It’s a Matter of Fact

Hello Party People!

Happy Friday!! I have been noticing the word “Matter” a lot lately.
People saying it, my TV spitting it out to me on my beloved SERIES
FINALE of One Trill Hill (guilty pleasure, I used to dream about being
Mrs Nathan Scott…Oh dear, I’m a psycho) as this word bounces around
in my brain today I decide to break it down for my MyFitspirationers.
Last week I was speaking at an event and I noticed every person I
talked to said this word. It went a little like this….

“Hannah, I try and try to lose weight. I exercise and it just doesn’t
matter, nothing happens.”

“Hannah, I know what I am saying to you doesn’t really matter but I
need HELP with my life.”

“Hannah, if I am exercising to the extreme does it matter what I eat?”

Folks, YOU MATTER. The things you say to others, MATTERS. What you eat
MATTERS. How you treat others MATTERS. How you treat yourself MATTERS.
What kind of food you put in your body MATTERS. What you do everyday
at your job MATTERS. The little things you do for your
spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/crush MATTERS. Pushing yourself to do more

I have decided that this year I am going to stop saying “It doesn’t
matter” because it always does or we wouldn’t say it. When I finally
figured out on the ranch that my life MATTERED and having control of
it MATTERS, things began to change and so did I. Whatever you are
looking for; confidence, weightloss, better relationships, making more
moolah, spending less moolah, these things MATTER and how you attack
these things matter. My dad used to say to Olivia and I “Let every
step you take have a purpose” I never realized that that statement
would come to fruition as we stepped on the Biggest Loser Ranch. Now I
try to do everything with purpose because I MATTER and so do you.

NOW……What MATTERS to Olivia and I’s weightloss maintenance is the
things we have to do when no one is watching. Running that extra mile,
being faithful with our food intake, learning more about health and
wellness and being inspired daily by all of you. So make the things
that no one sees MATTER. Taking steps with purpose will put you on
your way to a better life.

So have a great Easter Weekend and remember whatever it is you are
thinking about or trying not to think about, it MATTERS!!

Oh, and since I have vowed to give up Peanut Butter for a month (it’s
becoming a problem!), if you eat a Reeses Peanut Butter Egg on Easter,
please dedicate it to me! πŸ˜‰


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Hannah! Thank you for your amazing post! You are such an encouragement to me and I love how much you care for everyone and your sweet hilarious personality! I absolutely love one tree hill and was so sad it was all over…it was a fantastic show! Nathan is amazing πŸ˜‰ thank you for reminding me that everything matters and thank you for your sweet words of wisdom! I am inspired by your peanut butter! I can’t imagine giving it up! Have an amazing Easter weekend!

Beautifully written Hannah! When I work with teachers, I try to emphasize that the most important thing they can do for their students is to let each and every child KNOW that they are important in that classroom and that they matter! This post made me realize that I haven’t applied that concept in my own life. I don’t know if I personally matter (why would I have to battle cancer for two years only for it to come back seven years later if I mattered as an individual?) but I DO know that remembering that each choice I make matters is helpful in pursuing my goals. I really struggle with the “behind closed door” phenomenon. I push so hard in small group training but when I’m on my own or when no one is looking, I dial it in, marking my work instead of going full out. I wonder if anyone else struggles with that. I will try to remember this post and your wise words, that the things
that no one sees MATTER! I also love what your dad said about purpose. THANK YOU for sharing these brilliant thoughts Hannah and Happy Easter!

P.S. I LOVE peanut butter and I can’t keep it in my house unless I buy just small individual packets so I feel your pain and am proud of your April vow because I know it must be hard and that you didn’t HAVE to set that vow but did anyway and I think that this is an example of what an amazing person you are!!!

Ha, love it, i wouldnt have minded being Mrs. Lucas Scott, or just be peyton with that pretty curly blonde hair.

OMG! I also have wanted to be Mrs. Nathan Scott, OTH <3 this is a great blog!!! This really changed my attitude….now that I think about it whenever I fail at a diet "it doesn't matter" comes out of my mouth but it does matter …I love your blogs it always keeps me motivated! I am down 6lbs ladies! πŸ™‚ better than nothing.

Hannah, im soo glad you put this on here. i will tell you this your inspiration and Olivia”s matters to me and many others around the world. and you what its the little things that matter to but i never thought that it did and tell i started my weight loss jounery. and now im understanding why the little things matter. ps. you can life with out penut butter for a month!! xoxo!

Thanks Hannah, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that I MATTER. Reading this post has made my day. It’s nice when you have other people say that you matter, makes me feel like people actually like me.

You’re right! I DO matter!! And that revelation has been one of the most wonderful parts of my weight loss journey. Thank you so much miss Hannah for… well just being you I suppose πŸ™‚ I’m the purple team’s biggest fan.

