It’s a Special Guest!!

Hi Everybody! Hope you having fitastic day :). We have a special guest here today…Olivia’s husband Ben. You might have seen him on a few episodes of #BL11.  He’s running the NYC Marathon Nov 6 and he needs your help…we told him that #myfitspiration readers were the BEST and would surely help him meet his goals.

Watch to the video and then head over  to to show your support. This will help kids AND your heart!!!   xoxox, Olivia & Hannah

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Happy Thursday Ben & Olivia!

I’m so proud of y’all for using the platform you’ve been given through the Biggest Loser to do such good deeds! I’m going to review my finances and see if I a can be one of your sponsors 😀 Best wishes for a great marathon!

I sponsor a sweet girl from Uganda through Compassion International. It is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. A friend of mine sponsors through World Vision, and it is an awesome organization. God Bless you for being a willing vessel in His hands. I know (at least) 26 children will be forever grateful to you. 🙂

PS-Olivia, I can’t wait to meet you at JackRabbits UWS next week. I am struggling with my weight, and am so scared to go visit family back home in Alabama at the end of this month. I am embarrassed by what I have gained since I saw them last at Christmas. I know you really depended on our Savior in your journey to health, and I am trying to do the same. My spirit is willing, but good gracious my flesh is weak!! Thank you for being who you are!!

I grew up in Weaver (around Anniston/Oxford) which is where most of my family is. I lived the past 7 years before moving to NYC last year in Trussville, though. 🙂

Always nice to “meet” another AL girl. I’m from Snowdoun (outside Montgomery), went to Auburn, and now live in Madison (outside Huntsville). Have a great visit home with your family! Do you have a blog? I would imagine there’s a lot to share about living in NYC.

Oh yea, Bama girls are the best 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes for family visits. It’s actually funny to me to say that I am going on “vacation” to Alabama of all places haha. I do have a blog, but I haven’t touched it since last October..oops! Haha, I’m not much of a writer. But it’s if you are interested!

Ben, what your doing is downright AWESOME! It’s one thing to participate in a challenging event, but to do it in honor of such a great cause is wonderful! I’ve done marathons (ran and walked), and know personally that the experience is even more meaningful when you’re doing it for something bigger than yourself, like World Vision. Thank you (and Olivia and Hannah) for providing the opportunity for us to help out! I need to check my finances to see if I can contribute (I’ve got a similar goal to you this year: walking in and fundraising for 2 Komen 3-Day for the Cure events) so money’s tied up for that), but even if I can’t I will be sure to spread the word to my networks of people. Please keep us posted on your journey!

Olivia and Hannah, thanks for all that you do, too! You both are SUCH inspirations!

HI there,
What a great cause to be sponsoring and supporting!!!! Have to say I LOVE Ben’s shirt, a Kiwi. Great to see them around the world. I have been following you lovely ladies from down here in New Zealand and find your blog and facebook pages very inspiring. The impact you are having on people is truly global.
Here in NZ we don’t use miles or any imperial measurements so I thought of another idea for you to consider if you were wanting to include more children in your journey, maybe you could have one child per kilometre that you run as a marathon is 42 kilometres in my neck of the woods.
Keep up the great work and all the best for your training Ben, it is a huge achievement to do your first marathon (or any marathon)and I hope it all goes well for you.

I like that idea! Olivia brought me back the shirt from NZ when she went with BL!! Hope she can take me back one day :). Maybe to catch one of my faves Brooke Fraser…

Okay, it’s official–you guys are too cute and what an amazing thing you’re doing!! You guys really inspire me and my husband and we can make huge changes together that can change the trajectory of not only our lives–but so many others! Even with him in Iraq, every time we talk we encourage each other. Thank you both for a great example of that!!
Olivia, I know I’ve asked you before on your recommendations–but here is my plan now; while I’m still in NY I’m going to fiiiinally go (yikes I’m a bit nervous!) to soulcycle on the upper west–to “Clare’s” 5pm class. Are you in?! I’m shakin in my boots!

Sorry, didn’t specify; Sunday at 5pm! Olivia and Hannah–pleeease come! I would LOVE to interview you guys for my deployed wives group!

