First Things First

Heeellllooo my lovelies! How are you at firsts? First day of school, first kiss, first impressions aaannndd the list goes on! Have you ever met someone who you grew to love but gave the worst first impression? Something to think about. When I was overweight, I always gave an “unhealthy” first impression. You know when people give you the elevator (when they look you up and down) and I’m not talking about men that are checking you out, I’m talkin about straight up judgmental people! They always thought I just sat around on the couch and ate bon bons all day (which is only PARTIALLY true, ahem Saturdays only ;)). Realistically I always thought my first impressions were horrible due to people making assumptions about me due to my weight. The truth is, I made them horrible and never let my fabulous personality shine through because I was so focused on not being stereotyped as the fat chick! I now realize that SO much of that was in my mind. Yes, overweight people DO get treated differently. That’s FO SHO! I never knew men (strangers at that) to open doors for me, give up their seat on the subway for me, randomly ask me out, etc. That NEVER happened to me when I was a heavy gal. I became bitter about that so much so that I dreaded first impressions, always thinking that whatever I was doing was being judged because of my weight. Um, can I just say that being overweight made me a little, um, well…CRAZY…!!

Ok, as I get off track (we ALL know I can get off on a tangent or two!) it’s time for us to OWN our first impressions. Walk into your first day on the job with confidence, meet his or her parents with grace and humility, enjoy that first kiss with no expectations and take these firsts in! Celebrate your first 10 lbs lost even if you have 100 to go, celebrate with your child on their first day of kindergarten (even though you have been up all night crying!). Enjoy them and relish the fact that you are doing something new for the first time!  I started a new position this week at my company (not to worry, I am leading a double life, still doing all things BL too!) and my first day I relished it. Giggled as I walked into my new office, shouted with joy as I put my new dress on that morning which was a first (I have never worn a dress to work…EVA!) and at the end of the day rewarded myself with dinner with a friend followed by a mani pedi, purple please! Yes, there is a lot of work to be done but why focus on the hard road ahead? I have another first coming up. You guessed it…….SPORTS BRA CHALLENGE! I guess if Olivia can talk me into wearing a bikini in front of the world we can do this one together! Let’s celebrate our firsts together and take this thing one day at a time! Here are a few cheesy pics of me on my first day! Tell me about your recent firsts? Or do you have any scary ones coming up? Let’s hear it people!!!


Hannah….aka, BananaPants

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I am having my first FAGE yogurt today! I added extracts and fruit from Olivia’s last post–and I love it!

I also plan on wearing my sports bra on the 29th IN PUBLIC which will be a definite first….not to mention that I’ll be on the beach with my husband that day! I don’t think my stomach has EVER seen the light of day! Bring your sunglasses people, it’s gonna be bright!

Congratulations on the new position at work! You look fab in the dress!! 🙂

WOOOHOOO!! So cool you are joining us on the 29th!! How cool is it that we will all be doing this together on the 29th??? It makes it way less scary….well, maybe that’s a stretch, but you know what I mean. xo

You and Olivia are so inspirational! I started my new job on Monday and relished the opportunity for what it had in store for me. Last night I briefly relished the first e-mail ever from Bl casting, only to figure out it was a glitch in the system. It’s ok though, it is all in God’s hands anyway!!

Hannah, fa b blog. You go girl! You inspire me and our mutual friend, O’Neal Hampton, chimed in the other day about how amazing you are. I am considering the sports bra challenge, only because you wore a bikin! And, today I will cherish my firsts. You rock, sister. Congrats on the new job. I hope to meet you some day.

Yup…a 5K in August. I’ve never exercised but started running (well, jogging) a couple of months ago and now I’m doing a 5K in less than a month! That is a first for me!

Selena check out a podcast on iTunes called Two Gomers Run a Half Marathon (they have since done 2 marathons). Basically, these two guys that had never been athletic decide to run a half-marathon. It is hilarious and really motivating. Makes me want to run official runs again.

That sounds entertaining. I think I’ll have to check it out. I’m prepping to run the Army Ten Miler. This is the 2nd time I’m doing it, but I also took about 6 months off after the last one!

This is so true and something I’ve been working on lately. I recently lost about 50lbs and had 10 to go…then I gained 15! So needless to say I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about myself. So what did I do? Started dressing frumpily (is that a word?!), not doing my hair and makeup, going out in sweats and flip flops…I own my own business – what kind of impression am I making on my potential clients?!?

So I recently decided to suck it up and get up at a decent time in the morning (hard working from home lol) and do my hair and makeup and put on real clothes. I feel SO MUCH better! And I feel healthier, lighter and I snack less. Funny how that works!

Your personality literally LEAPS off the page here!

A heartfelt thank-you to both you and Olivia for being so generous with your time and for sharing so much of what you have learned. The level of inspiration I draw from you both is immense, and I’m deeply appreciative.

I’m a corporate chickie too, and I SO get the “giddy” experience of a new job and new work digs!

Geaded out to buy new sports bras for the challenge… Continue to blow it up BIG, y’all!

You look so cute Hannah! And such an inspiration for single gals like me! Thanks to Biggest Loser I am currently in the process of losing 25 lbs. (halfway through!!) and I’m hoping (if I can get into the dang program) to get my Personal Trainer certificate and change other people’s lives. Thanks for putting yourself out there and proving that anyone can do it!

Congratulations on losing the weight! That’s awesome. I want to lose 30 pounds between June 25 and December 25. It’s definitely a process.

