down and have about 30 – 40lbs to go. Don’t get me wrong, doesn’t come off as quick as you guys on the ranch, but it is coming off at a decent rate.

PLEEASE FOLLOW ME BACK ON TWITTER !! WOULD MAKE MY DAY! Knowing you both are supporting me would be fantastic.

Thank you once again

Ryan x

hi olivia and hannah,

i have been following you since BL, you girls look great! you are a picture of true athletes and you are one of my inspirations 🙂 I have been working out for about 4 months now and I have lost 13 pounds! (I LOOVE SPINNING!!) By the way I am 4’11.5 tall and weighed 141 pounds 4 months ago, my ideal is about 119-123 and I am nearing that 🙂 I just have a concern…. the skin… does it ever conform to the toned body? or it’ll stay loose without surgery?

Thanks guys 🙂 thank you for inspiring us hopefuls 🙂 God Bless! xoxo


You 2 are great, and have inspired me to finally get off the yo yo diet wagon. I have lost all my eight previously on weight watchers but have regained it back over and over again. You are correct I cannot can’t points for life. I have lost 13 lbs by counting calories (fitness, getting my BMR tested,, and reading Bob Harpers book Skinny Rules. I learned how to read a food label without having do points calculations. Many of my friends went to Weight Watchers and had to go to a dietition to learn how to eat right. Weight Watchers one size fits all approach does not fit everyone, it is too broad, and yes their meetings focus on eating fat free junk food for less points.

Hello ladies! I just finished watching BL11 for the second time (thank you netflix!). The two of you have been my best fitspiration ♥.
My whole life I’ve been a little chubbers. The first time anyone told me that I was overweight I was eight years old and weighed more than my 11 year old cousin. My grandmother, who wanted nothing but the best for me and with good intentions put me on slim fast at 8 years old. My whole family has body image issues and I am no exception. On a side note, my grandma was part shareholder of bally total fitness and was in buisness with Jack LaLane until his passing a while back. She competed in fitness challenges and is so amazing that she just wanted her whole family to be fit.
So, needless to say I had been on slimfast and diet pills forever! Everyone in my family is a big fan of the “master cleanse” which ive tried as well.
Ever since I watched BL 11(which was the first season I ever saw) I started a food journal, counted calories like a fiend, and did alot of exersizing :). Lo and behold I lost 50 lbs in 7 months! YAY right? Then I got pregnant with my beautiful daughter who just happens to be named Hannah ♥. After she was born 3-31, I got right back on that horrible diet plan because I was so desperate to lose that weight again!
Now Ive finally got my head on straight (thanks to BL and netflix LOL). Down 16 lbs since 8-1-12. I Just wanted to tell you how much youve inspired me throughout the last 2 years♥♥♥. Keep on doin what youre doin!

Love this post! I only tried Weight Watchers once in high school and after getting a little slap on the wrist for GAINING half a pound, I quit. I am such a strong believer that the best things in life are usually the hardest to obtain. Taking the longer route might be tough and not instantly gratifying, but when you are making lifestyle changes, REAL changes, it is so worth it. Whenever my clients get discouraged about not losing weight as quickly as they want, I always remind them that they are on a path of creating sustainable habits (and results) that will last a lifetime. And whenever I beat myself up for making a poor food choice, I just smile to myself knowing that I am off the yo-yo diet wagon FOREVER and that I know how to dust myself off and move on!

Hannah! Loved watching your transformation on BL and am so
Jealous that you got to wo with B and J. I’m 48 and in very good health
And a runner but need to lose 2 lbs. Watching the show and
My teenage son who is into healthfood has convinced me that
Nutrition is 90percent of the battle- I bought bobs book and
Am learning a lot with his recipes.

Hoping to meet you when you come to Raleigh NC in a few weeks.

Happy Fall Running! Beth

It’s scarey how many products are out there aimed at the “quick fix” mentality. Anything that promises above-average results in terms of losing weight makes me think they are lying or putting some dangerous into the market. I try and remember that I need to honor the journey of weight loss — as well as getting fit. Thanks sisters!


I agree with everything you said BUT I am so unsure of how to follow this lifestyle as an undergrad college student! I have homework like crazy, so workout’s become a hassle- and it’s never a variety of exercises because I’m not sure how to motivate myself in that way! I don’t have money to buy organic food, and I eat off of my meal plans on college campus. Any advice?

Hey Hannah and Olivia, y’all are so much fun to watch, I some times feel like we are friends expecially living in the south. Haha anyway, I totally fall into wanting the quick fix but ultimately I want the life style more than I want just two days of good eating and then beating myself up because I had a bad week. I am realizing the more fear I feel about losing weight, not sure why that is because I know there is freedom on the other side. I also wanted to see if you had any tips for me cause my lifestyle is different than most peoples. I am a fully time nanny for a family and I live in a back house with another family but I don’t have a kitchen. I have a fridge and a toaster oven but that’s about all. I can use the stove in the main house and usually eat dinner with the family I live with but it’s not always a “weight loss” type meal. thankfully the family I work for is very healthy but they don’t always have things for go to meals. I don’t want to make excuses so my question is do you have any tips on good travel food and easy meals to make with not much kitchen space.

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