This is SO awesome! My husband and I just got married in May, and are still working through new finances! Is the sponsoring only available until November, or is that when the marathon is so you’re looking to find sponsors until then? I’d really love to help, so I’ll talk to my husband and we’ll start planning! 🙂

Thanks for all the good you do!

As a young African woman who is passionate about improving access to education for young people in developing countries, thank you! I am so glad that you chose World Vision and that you yourselves are sponsoring a child. God Bless you and I sure hope you visit Africa one day!

I’m leaving for Africa in about 36 hours! It’s my 2nd time, I’m so excited to go back and keep working with the sports ministry we’re doing over there.

This is awesome! My husband and I have sponsored children through World Vision since 2005. It may seem like a sacrifice, but it truly is doable. We started with our first sponsorship while we were freshmen in college. Today we have four who touch our lives as much as our sponsorships touch theirs. It’s like Christmas morning when I get a letter or update out of the mailbox. 🙂

hi olivia@ ben just watched the video with you guys. i do want to help out and do what i can im not from NYC. here’s is the thing im going to ask my all of my mrgs. to support ben and the kids. thanks and good luck ben you can do this b/c the purple team is behind you 100%.

What a cute little Kenyan mtoto you are sponsoring! I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few months in Nairobi and there are literally millions of kids that need to much. I spent most of my time volunteering in 2 of Nairobi’s slums and the stories are heartbreaking, but I was consistenly amazed and inspired by my friends and students there. Working with World Vision is such an awesome idea! All the best on your marathon, Ben! Kila la kheri (good luck)!

You two are so inspiring. I already sponsor 6 children through Compassion International. I cannot afford another. One of my little girls is in Kenya. There is a horrible drought there, and it is killing so many. God bless your compassion for others seen in Ben running for World Vision. Ben, your weight loss for Olivia. Olivia you rand Hannah’s reaching out to us in your blogs and teachings and class/gym. You three make me literally cry as right now I see such greed and evil. ( I work as a psychiatric nurse in jails, but not all that happens there is bad).
I cannot thank you for all you have done for me.
Ben, what I can do for you is to pray for your health, your run, and the # of sponsors who will be overwhelmed with the love writing back and forth with their child(ren) brings. What I can’t believe is how fast they grow up and the love they share as well as their picture. They and their families become like your own. I love my children. God bless you both, and thank you for what you have dome for me.

Hi Olivia and Ben,
First I have to tell you how proud I am of both of you because you are so inspiring and good hearted! I love to see you using your passion and platform for the benefit of others here and clearly around the world! You have both worked so hard to meet your goals and fulfill your dreams and you continue to work hard to be the kind of people who light this world! Thank you!

I sponsor a child named Nancy in Kenya too! She is a beautiful young lady and I have sponsored her for almost five years now. My dream is to one day go to her home country and meet her in person. Will you guys be able to do that with your little girl at all?

I wish I could sponsor another child but for now I want to give Nancy all my gifts. I love World Vision though and love what you are doing! For those that aren’t familiar, World Vision also has gift catalogues that make for great presents. When my brother had his first child we held a welcome baby party and gave all who attended World Vision gifts as favors. For example, we gave a goat in someone’s name, soccer balls, a duck, medicine, and so on and World Vision had a nice card printed for them and everything. It was very cool.

This was nice to read today because I needed a lift me up. I’m so sad today. So thanks Olivia and Ben!

My husband is running his third NYC marathon unfortunetly he can’t get his diet under control. He is 5 10 and weighs, what for it, 290 lbs. After this vaca weekend he will be in training and I hope he can lose 40 lbs. He is very strong and a natural athlete, he can put in the hours and hours of training but has a heck of a time controlling his eating. Good Luck Ben I will be cheering you and my chunkhunk on at mile 5, mile 14, and mile 25.5. FYI, my husband never knows where we are standing but he picked us out every time(-:

this is to olivia and hannah , i am just letting you know on how i am doing with my weight loss ,last monday i weighted 228.00 and by friday i was down 222.00, this monday i weighted 223.400 yesterday i was up to 224.00 not real happy this but i made up for it today with too workouts

I will definitely try to sponsor a child…I just have a lot going on in my life right now. As I mentioned in a previous blog comment…my mom is on life support and we’re trying to wean her from that. It’s a long, slow, frustrating journey. We’ll get there and once we do…I’ve told myself that I am going to everything in my power to make sure that I am as healthy as I can be so I don’t ever have to be in that position. One of those things I can do is give up pop (soda). I could probably sponsor 5 kids with the amount of money I spend on Diet Coke a month. Keep reminding us…thru twitter and FB so I have that link always handy.

