Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak BL 12 Finale

Better late than never :)…Hannah and I had the amazing opportunity to interview the Biggest Loser Season 12 finalists moments before they went on stage to find out their fates…enjoy these glimpses of so much anticipation!


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I LOVE these videos! Isn’t there a fitness ranch in Utah!? It would be my dream to meet/work with the purple team or any of last season’s finalists! You are such amazing people!!!!!

Olivia, I went to get a consult for a tummy tuck, but now I am so scared about recovery. I am in the gym almost every day right now and I’m afraid how it will set me back. Could you tell me how you got back into exercising after, what it was like?

Olivia! This seems to be the best place to contact you finally (silly me not to check for you on twitter which lead me here)! You are my inspiration in so many ways you don’t even understand. I am a studying mezzo soprano (almost got the bachelor’s, yee-haw!) and I am surrounded by people who refuse to be fit for the sake of the “art of opera”. They’ll begin fad diets and the like, and then when they fall behind they always tell everyone “Well its okay, it was affecting my support anyway.”, or worse they don’t even try and use it as an excuse. Now I’ve worked my abs before and always find that my breath support IS different when I’ve been seriously focusing on them in my work outs, but as long as I am aware of what is going on, inevitably I am able to work through it. There are many singers who are my colleagues who are naturally smaller framed people and they have all but given up on being loud, and they freely say the reason is because they aren’t “fat”. When I heard there was an opera singer on season 11 I tuned in faithfully, although to be perfectly honest, I got you and Hanna confused for awhile, haha. I feel like you are an inspiration to the opera/singing community that you can be fit and sing, that you don’t have to let weight get in your way, or non-weight get in your way.
I guess as a whole I just want to say thank you, and please keep on doing what you do!


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