You definitely got this Rebecca. I lost a total of 50 pounds in a span of 4 months. It’s something that you have to set your mind on doing.

My biggest tip is to set small goals for yourself (i.e., 2lbs each week). I found myself getting cocky at times and set the bar higher and tried to achieve losing 5 and sometimes 6 pounds a week — sometimes I did it. Other times I flopped.

It’s possible stay motivated!

Olivia and Hannah, you ladies are such a great inspiration…but I have a confession to make…I’ve lost 38lbs since Jan (yeah me!!)…but I’ve completely lost my mojo, fell off the workout wagon, and gained 5lbs!! HELP!!!! I’m a single Mom with 3 kids (14, 9, and 3) and it being summer, their schedules and me traveling for work have given me no desire to workout. Please help me get back on the wagon!!! Email me or comment here…any advice would be helpful…thank you!

You can do this….you have already DONE it, you just need to finish. Don’t give up. FInd new motivation….sometimes what motivated you in the beginning is not enough and you need to dig a little deeper and find something new. It’s not worth going back….keep moving forward. 🙂

Thank you for responding!! Someone else posted on here the scariness of letting go of the fear of success…and that’s so true of me right now. I was at 201…and sabotaged myself in those old thoughts of worthlessness and ONE-derland is just a dream! Where’s my shovel….time to dig deep!!!

Hannah, Keep up the good work, woman! You and Olivia are both are so inspiring. BTW- the Frog bra–best sports bra since I’m a church secretary I need to wear mine UNDER a shirt!

What a day to log this post! You’re so super inspirational anyway but just when I needed it – here you are with some well timed words of wisdom. I’m going on a first date tomorrow and not feeling quite as trim as I did a couple of months ago. Consequently, I’m stressing about whether the guy will like what he sees. This is pretty crazy, considering he liked me enough to ask me out in the first place but we all know how our minds can tie us up in knots.

So thanks to you, I’m going to suck it up (or in!) and go enjoy my first date, and who knows, maybe a first kiss too!!

Thanks Hannah!
Cathy x

I totally know what you mean about giving off a bad first impression. I know I do it to myself. Even when I was thinner I never had the self confidence to think people would like me. I am just starting to realize, why wouldn’t they like me? I most likely am starting a new job in a couple weeks and I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for the post!

I’ve been an staying at home with my kids for more than two years, and I just accepted a teaching position that will start in one month! I’ve never taught before, but I’m embracing all the challenges instead of my usual fears. The song from Billy Madison keeps playing over and over in my brain.

I soooo get the first impression feelings! I used to weigh 244lbs, and was so embarrassed of myself, most of the time I just avoided functions altogether. Whether it be with people I have never met before or ones I have known for a very long time. I would just rather not be seen. If people didn’t see me, then I wouldn’t have to guess about what they were thinking, or judging. In the last year I have lost 108lbs, and am working on maintaining my current weight. I get it because now I don’t think twice about being seen. Not to sound cocky, but I almost like being noticed now! 🙂

My 25 yr high school reunion was last weekend. I didn’t go because I’m embarrassed about my appearance. Been working out and have lost 24lbs, but it wasn’t enough to make me feel comfortable enough to see everyone again.

I do know that I need to embrace who I am today to get to who I want to be and who I will be in another 70 pounds down, but I couldn’t do it. :O( I was too worried about what my first impression 25 years later would be and that it wouldn’t be a good one.

I love reading what everyone has to say and how they’re changing their lives. It’s good motivation and encouragement.

Hannah! I am so glad you & Olivia are on social media. I hadn’t watched BL in years & then started watching your season online w/ my husband. I find you relateable & I like it.
I have struggled with weight most of my life & have had lower weight parts too. Working my butt to get there but a stuggle to do so. My naturopath recently said it didn’t make any sense as to why I weigfhed what I weigh & got me to get a req for blood work. Turns out, at least since having my daughter 14+months ago, I am now diagnosed w/ Hypothyroidism. So, that is my most recent first. In my mind, for me now, it is at least an answer & something to work with. I have at least another 20 I want to loose…told it is going to take time w/ the thyroid the way it is.

I once heard someone say something along the lines of “people are not thinking about you half as much as YOU are thinking about you” and it is so true! I don’t want to miss out on meaningful relationships and experiences because I am too focused on my insecurities. Thanks for the encouragement!

Hannah: I just love reading your posts, you are so dang funny!! I am so glad that you and Olivia have started this blog. It’s a great motivator and way to still get our purple team fix even though season 11 is over!! I am on a journey to lose 100lbs+ and its great to get continual motivation from people who have done it. Thank you!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on the new position!!

Hannah…I love your spirit and enthusiasm. Life is good and you are embracing it! Are you able to say where you’re new job is and/or what you are doing in it? The very best to you and Olivia!!!


Let me be the “first” to say… or maybe not…hahah… that You and your sister are probably the only contestants I’ve kept up with. I watch BL every year… get inspired… never do anything (mind you)… but… I never keep up with any of the winners or contestants. For some reason, after Olivia won and you placed second… I looked for your facebooks… articles… googled you guys… it was insane.

There is just something about you two. Your dynamic. Your positive attitudes. You never gave up. THAT… is truly INSPIRATIONAL. I wish you both would come back on tv and just give us a peek into your lives. This blog helps me stay on track and gets me inspired to stay positive.

I suffer from type 2 diabetes, and ever since I saw you two… I’ve tried to overcome my issues and keep on track. Anywhoo… just wanted to commend you on your blog, and your dedication to helping others stay positive. You guys are extremely lovely people. Keep it up.

