NYC Triathlon Trifecta Update

I have to say the NYC Tri was a BLAST!!! Hannah, Irene, and I did so well and I am soooooo proud of us. It was hard work, but WE DID IT!!! Such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Have you ever participated in a Triathlon or a race? Tell us all about it in the comments. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have a myFitspiration race one day?? Hmmmm….. Anyway, here’s a video of some of the highlights…..


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you guys are so cute! I love it!
keep being the fantastic inspirations that you are!!
I’ve lost 20 pounds and 15 inches so far and I’m working toward my goal weight loss of 50 pounds. when I read your blog and watch your videos it’s just a reminder that I can really do anything I put my mind to, so thank you!!! xox

That’s awesome! How did you feel when you finished? I ran my first marathon back in May and I totally had to compose myself because I almost burst into tears when they cut the time chip off my shoe. It was quite the experience, and I look forward to the next one!

Congratulations! It’s so cute that the three of you did it together. They need another leg of the race for J-Bird (aka Badass Honey Badger). Races are just the best! Such a celebration of health and effort!

Fabulous! What were your individual times for the race?

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your first Tri race on the anniversary of your BL win?!

Congratulations on your first tri relay! That is awesome. I’m not a swimmer so you’ve just inspired me to snag a friend to swim and another to bike so I can do the running. So glad Irene competed with you guys. You three seem like such good friends!

So you know you are inspirational when you can make someone cry through that video!! Congrats!! It made me so happy to see sisters doing it, you girls are so amazing! My sister and I are planning to do both our 1st sprint tri this fall! We would love any tips or advice! I got to meet you girls at the sports bra challenge at soul cycle, what a pleasure, that was really amazing! (and a ridiculously good work out!) Way to go girls!!!

Congrats and job well done ladies!!! I’m ready for next years NYC Tri!! I’m doing my very first sprint triathlon in 2 weeks (August 28th) on Long Island. EXCITED!!! (and nervous!) And I would totally be up for a Fitspiration TRI!! The bug has bit me already and I have yet to compete. =) You ladies ROCK!

way to go, guys! my friend and I have an idea for a triathlon and I think it would be PERFECT for myfitspiration. I think using a play on tri/try would be great! it’s a TRY-athlon. you guys are such encouragers and inspirations that I think people who would NEVER think they could do it would at least try! we’re pulling for a Nashville event so we can volunteer and participate but we know you’re all NYers now!

Nicely done ladies! I did a sprint tri 2 1/2 years ago. It was hard but I finished! My goal is to do another sometime. Need to bite the bullet and set a date.

Congrats! I just started distance running fairly recently. So far I’ve only done a 5k but am currently training to run my first Half-Marathon at the end of September! YIKES! But I’m super excited and already thinking it would be fun to branch out and do a Tri… We’ll see.

Fun video recap! Way to go! You certainly should be very proud. 🙂

I love, love, love to cheer my friends on in their triathlons, marathons, 5Ks, etc., because it’s so inspiring to see all the types of individuals competing in them. It’s amazing, but I must admit that each time I’m on the sidelines cheering, I ask myself, why the heck am I not in this race, too? First things first, the swimming portion of the triathlon’s terrify me! Hannah, you rock for not only doing the swim portion of the relay but for also doing it for the first time in an Olympic triathlon. Anyhow, so maybe you have the right idea by starting out doing a relay…and perhaps, Olivia, if you’re thinking of doing a full one someday, that you start out with a shorter triathlon? My friends have done this one in Albany the past couple years (Pine Bush), that’s I think a 325 yard swim, 17 mile bike ride and 5K. It’s a good course, but certainly not easy! They dread the swimming and one of them even dropped out this year because she didn’t think she could do it (although I know it was all mental for her). Just a thought that you’ve already probably considered I’m sure. 🙂 This has inspired me to get off the sidelines and go out and find a couple relay partners for a triathlon next summer! So kudos again to all three of you! In addition to my awesome friends, you are my biggest inspirations right now, to keep pushing myself along to where I want to be physically, emotionally and mentally!

Hope you feel better, Olivia!


Congrats on the Tri!

I did a century bike ride (100 miles) for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program in 2009 after I had lost 80 lbs! It was such a cool accomplishment! I did it again the following year in Hawaii, but plantar fasciitus prevented me from completing the race. But all-in-all I raised over $10,200 for charity!

I’m so proud of all of you! You are all to inspiring, I had tears in my eyes watching your blog video! It gave me the same feeling when I finished my first half marathon!! SO AMAZING!! good job!!!

