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Happy Friday everybody!!!! Olivia and I are big fans of the spray tan. So, after a recent “spraying” we decided to give you a short rundown of why we do it and how it might help YOU. If you need that extra something for photos or a big summer event (or any season for that matter!) this might be of some help.

What do you think about tanning? Any special tips to help us all out? Comment away and have an awesome weekend!!!!


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I’ve never had a spray tan so this was an interesting blog to watch. I’d love to try it but I avoid special occasions because of my weight. I’m thinking that getting a spray tan might be a nice treat when I lose my pounds. But, since I’ve never had one I’m wondering what it’s like to have a customer service representative see your body and spray you – seems like something that might be embarrassing. I also wondered…do you shave everything before hand? And, does it stain your clothes as you walk out? And do you have to avoid showering after? And, how do you know what colour to choose?

Thanks guys! Love seeing your happy faces and also a bonus this week with a cutie pie doggie!

Smiles, JJ

i love this blog! you guys post such great information and you’re such an inspiration to me. i miss seeing you guys on tv every week! and a girl can only watch so many re runs, so this is such a great thing you’re doing, inspiring us daily with your humor and great positive outlooks!

i’ve never done a spray tan, but i’ve always wanted to. i’m in a wedding in four weeks, so maybe i should give it a try! thanks for the idea!

I’ve never had a spray tan so I may have to think about doing that for some big events coming up this summer. Both Allan and I have our 10-year HS reunions this summer and if there’s any event (besides our wedding) that we won’t to look amazing for it will be these reunions!

Hi Girls! I love being tan. I feel so much better when I look tan. However about two years ago my dad had melanoma and now I’m scared and very aware of the sun. I’ve been looking into getting spray tanned but not sure how to find someone in my local area. I just recently tried tan in a bottle (as I call it) and the brand I used turned me orange. YUCK! So I defanitely want to find a spray tanner. What products do you ladies use to exofoliate before?

I’ve done the Mystic booth before and had pretty good results. Except that the staff didn’t wipe the floor up after the previous person, so the bottoms of my feet turned orange!!!! And this was 2 days before a cruise, so I ended up laying out on the cruise ship with orange soles. Thankfully that went away in a few days thanks to some multi-daily vigorous exfoliation. I’d like to try getting spray tanned by a person but the thought of standing nakie in front of a stranger kind of weirds me out. Do you keep your undies on?

Hi ladies! I used to be one of those girls that baked in a tanning bed for 20 minutes after my workout at the gym. I thought “tan fat” looked better than pale fat. Unfortunately I have had to endure two surgeries to remove basal cell carcinomas. One was on my chest and I have an ugly 3 inch scar from that and the second one was on my FACE. I was horrified when I found out that I would have to have my face cut on!! I was terrified that my scar on my face would look like the one on my chest. Fornutately my dermatologist sent me to another doctor who does more reconstructive type surgeries and she was able to remove the skin cancer and left minimal scars. All of this has led to me learning to embrace my fabulous pale skin!! I faithfully slather on the sunscreen every day!! I wish more people would learn to embrace their appearance for what it is, rather than getting stuff sprayed on them. Its a lesson to teach our kids… it is unnecessary to spray yourself tan in order to make yourself or others think you look better. You are perfect just the way you are!!

I so agree! I am addicted to spray tanning. In fact I loved it so much, I bought my own spray tan machine 4 years ago from Paasche air brush! I exfoliate and spray every week. I love my tan glow and ALWAYS wear sun screen when outdoors in the REAL Sun to prevent sun damage! Love you girls….and your tan glow!

I run everyday and sweat like a maniac. The people at the spray tan place said that my tan would come off and be uneven if I sweat that much. Is this not true????

Spray tans are AMAZING! However, you might want to avoid the cheapy places that do them. I went to Tan & Tone once bc they advertised a spray tan in their machine booth for $15. It was so horrible and uneven!! I showered the next day and the blotchiness was still really bad! I spray tan all the time so I am familiar with the routine, so this was def the type of booth they had. I bought some “spray tan remover” lotion and it removed the tan pretty easily!

I LOVE that you wrote this post! My best friend got married YESTERDAY and I did my first spray tan ever on Thursday! I (honestly) thought to myself–I should tweet Hannah or Olivia to get their advice about getting spray tans–I know they’ve had them before! But what do we get instead? An entire blog post about it, and a movie! Even better. I had a really good experience my first time…I was really nervous about it, too. I have super fair skin and knew for sure if something went wrong I’d surely look like a dorito. I went to Beaches Tanning Salon, which are located next to a lot of Gold Gyms. The mystic tan is normally $24, but I went during their happy hour and paid only $12! It looks great and I am SO happy with it!

I love a good spray tan for special occasions! I just wish they lasted longer. Once you put on a sports bra to work out, the bra line comes back. Not the end of the world though unless you’re wearing strapless dresses and such…and it is for a special ocassion, so live a little I say. I love how great I feel with my tan body!

P.S. Inquiring minds would like to know, what was your photo shoot for?

I think this falls into the category of looking a certain way to meet other’s expectations – similar to having to be a certain dress size to be considered “normal”. I’m fair-skinned and being tan is not a natural look for me, so I’ll save my money for sunscreen. That healthy glow will come from eating clean, getting the right amount of sleep, and being active.

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