You know what I find myself doing? I judge all those skinny girls out there and think that their lives are just freaking perfect and that they would never want to be friends with a hot mess like myself. What I just recently realized is that being thin doesn’t automatically make people nicer or better people and that I have a lot to offer to this world.

I also recently joined a wellness committee at work, now that’s a first! 🙂 I figured if I am going to try to be a better version of myself, it better be in all areas of my life. So now, not only do I have a support system at home, but I am working towards creating a support system at work! That deserves a double HELL YA!!!!

Thank you so much for your blog and your inspiration. Now, I just need to find the time to sleep, work, eat, and be an awesome momma/wife AND find the time to get moving. I am hoping to figure that out soon. Love everything about this site and what you and your sister are doing! Jennifer, Kalispell Montana.

Love it!!! Such a great idea to get a support system at WORK….we spend 40+ hours a week there anyway….might as well make it a positive place. 🙂

Thank you for posting this..perfect timing! I am SO nervous about my first audition (;-) ) with the casting team for season 13. I don’t think I have ever been so scared about what someone would think of me…there are so many whatif’s going through my mind. I’ll be walking into a room not having to wonder if I’m being judged on my weight. For once I’m going to be looked at for something positive because of my weight! Comforting, much? I hope that I let them see my true, fun personality and don’t let the nerves get the best of me! Thanks SO much to you and Olivia for being such an inspiration and for Cracking me up during BL12. I wish you skinny minis all the best!

Just be yourself and tell your story….simple as that. The rest is out of your control, but if you do those two things you can have peace that you did everything you could. If it happens awesome, if not you have a better opportunity around the corner!! xoxo

I wholeheartedly agree with Ariana (above) ..I went completely nuts with following your facebook-pages and tweets.. there’s just something about you guys 🙂 – mind you, I’m in Iceland and decided to watch the whole series all at once ( took a few days – ehem.. – but I made it) and I completely loved you guys from the start.. 🙂

I would LOVE it if you’d blog about your workouts.. that is; how many hours per day/week do you work out? I’m trying to keep motivated and am doing okay.. I am in the ‘losing’ process, not the ‘maintenance’ process, so I’m guessing there’s more hours to be put in, right? ..deary me.. 🙂

Hope you guys are well!
Love the blog.. I mean: love love love it!

Hey Hannah!! 🙂 I have my first day of college in September, 2000 miles away from home! Its a little scary but I’m looking forward to it! I loved your blog today it really helped me! I’m totally facing my fear and doing the sports bra challenge!! 🙂

I remember last summer when I’d gotten down to my lowest weight. I was almost in ONE-derland! It was the first time I’d seen that low of a number in a while (I started WeightWatchers @ 248.6). Isn’t it the tell tale sign of someone who has struggled with her weight for a long time…you never round the number off…it’s always known to the decimal point! 😛

At any rate, it was my first time getting down that low (201.0)! And I was excited. I felt like I was in a dream, because really – I never thought I’d get down to that number. But rather than going lower and getting closer to my goal weight, I ended up going back up. I think it was a fear of change…fear of success…fear of letting go of the excuses that I used before to not do things/take chances.

And all the while, when I was going down towards that lowest weight, I really didn’t stop to appreciate the changes in my body size/shape. I didn’t see it. Until, that is, I had gained some back and then saw pictures of me at that infamous 201. It was truly a case of “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”. I know it’s not gone, though – I’m working at getting it back every day! I’ve struggled along the way but I think now for the FIRST time, I’m appreciating the work I’m putting into getting there, and STAYING there. 🙂

Thanks for your blog post today, Hannah! 🙂

Hannah Banana… You are so fun!!!! Sure wish you were working at my office, we could go to the gym together at lunch, which is where I’m heading now… Im doing the first ever Sports Bra Challenge wit cha, and any other challenges you and Olivia come up with!!!!


Wow! How many firsts have I dreaded and sometimes dreaded? I have a new one this coming next week. I’ll be teaching 2 lessons during a week long intensive. I have never done this before and to be honest I was PETRIFIED when I first found out. I still allot of weight to lose and I tense up when I’m in front of allot of people. But I’ll take ur advice and savor this big step for me. Thanks so much for how u motivate us all!

Congrats on your new job, Hannah! That’s big stuff; way to be confident!!!

I have two firsts coming up that I am excited about, and trying not to stress over. First, next week I’ve stepped up to teach the next lesson in a Homeschool co-op that we belong to. Me, in front of 10 or so 2-3rd grade boys. How will I keep them attentive and engaged?!?! I’ve taught my own boy for a few years now, but NEVER anyone else’s.

Second, I agreed to run my first 1/2 marathon in Sept. I’ve never gone further than a 10K before, but I’ve got my training schedule, and I’m sticking to it, trusting it will adequately prepare me. Yikes!

Feels good to stretch out of the old comfort zone once in a while.

Your yogurt trick saved me. I hated greek yogurt until I tried adding vanilla extract and cinnamon. Thanks!

I just have to say that I LOVE you and Olivia and am so glad that you two started blogging! I have a first of my own to share. My weight has always fluctuated and I have tried everything to keep it at an even keel but, as all of you know it isn’t easy being a wife, mother, work 5 days a week and keep a fitness plan in place. I have always put myself on a deadline when I am dieting, like I have to be thin for this upcoming wedding or vacation, but that is no longer the case!!! For the FIRST time in my life THERE ARE NO DEADLINES AND NO DIETS!!!!!! I am excercising and eating right because it makes me feel good and in turn it will make me look good as well (and that is always a plus)! I can’t express how much y’all have inspired me to make this first a reality and I thank you for that! Keep up the good work!

