It’s a Teaser!

Hi Everybody!! Check out our live update from good ole Nashville, TN (our parents’ house to be exact:)…then check back for the Big Announcement July 5!

Happy Independence Day!!!

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OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!! I’m so excited I can hardly wait! I am literally dancing in my boots (well ok not literally my boots because I’m wearing flip flops but I AM dancing) because I’m so enthralled. I can only hope that whatever this is I can afford it somehow and make it happen no matter what because I’m pretty sure it will be AMAZING!!! Want to give us more hints?

Happy Independence Day!

Smiles, JJ

OHHHHHH hannah &olivia yall just dont know how bad i want hangout you guys and get fitness on with ya to bc everybody that knows me knows that i want to hangout with you guys!!! care of yourselfs happy4th of july and i will back here thurday!!!!

Awww girls.. Stop teasing… Just spill the beans now! I’m soo anxious!! I hope it has something to do with meeting u!!

Whatever it is with you girls….I AM IN!!!!!! What a tease. I can’t wait to hear about whatever it is tomorrow. I hit 70.4 pounds down this past Saturday at WW, and another first…..I was in the gym on the 4th of July, with my daughter, Grace, working out! NEVER have I ever been in a gym on the 4th of July in my entire life….You girls have inspired me to believe and keep dreaming big….seeing my body do things I never dreamed of before! Thanks to the two of you….(and Ben!) Will be tuning in first thing tomorrow….Don’t make us wait too long!!! Love, Wendy T.

OK, got up and ran to the computer to see the announcement….none yet…heading to spin class and will check when I get back. I say, whatever the announcement is should automatically include the lovely 6 people who have written on this blog entry….JJ, Pati, Chasity,Liba, Lorette and myself…some of your biggest fans!!!! Will check in after spin class…off to the gym…Wendy T.

OK girls, at least give us an estimated time of announcement so that we can step away from our computers and relax a bit….Just saw on Hannah’s twitter that it will be in “a few hours”……

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