I LOVE this post. I felt so important in those few minutes I got to visit with you and O- it haschanged my life. Thank you for continuing to make me feel like me and my goals matter! ❀

Hannah, given that You are My crush, I hope that what I Tweet matters to (at least more than a little). What you & O-Bird have given me has Always mattered! Again, I type “Thank You!!!” I also hope to one day thank you both in person.

P.S. Hannah, is it weird to you that I dream of being Mr. Hannah Curlee??

Hannah! Well said!! It DOES matter!! It matters that I get to my goal as quickly as possible without killing myself doing so! πŸ™‚ Keep making it MATTER!! That’s how we all get through in life, because LIFE MATTERS!!! Stay strong, girl!

What a wonderful way to begin this Saturday!! Thank you so much for posting this! Sometimes I think we all need a little reminder that we matter and our actions and thoughts matter.

Coming from an abusive relationship, this exact post is what I needed to read. Being told for years upon years that my life doesn’t matter and that things I do don’t matter and that no one cares about me/things I want to accomplish don’t matter really dampens my spirits. It really just gets in my head and I believe it for some reason. We’ve been separated for a few months now and still today I struggle with accepting the fact that I matter… He told me and showed me so many times that I don’t matter that it is ingrained into my mind now that it’s true. I KNOW 100% that I have changed lives and that I’ve made a difference, but there is still that echoing every day of the things he said/did.

Okay, my pity party/sob story is over…. Don’t worry, I WILL indulge in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg for you this weekend πŸ™‚ Sometimes, a girl just needs her chocolate and PB combo… One egg won’t hurt πŸ˜‰

Thank you again for this post! Sometimes I’m not sure you and Olivia realize how much of a difference you make in the lives of so many people. Your words and actions MATTER. You help change so many lives and although you have no idea who I am and I’ve never met either of you, I honestly feel “connected.” Is that weird? I hope it doesn’t come across that way. It’s just you both always know the right things to say and how to remind me and so many others that everything is going to be okay. And whether it be a silly and fun blog or a serious, heart felt blog… They are all appreciated and inspiring!

What a beautiful and timely post. I have struggled since spring break taking the time to do the things that matter and taking care of me. My schedule is crazy- I am up at 4:30, leave by 6:30 and sometimes don’t get home until 12 hours later and it’s become so easy to think that eating this won’t matter or it won’t matter if I don’t get on that treadmill today, etc. I need to get back to taking care of myself because I DO matter.

Oh, and as for the peanut butter- my body makes kidney stones so no chocolate or peanut butter here for 3 years! Some days i miss it!

Thanks Hannah for this post! I just read through the posts on this blog that I’ve missed these past few weeks and you guys have totally inspired me! I recently moved to a new city and am still unsure about where I am actually going to end up living…I used this as an excuse to not join a gym and as a result haven’t worked out in a month. Blech! Today I decided that I will join a gym that has multiple locations around the city so no matter where I end up, I will have someplace to work out.

You and Olivia continue to inspire me and I think you for it!

Great post. It reminds me of something one of my graduate advisors always tells us. “Everything matters, everything counts.” Just because it doesn’t make it into your final research or on an exam the work for it matters because you did it. You are a better scholar because of it. The same principles can be applied to our daily lives.

Hannah, can’t wait to meet you in June in Wichita, KS. Watching Olivia and you on season 11 inspired my daughter and I to try out for season 13! We received such a blessing at the tryout in Dallas. We did not make the cut, but meeting all the great people, including Dan and Don, made us realize that WE mattered, and that getting on a show DIDN’T matter. We are doing it on our own. My daughter is down 30 pounds, and I am down 42! Thanks for all you do to encourage others!! It MATTERS TO US!!!!!

Thanks Hannah for this great post! As I find myself (AGAIN) struggling to commit to my weight loss, it is so easy to just zone out and pretend that my actions don’t matter. But what is most important to keep in mind, is that I matter – and to honor myself and achieve my goals, my actions need to reflect this. Thanks so much for your continued inspiration – you and Olivia are AMAZING, keep it up!!

Wonderful post, and oh so true!!

My PB Egg is dedicated to you…as of this post. It’s the only Easter treat I want in my basket, next to my new running socks! πŸ™‚ Great minds think alike…

Well I just have to say it, I just love you and your sister. I wished ya’ll lived next door to me and my husband. You are both so funny and so inspirational. Keep up the good work of motivating people and keeping yourselves motivated. And yes it all matters, to me, you and most of all to Jesus.


It’s so hard to believe you matter when people keep giving you reasons to believe otherwise. So tired of it…. so hard to stay positive when this is a constant battle. Maybe one day someone will come along who won’t be so negative and knock me down every day. I just need someone to prove to me that these other people are wrong.

Sorry… having a rough day.

Possible Suggestion: Is there a possibility of a discussion board for random comments and chatting on this blog?

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