First of all I wanted to say that what you both have achieved is truly Amazing and to see that you are both commited to making this a lifestyle choice is absolutely GREAT!! but…..(sorry there has to be one) when you tweet about having to do 3 workouts a day I get upset!!! This is unrealistic to the common person battling with their weight!!! We all lead incredibly busy lives and I just think its a bit unhealthy to be promoting this amount of exercise, when us normal can barely fit in 1 to our daily routine. People will automatically feel deflated because they cannot sustain what you do on a daily basis and therefore not bother. I am all for people eating sensibly/healthy and exercising when they can, its all about commiting to a lifestyle change……. im sorry I just dont think yours is a realistic one and therefore not promoting the right change people need to make..


I completely understand your concern….and I hear you. I want you to take a moment and hear me out. First, I am coming off of a program where I was working out 8+ hours a day….so, for me to workout 2 hours a day feels like a vacation. Will I continue to do that the rest of my life….maybe not. When I left the ranch Dr. H told me that I needed to work out 90 minutes a day 6 days a week…I could do more if I wanted, but due to having a weight problem….which is something I will have to work at the rest of my life that is what I had to do. Second, I am currently training for two separate races…if you follow my tweets I have been vocal about such training. These require more than just your regular gym time. Plus, on a side note I have the time to do it and I enjoy it. I do my best to encourage everyone to be healthy and find balance in their life…I’m still trying to find what that is for me…which I have confesses over and over. For now this works for me and I think it would be a disservice to everyone if I wasn’t honest about what I’m doing. Honesty is the thing I will never forgo. I appreciate your criticism and I will take to heart your suggestions. Thank YOU for being honest.



I am truly amazed and humbled you took the time to reply to my comment, I’m still in shock ha ha!!!. I just wanted to say I am genuinely in awe of your dedication and it wasn’t so much a criticism just an observation that yes you have time to exercise 3 times a day, but most of us don’t, what with working 10 hour days, kids and husbands etc. I would hate for you to take it like that, unfortunately being Scottish I can come accross a bit direct, sorry!! I completely get that all the BL Contestants must find it difficult to know, how much is enough with exercise when its been your main focus 24hrs a day at BL…. Your doing a great job and I appreciate your honesty……

Olivia – That is just the best answer ever ! Seriously, you rock. When you’ve talked about double workouts in the past, I wondered if that was what was necessary and how you avoid overuse injuries. But your answer puts it all in context and it helps me. While on BL and working out 8+ hours you probably built the foundation (and dealt with any weaknesses that could lead to injuries) and now you’re definitely strong enough to have the training schedule of an athlete. You are a total athlete ! Also, given that our bodies are designed to be moving, 90 minutes a day isn’t too much. Desk jobs and recovering from the days stresses at the TV tries to convince us otherwise. I’m not a mom, so I have no idea what that is like, but I do wonder if moms give themselves enough credit for how active they really are. Keeping up with kids must be a pretty constant workout 🙂

You sharing your truth is incredibly inspiring and the information helps tremendously. Thank you 🙂


Sorry, Jo, that came off a bit snippy. I didn’t mean to negate your opinion, just convey that I wasn’t feeling that way, myself.

Hi Hannah!!

Sooo happy yall started this blog. Its nice to keep up with you guys. What is your new job? you look amazing! I just hit the 70 pound mark- 70 pounds off since last august! It feels amazing!

For me, the first was telling my husband my real weight. Its not like I ever thought he was under the impression i was skinny or smaller than him but it was such a big deal to me! To a lot of women I think. Anyways, I couldn’t tell him i was so scared. Finally one day I just told him to guess (Which was hella awkard) and he didnt want to. I ended up writing it on a piece of paper and showing him. (Sorta lame I know) But it feels so liberating! I am not ready to tell the whole world or anything but that was a huge first step towards accepting me for me and know that I am going to lose this weight but its the journey that I am on. And thats ok.

Love you guys! VISIT TEXAS PLEASE!!!


Fabulous dress! I know exactly what you mean by first impressions. I’m currently about 35 lbs heavier then I was before starting college. AND even though my friends tell me I OWN the way I look, I still feel really self conscious when it comes to guys. I get asked to hang out but I always put it off because I’m afraid they remember me the way I was before the weight gain and will be disappointed to see what i look like now. My favorite thing to do is say “oh yea lets hang out in a few weeks when my life slows down” when really I mean.. “ok.. so if I starve myself and go to the gym everyday, maybe I’ll be okay with how i look 2 weeks from now.” (which is never the case)

Luckily, I’ve taken a more proactive outlook on losing weight this summer and fall and have surrounded myself with inspiration such as Weight Watchers Online and Y’all’s Blog 😀

Ps. you can bet your bottom dollar that I plan on participating in the SPORTS BRA CHALLENGE!!!!


I was wondering the same thing about the 3-a-day workouts! Thanks for explaining. I just started following you on twitter, what races are you training for?? I’m currently training for my first FULL marathon! (After running several halves in the past couple of years and gaining about 20 lbs this last year. Yikes!) But that was going to be my next question to you and Hannah – how do you do it? Hannah said she works out, works and does all things BL. We need a day in the life post next so I can figure out how to get my time prioritized! I totally get the part about making it your own and doing what’s best for you. I’ve been trying to figure that out for a while now. Keep it up! It is so tough but look at the progress you’ve made! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I think of you and Hannah many times when I’m working out or need the push to get started.