This year was my favorite season of all the Biggest Losers seasons. I have watched everyone of them but was drawn to this one because of the compassion, respect and grace the contestants have shown. I do believe that you, Olivia, and Hannah were forces in the chemistry of the contestants. Therefore, after the season ended I have followed you and Hannah on Facebook and Tweeter. I do believe this was all part of the Lord’s direction and leading in my life. When I watched the video today I knew I was supposed to sponsor another World Vision child. I currently sponsor Mario, through World Vision, a young boy from Lebanon for 8 years this November. I have supported World Vision as they have responded to the tsunami, earthquake in Japan and the hurricane in Haiti. They are a well run organization and first on the scene for a world crisis. Thank you for allowing me to follow what the Lord has directed me to do. Thank you for being “radical” and using this platform for others. Thank you for using this platform to glorify the Lord. Have a wonderful weekend! Praying for you both.

My husband and I ran with Team World Vision this past March in the L.A. Marathon. Every time someone came up to comment on how great this organization is and that he/she is sponsoring a child, we felt a boost of energy that helped us to take the next stride. We are currently sponsoring a child from Brazil. Ben, we will be praying that you will finish strong and that this race will be one of many more to come. Blessings to you and Olivia!

Hey Olivia and Ben!

World Vision won’t let me sponsor a child through your link because i’m in the UK and the site is for people in the US only 🙁 I’m still going to sponsor a child through the UK site but it doesn’t let me link to team world vision or allow me to put in your name. I hope you can still count this towards your goal of 26.

I would love to go to Africa one day to help with and see the amazing work World Vision do.

Your amazing people and truly inspiring.

Peace, Love and Strength


Hi Ashleigh…you’re all set :). Just email me the name of the child and your mailing address! Thank youi!!

What a great thing to do!!! I love that each of your miles will be a tribute to a child. I’m currently sponsoring 3 children through Save the Children, but this does make me think about one more! I’m just about to be employed again after one year of unemployment (yipee!), so it does seem like a great coincidence. I’ll let you know 🙂

Great cause!!! That’s so awesome.

p.s. in response to the “Get Your Healthy On Contest”…I’m subscribed. 🙂 (Even thought I have been since the day the site was launched haha)

I will be trying my best to do this and persuade more people to join in. Olivia I just applied to be on your new show life changers with Hannah and Dr. Drew!! I hope I get picked.

I would give to this cause in order to win a grand prize, like a million times. Ben and Olivia are the greatest people to talk to. Amazing. Exercise4aCause

Seriously I just went to the website for child sponsorships and teared up… I have one year left until I graduate from college and become a full-time engineer. Once I get my hands on a salary, I will most definitely make a long-term commitment to sponsoring as many children as I can afford!

Amaagashh (that word totally reminds me of Hannah, haha) you guys (all three)are so inspirational! I can’t even freaking believe it! My mom and dad have sponsored a girl from China for a long long time now, and over the years we received letters from her, pictures of her going to school, pictures capturing her success in life and so on. It truly made me more conscious of how blessed I am, living in this wonderful country (Norway), surrounded by such great people and having everything that I need and even more!!! Especially taken into account that both me and my sister are adopted from China too! So I definitely find it extremely rewarding to be able to help. Not only because there is someone out there getting the things that she needs in life to survive (which is Huge – with a capital H :)), but also because it made us so grateful, and conscious – me and my sister could’ve been in her shoes, fighting for our lives.

That was my story – even tho it didn’t really had something to do with running or staying active to help. 🙂

Great job guys – keep it up!!!

Andrea (16)

Did you guys draw a winner for August or send out the prize packs for sponsors? I hadn’t seen anything on the blog and I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss it! Thanks so much for running for Team World Vision-it’s such a great cause!

Hi Suzanne! That’s all happening in the next two weeks…thanks for your patience…we wanted to make it special 🙂 -Ben

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