I’m running my first ever 5K race in a couple weeks! 🙂 So excited! I have been training for it for a few months now.
You ladies and amazingly inspirational and I am so thankful for your openness to share your journeys with the world! 🙂
Love love love

I did a tri a few summers ago and it was HARD! My goal quickly became not to finish last and I thankfully did not! The thing I was most unprepared for was the transition between bike and run! I had jiggly legs for almost the first mile!

I saw you guys there!! 🙂 🙂 Stood like 2 feet away from Hannah, Irene, Brett, and Mark but they were deep in conversation so I didn’t want to interrupt lol. But it was great to see you all and you kind of made me want to do a triathlon relay style next year! hmmm….MAYBE. We’ll see. Great job!!

Hi girls,

I have to say, this is my first time commenting on ANY blog although I always keep up with the 2 of you. You 2 are so inspirational and I just pray to God everyday that he gives me the power and determination he gave you girls. You girls literally made me cry, you are such a blessing. I don’t know if you got my message via twitter the other day but I have never seen Biggest Loser and unfortunately I only caught this season halfway through. I remember the first time I saw you 2 I was like wow, I hope they rock it out til the end. I believe I started watching when you guys went to New Zealand. Either that episode or when you had your makeovers. I swear, seeing you and Ben I BALLED! How amazing that he lost weight with you and surprised you. I love what you 2 do and hope that you 2 never become to glam and/or forget your fans aka biggest supporters. God bless you and your family and I look forward to hopefully one day meeting you 2 or 3 (would love to meet Ben too) and best wishes!

P.S. This is random, but seriously, there’s a guy that walks his dog in my neighborhood and every time I see him I think its Ben LoL

Ok, I’ll go for real now. XOXOXOXOXO from NC!

OMG! sooo proud of u guys!! u look amazing!!! i was soo excited to see Bret!!! i wish we get to do a myfitspirationthon! tht would be epic!!!
someday i will meet u, i know i will.. its on my bucket list… xoxoxo

Oh look, I saw another Loser in one of the background shots. Ahem. 🙂

AMAZING. I want to do this REAL BAD. When my foot gets back to healing and i don’t clot, or break, or mess up anything else. I AM DOING IT!

Hope you got Ninja a shot or two after.

Hugs and LOVES

I’m participating in my first tri this Saturday! I’m so nervous, but really excited. My goal is really just to finish!

You gals are such an inspiration. On Sept 10/11 I will be doing a 60km walk to End Women’s Cancers. First time ever. Excited and nervous

I joined my mother-in-law with her tri training, a longtime goal of hers. Our first tri is in October. 2 months ago neither of us could swim, but today I swam over a mile! It is such a great feeling to push yourself and discover your true abilities. You three are very inspirational and I can’t wait to experience crossing the finish line at the end of my race! 🙂

Yes! Yes! Yes! You HAVE to do a Myfitspiration Try-athlon! (or half marathon or 10K or whatever) I guess you don’t HAVE to….but it would be awesome! I’m training for my first full marathon right now but I will need something to keep me motivated to continue working out when that is over.

Great job at the tri! Such good inspiration you provide! Thanks again!

Loooove this! I have heard such great things about triathalons. I am a runner but have never ventured into the swimming/biking — but I really want to. Definitely keep us posted on a MyFitspiration tri – I would TOTALLY be down. Great job girls! So impressed!

awesome job ladies!!! congrats on doing your first one!! it’s just one of the greatest feelings…. now if we could just bottle it up and keep it with us to use on those not so great days…

I did a tri a few years ago and I loved it. a lot of work to train since you have to focus on 3 areas and not just one. I think that’s why I haven’t done another, but I really want to! I was so happy and proud of myself when I was done. it is quite an accomplishment for any of us who aren’t hardcore athletes!!

The tri I did was an all women event and at the end of the swim there was steep ledge to get out of the river. They had some fine looking men there wearing bowties around there necks and bathing suits to help us ladies get out of the water quickly. Have to admit, it was quite the nice surprise in the middle of the race! I would highly recommend it if you organize one 🙂

For training, the best thing you can do is practice transitions! My sister had me set my bike and running sneakers, towels, water bottles, etc up in the driveway. I jumped in the pool wearing my race day gear, ran around the back of the house to the driveway and practiced getting on my bike, doing a quick loop around the cul-de-sac and then transitioned to the run. It really helped on race day no to have to think too much about what I needed to do while I was trying to catch my breath and focus amongst the excitement.

I know a lot off people are scared of triathlons because of swimming. Maybe you could also have a duathlon as an option so it’s run, bike, run instead of swim, bike, run.

Thanks again for sharing your fitspiration with the world!!!

Really amazing, ladies. You inspire me everyday. I even started my own blog because I was inspired by myfitspiration. Thank you for making me feel like I can loose weight too. You ladies are so very special!

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