I’m going to do a few long runs in my sports bra!!! Aaaaah! Rolls, giggles, battle scars and all!!! Omaha, shield your eyes! Or at least put on some sunglasses to avoid the glare of the whiteness! haha

Loved reading your blog today, you are to funnny. I am looking forward to the sports bra challenge a little nervous but ima do it!!

My upcoming first: my kids (twins) start Kindergarten on Aug.17! Sure, I’m a bit scared of how this will change up our routine and add other players into our little bubble of a great life — but I’m also really looking forward to hitting some of those classes at my gym that are smack in the middle of the day! And writing more. And playing golf more. And, and, and… 😉

I really appreciate you sharing more info about yourself. I’ve known a lot of overweight people(many in my family) & always treated them based on how they were towards me. My Mom had weight problems for many years, which led to her having a Stroke 3 years ago. She’s still alive, but entirely dependant on others now. Her weight never changed her from being anything less than a truly beautiful human being. She IS & ALWAYS Will Be the Greatest Woman I’ve ever known.

I completed my first 10K! Did I struggle? yes. Did I finish? yes! I pushed through and a big reason for that was all the inspiration you give to your fans. You are truly wonderful and I always lok forward to getting new ideas, tips, and general motivation from both of you! Thank you so so much! Next stop, Disney Half Marathon in October!! 🙂

H: LOVE this post! I love all things fitness, but also love that you talk about and post about ‘how to be a better you’. I think I’ve heard you are now involved in a new health and wellness program with HCA, right? I think that is so awesome! YOU GO GIRL!

O: I think it is great how much you continue to workout. I love that you’ve found your inner athlete and didn’t stop working out simply because you hit your goal weight or left the ranch. I think it is so awesome that you enjoy spinning and running and don’t do it JUST for weight loss, but for fun AND to be healthy. I think you are INCREDIBLE! Keep going!

Hello Hannah i love your post , i feel the same way all the time …. but i decided to put a end of it … i went to a dietician and i cryed all the hour that i spent with her , because i wasn’t able to take out everything that i had inside of me this last 10 years and to ask for help .
It’s been two week now since i started doing what she said to me and the diet , and i feel great , i feel happy and for the first time in a long time i feel calm , i celebrate every pound and every time that i make the right choice .
I feel more confidente every day.
You and Olivia really and trully inspired me to take the first step , and you did it from the other side of the world because i live in italy …
i mean you 2 girls are really rock stars to me .
i love the blog and i wanna thank you for all your support and help…..

send you a huge hug

purple power 😀

Wow Valentina! Good for you! I had such a similar experience – first in college and then again about 6 years ago. The counselor asked me to explain why I was there and I bawled for the rest of the hour! But I’m so glad I did it and I’m so glad you were brave enough to do it too! I still beat myself up every time I make a bad decision – but your post just reminded me I need to celebrate every time I make the right one. Thanks! I needed that. Keep up the good work, girl!


Hi Laura thank you for you answer i appreciate that , i don’t know how to explain this (my english in not so good :D) but it’s really helping to know that it’s not only me , that this things happen all the time to everybody . You know maybe i am not so wrong , like i am in my head all the time … So thank you very much for your answer
Hope that you have a wonderfull day

So glad that we finally got to hear from miss H! Wonderful advice! I did the sports bra challenge HOURS after you recommended it! It was kinda scary – I felt naked even though I’m blessed with a good tummy. Definitely got some looks especially because I’m not one of those gym “barbie’s,” you know, the ladies who don’t sweat and come to the gym to look nice! I was running HARD at 6.5 mph for an hour and I was red and sweaty so hopefully those looks were
“she’s tough” thoughts. . .

aw Hannah this was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I still have about 40 pounds to lose, but earlier when I lifted up my shirt and looked in the mirror, I can see my waistline more than the start of the summer. Rather than lazing around all day, munching and feeling sorry for myself, I put on some makeup and am heading to the gym soon! 🙂 I love y’all two- such inspiration, or shall I say, fitspiration 😉 !! Come visit Texas!! yeeeeehaw

thanks so much ladies for starting this blog. This is my go-to site for a pick-me-up or just to help me stay on track. Down 12 lbs so I am rejoicing that!
Love to you both

I love this post, Hannah! I’m learning how to stay positive and hold my head up high walking down the street while the weight comes off. I’ve lost some but still have a long way to go, so I still get those bad vibes from some people…which I used to have the tendency to make worse by letting them get to me and want to stay in the house. I still have those moments but they are much fewer than before.

Your first day of work dress is awesome…love the print and blue is my favorite color – well, now tied with PURPLE. ;o) Thank you for the wonderful post! xo

You look mahvelous in your new dress! Thanks for inspiring me every day! I’ve lost 76.2 since September and I can honestly say that seeing you and Olivia succeed has made me work HARD at losing my weight. I have a little more to go, but I’m gettin’ there!

So, I’m living in NYC for the summer, so there are a lot of firsts going on here…
I’m a runner, so what I’d really like to do are two 1st’s (is that a word??) …
Do a spin class and meet you and Olivia. So, if you’re ever back in the city, visiting, shopping, working out.. please! I am scared to do spin, but you both rave about it, so I know I need to give it a try – and with you girls, can you just say, Dream Come True!?
Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

I heard on the show that at the beginning there are contestants with back and other pains. Is that true? I am 5’7″ and weight 272. Can’t believe I even wrote that. I have lower back pain and shin splints – can’t run with those (at this time). Is this the type of thing that goes away as people you know lose weight? My doctor and chiropractor encourage exercise. I am afraid since it hurts and …I am sure I’ll have a heart attack. (I will for sure if I don’t get off my duff). I am so in need of exercise and yet so afraid. Do you know if this is at all common? l Thank you for the blog so I can truthfully people who have been there/done that and know other contestants. Any pain or fear with the BL group???

I also had shin splints and they went away over time. You really have to work through the pain! You can do it and TRUST ME it’s worth it!! I had tons of fear at the beginning of the show and once I changed mentally I began living the fearless life I live today! Completely liberating, you can do that to! TACKLE THAT BEAST!! xoxo

Through completely changing my eating habits and doing basic workout routines, I’ve lost 40 pounds since November 2009. I haven’t lost any weight in a few months, so I decided to start P90X to get back in the game. I’m starting it on the 16th. I haven’t been this scared of doing exercise since I first stepped foot in a gym almost two years ago. I’m positively terrified. The fat girl in my mind keeps telling me I won’t be able to do it: it’ll be too hard, I’ll do something wrong and hurt myself, attempting the vinyasas will result in the end of my life, etc. I keep telling myself I’m not that fat girl anymore, and that this healthier body should be able to give Tony Horton a run for his money. ; ]

Thanks for the thought-provoking post! I’ve never been overweight but I could stand to work on the first impression that I give off (even skinny girls sometimes have the “crazy”!). It’s those inside struggles that are reflected in the way we present ourselves to the world.

I currently live in Japan so first impressions I give represent all of America/western culture (no pressure)! When I first came, I was teetering on the overweight/normal weight line and I felt so self-conscious being in one of the smallest and healthiest countries in the world. I think you’re right, Hannah- I was so insecure about my size that I know I was my own harshest critic – most people seeing me probably weren’t thinking “I won’t like her because of her size.” I still wouldn’t put myself out there and have fun.

I’ve since lost 18 pounds since I came and while I am noticeably smaller and healthier, the biggest change (from what my friends say) has been in my confidence. It is weird and I hate that size has anything to do it, but I’m more comfortable with the size I am now so I’m more comfortable being myself and allowing myself to shine through. Some people can be heavier and outgoing and fun and I’ve always admired that, but that’s not me.

Hannah , you truely have opened my eyes and made me realized that even being 41 its never to late to start.. thank you and olivia for the inspiration ! You both are wonderful
thanks again Melinda

Hannah & Olivia

I want to begin by saying a HUGE thank you to the both of you for remaining true to the strong, passionate, beautiful amazing women you are through the entire BL process. You have learned a lot about yourselves and you have shared your journeys with the world. Your journeys have helped inspire millions of women, including myself. Even though BL is over you continue to shed some light into your lives and prove that it’s not just about the time you’re on the BL ranch but it’s a lifelong change that you have to really want in order to be the healthiest you that you can be.
I have had TONS of first since the summer began. When I got home from school for the summer I began watching BL for some odd reason. I say this because never before had I not only not watched it, but also had no interest in watching it. I was drawn to the show and I think at the beginning I wanted to use the psychology part of my degree to figure out how someone becomes overweight. As I progressed through the show I quickly learned that I related more to those of you on the show than I had ever imagined I would. I too was shoving down my feelings with food. I was hiding from my past with food. What was once my enemy had become my comfort.
My second first…. I began to work out because it was something I knew I needed to do in order to be the best me I could be. Mind you this summer was not the first time I had ever worked out, but it was the first time since I had my back injury while playing volleyball. For the first time in 5 years I stepped into a gym and began my work out regiment. At the beginning I felt like I was going die. I was on the elliptical thinking, “What the trash did I just sign myself up for?” but then I remember how unhappy I was before I started. Now I have lost 15 pounds and I am proud of the weight I have lost but I know I’m not finished and I have an intense journey ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to every moment of it.
I have also learned to dig down deep inside myself and learn what I really want in my life, which led me to moving to NYC this upcoming fall. I have always been the person everyone else wanted me to be and now I am learning to be the person I want me to be instead. I’m now able to tell the people I love the most about the things I want the most.
I’m sorry to have written a novel on ya’lls blog but I felt like I needed to share my journey with you, because you have inspired me the entire way.
Much love
A girl who is still trying to make the most of the life she has been given.

Hannah – Congratulations on the new job and the exciting first day ! I loved your comments about the judging that goes on and how people can rise above it and be their best selves…never hide and pursue your dreams. That’s good stuff ! 🙂 Jen

Hannah and Olivia –

My first blog post!

Hannah, I think you’re fabulous, and I’m glad you had the courage to go on BL and share yourself with the world! :] My husband Bob and I started working out together last August (I call him my drill seargent). I’ve lost 20 lbs (have another 10 or so to go), and he lost 30 (and is now maintaining… and he looks HOT!). We watched your BL11 season and fell in love with you and your sister, and all the BL11-ers actually. What a season! Happy day #2 at your new job! I’m wearing a skirt today, and I NEVAH used to wear skirts!! Size 6 now… I was bustin’ out of a size 10 before. Thanks for your inspiration – you helped inspire me, and I’m truly in awe of your accomplishments!!

Olivia, you’re just as fabulous as your sister, ya big WINNER, you!! 😀 We’re praying for you to have a healthy baby (in mind, body, and spirit) in God’s time. It took us 4 years to have our daughter, and it was so hard to wait… so I totally understand how hard that can be, and my heart goes out to you. But fear not my dear. You have a wonderful husband and I bet he’s awesomely supportive. I really want that prayer answered for you – I know you’ll make a fantastic mommy! (and Hannah will no doubt babysit, riiiiiight Hannah?? ;D) But no fair serving your child green goo on hamburgers for dinner, k? LOL

Btw, our daughter Julie (now 8) joined a marathon program at her school, and ran 1-2 miles per week until she accumulated 25.2 miles, then she ran the last mile of her “marathon” at the Orange County Marathon. So even she was inspired indirectly by you… because she saw us working out, so it seemed like something she should do, too. Thanks for all you’ve done, and keep up the great work(out)!

If you’re ever in Huntington Beach CA, you’re welcome to come for dinner. I’ll make something healthy, I promise! 😀

Thanks for sharing yourselves with us – what a joy you both are!


love the blog you girls started!! you guys were so inspirational on the show, and i’m happy you’ve continued afterwards. i had an exercise question – b/c you guys look fantastic & that you’re at your goal weight, but Olivia is always tweeting about working out like 3x’s a day – and i was always thinking it sounded so excessive. i’ve been listening to jillian michaels podcasts and how once you reach your goal weight, if you overexercise, you overtrain your body, and how it can be counter-active. i was just curious as to why olivia works out as often as she does at this point. and congrats on the new jobby job Hannah! what are you doin now?

Here’s a first… I signed up to run a half marathon in Miami in Jan. 2012. I convinced my neighbor to do it, too. We will start training some time in September. Can’t wait!

I’m a newby to blogs, but I love this one. I watched these awesome sisters on Biggest Loser as they transformed . In fact I compared myself to their weight being the same & lost right along with their inspiration! I’ve lost right at 65 pounds, and I have 30 to go! I am so happy I found their blog, the advice and videos and recipes and challenges is such a great help! I look forward to more! Bring it on! Hungry for more motivation. Luv U.

Heyyy Hannah! Thanks sooo much for taking the time out to make these posts. I can totally relate to how you felt as a former thick girlll! I’m 23 years old, and i feel like i’m missing out on soo many of my “firsts” in life because i’m biggg, and intimidated by mostly, welll everyonee. lOl.I care so much about what they think of me, and i feel like all they see is this fat girlll and not the realll me hiding inside this body! I feel the exact same way you did. It’s been like 4 yrs since i’ve been on a real date, and i’ve lost so much confidence in myself. I’m trying to get motivated to loose the weight, but for some reason i can’t ever get past 20 pounds. It’s like i can’t see myself thin, and get over whatever it is that’s holding me back. It’s encouraging to know you’ve been there, and that you were able to overcome.. Thanks for sharing! Any tips?!

Hi girls! Love your blog! It looks like there’s going to be a nice group of commenter’s participating here as well. I started my weight loss journey at the end of May and have lost 10 pounds, with about 80 to go. I don’t have a lot of support here in my life, so I’m so glad to have found such a fun, supportive group 😀

First of all, I love that you ladies have decided to do a blog. Following your journey on television makes us all feel like we “know” you and its nice to see you both succeed even after the cameras stop rolling.

I made the decision to change my life a few months ago. I changed my eating habits and started working out. I droped 20 pounds rather quickly over a two month period. Since then I’ve hit a “wall” so to speak. I lose a few pounds…then I gain the back…then I lose them again…and then back. Its beyond frustrating.

I decided Its time to bust through this wall so I upped my workouts. Started doing more intense workouts for longer periods of time. My muscles feel it…and my body literally HURTS. It hurts to walk up stairs…it hurts to sit…to stand…you get the picture. How do you deal with the intense pain? I’m hoping that this will go away once my body starts to get in better shape, but its extremely difficult to work out when the most simple things make you want to scream in pain.

Anyways, you both are a joy and an absolute delight to watch and read about. Take care!!!

Melissa you should try ice baths after your workouts. It’s hell but it helps. Jillian Michaels just talked about them on a recent podcast (The Jillian Michaels Show on iTunes). I heard about them about 6 months ago from anthoer podcast. Just thought.

Hey pretty girls- i was wondering if you ladies tried to ‘eat clean’ or do you just focus more on getting your fruits and veggies in and not worry about them being organic or not….same with meat- do you go free range or just as long as its lean you’re fine with it….maybe you girls could do a blog thats about ‘day in the life of hannah and olives daily diet”…..would love to hear how you’ve maintained

Hey everyone! I’m in the process of re-watching BL11 just because I love my purple girls so much. I watched week 6 last night, and I was so touched when Olivia lost 16 lbs. and blew past the 220s. I could totally relate to getting stuck at the 220s many many times. This morning at my weigh-in, I got pas the 220s too! Twice in two days I was brought to tears at the passing of 220s! Next goal is under 200 by my birthday, so I’m looking at about 3 lbs. a week on average. I’ve been in the 200s for at least 10 years. ONEderland I’m coming for you! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

hi everyone!
i’m so happy i found out about this blog! i’m from italy and bl11 was the first biggest loser season i have ever seen (i had to watch it via internet ,i can’t believe i didn’t know about this fantastic show!) and i absolutely fell in love with it, along with the purple team of course!!!
i agree with you hannah about the thing about judjment from other people, and losing weight can really boast your confidence! I lost 50 lbs and i need to lose my last 10 to be in the perfect bikini shape, but mos of the time i still feel like the overweight-worth-nothing girl (and probably a lot of the girls here agree) and being a “new addicted” of this blog, i would LOVE to get a prospective on how the lovely Jillian and Bob helped you on the inside helping you gaining your confidence and really understaning that you have the power to change everything.

I second that motion Roberta! I think that is one of the hardest part of losing weight. I know how to work out and meal plan. I don’t know how to turn off the hurtful, counterproductive thoughts floating around in my head.

I started crying when I read your blog and one of the firsts was your child’s first day of kindergarden b/c my son’s first day is in August! I’m such a sappy and emotional person. I cry just thinking about it. I’m also trying to lose weight and I’ve lost 15 lbs so far (my first 15!) and hope to keep it off and add more to that # lost! Love the dress and congrats on your job! Keep inspiring w/ Olivia b/c sometimes that what some of us need in this world to keep pushing forward!

more posts more posts more posts please!!! i really do like your blog a lot but if yall could find a way to post more regularly, i would loooove it 🙂 PS Hannah you’re ROCKING that dress!!!!

I just put your blog on my google homepage : ) you are so inspirational to me and boy do i sure need it now! Thanks for the post about Fage, i added strawberries and a little bit of Kashi and thought I was eating some yummy decadent dessert. I have been walking past it at Costco for a long time now so i am so glad you had that post of encouragement. I would love to see some more of those type of post, it seems I am always looking for a yummy healthy food idea that is easy to prepare, and I am sure you learned a bunch of those on the ranch. Since they really don’t show a lot of food education on the show I look forward to hearing about it. Thanks for this great blog!

I just want to thank you so much , Hannah and Olivia, for being so inspirational for so many of us who seem to be battling the same issue.

If you have time, I would eventually love to see a blog about a day in the life or a week in the life of a Biggest Loser contestant including what and how much you eat, work out, sleep, and what you are allowed to do during down time (if you have any). On a two hour show, it is hard to get a feel for what you are actually doing. Also, I would love to see what you are eating now – either tweeting what you eat like Bob did or putting some examples on your blog. (I have already started eating Greek Yogurt daily thanks to ya’ll’s suggestions!)

Lastly, for Hannah, you were beautiful walking onto the ranch, but when you left, you really had the confidence to go with it. Have you ever considered going on a show like the Bachelorette to find love now that you are in a place where you are comfortable with yourself?

Again, Thank You for posting this blog! I love feel like we are able to continue with you on this journey!

Ok… here is a GREAT first….
I got the Biggest Loser 30 day Jump Start book!!!
and TODAY was my FIRST DAY!
It has been awesome!
Yummy-healthy food! Great workout on my treadmill and the other excercises in the book…
hopefully the FIRST day of an AMAZING journey towards a full and healthy life!
You and O are such an inspiration!
I am doing it! 29 more days to go until my “personal finale”….
Thanks for sharing your journey with us!


I hope you read this because I am just so grateful that you were a part of my life every tuesday night this last tv season. I have watched biggest loser every since it started, but this is the first time I have ever connected with someone. Every word that came out of your mouth could have come out of mine. When you talked about hiding from people you knew in high school and feeling so ashamed, it just resonated so much with me. On top of of being so inspirational in your weight loss efforts, you and Olivia displayed such grace as people, that it made this season so much more fun to watch.

I just wanted to thank you because I have lost 50 lbs since I started watching you. I still have 50 more to go, but I am so much healthier and more importantly, happier than I have ever been in my whole life. Thank you for making me believe I’m not nothing. Thank you for saving me.

My first will happen Sept 11. I am running in my first 5k for Children’s Miracle Network. I am 45 years old. 9 months ago I weighed 272lbs and couldn’t hardly walk a block – now I am almost under that 200 number and can run 3.2 miles. Amazing!! BL11 played a huge part in my journey as I lost weight right along everyone on the show.

Hey Hannah,
i was so inspired by you and your sister on the show and then this web site, so awesome!!!
i have been doing somethings for the 1st time recently such as, my 1st longest run (3.8 miles) and my first time running in the pouring down rain. we have pictures of both of these things that i would love to share with you but don’t know how, if there is a way let me know. 🙂 Also this is my first time writing on your blog…or any blog for that matter. Running also is something new for me as of March. I even have a purple shirt to wear to support the purple team!!
thanks for being so awesome!!!
hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Hannah
I have to say Season 11 was my favourite season. I watched you and your sister succeeding each episode. I was so proud of you too. you too inspired me to help others to achieve their goals. what I find very difficult is that people who I try to help want fast result, I tell them all the time it will take time but you will see difference.
I work in a recreation centre, I am not a trainer but I love to help people lose weight. I am female/ Age 31 tomorrow, I workout 5 days a week. About a year ago I bought all the Jillian Michael’s and Bobs DVDs. I wanted to look good for my wedding.
I continued doing the workouts by myself then I decided to run the dvd in the party room where I can get people interested. I slowly got the residents interested in these dvds even the guys who they thought these dvds are only for girls to do. after completing all the dvds I looked for something harder then I came a cross a Dvd called “Insanity” ofcourse the workout goes with the name Insanity, it was very very difficult even for me, I am not sure if you ever tried them but its fun and very challenging. Now I have about 10 residents that they come more regularly which motivates me to workout as well.
I remember every time the biggest loser was on I would watch it just before our Insanity workout , that would motivate me even more to work harder and get the people to keep going.
Good luck with both of you. I wish you all the best.

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