Are you ready for a CHALLENGE???

By this point you know we LOVE a challenge….and since leaving The Biggest Loser we are starting to go through challenge withdraw. Well, maybe that is stretching it a teeeeeny bit….no one looks good in a wetsuit and a helmet. Remember New Zealand?? For real.

As you know we are both crazy about spinning and we spend a lot of time at SoulCycle in NYC. I think they might just start charging us rent any day now. We have so many favorite teachers at SoulCycle but one of our all time favs is Jenny Gaither. Her classes are…to coin Irene’s favorite phrase “balls to the wall!!” It is awesome music, big energy, and a HUGE sweat….which is why we find ourselves signing up early for her classes before they quickly fill up.

So, we were in her class the other day and she spontaneously threw the gauntlet down to all of us riders and gave us a challenge! Let’s put it this way….it is my (Olivia) personal NIGHTMARE…but I’m gonna do it anyway….I preach overcoming all the time right? This is gonna be one of those “put yo money where yo mouth is”. Oy!

Are you curious about what she said?? Check out the video to find out…..

Olivia & Hannah
Ps. check out Jenny’s Twitter….and how to find her on SoulCycle!

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OK – No way I’m going in public in my ugly, enormous, Enell sports bra, but I will totally hit the treadmill at home in my sports bra and some tiny shorts! Fun 🙂

Ah!! I understand how it could be liberating lol but I am nervous that I will disgust everyone else working out at the gym. Right now my stomach is where I carry most of my weight. My stomach is pasty and has giant purple stretch marks. I don’t know if I could go to the gym in just my sports bra ( and pants haha), BUT I do want to take some sort of step forward. Maybe I will go swimming in my pool in the backyard in my sports bra during the day?? Now, all my neighbors CAN see into the backyard…so it’s still going to be liberating lol Sound like a good compromise??

P.S. I’m an (aspiring) opera singer, too!! I just graduated from college with a degree in vocal performance. I sang Va! on my junior recital! Also, two years ago the doctor told me I probably had PCOS. I’ve definitely lost a lot of confidence on stage because of my weight gain and feel like it has hindered my music making…a lot. Anyway, all that to say I have really connected with you Olivia from the get go!!! Also, I love a good laugh and joke around a ton so, I felt like I had a ton in common with Hannah, too!

I love you girls!


No way will you disgust people….as a matter of fact you will probably inspire tons of women! congrats on the voice degree…welcome to the crazy club! 🙂 xo

First off, Congrats on the degree – I graduated with a music ed degree a couple years ago and am thinking of going back for my vocal performance degree. Second, you won’t disgust anyone! I’d be inspired by you – heck I’m already inspired. I run a 5 mile trail around a local municipal airport – and I think the next time I head over there, I’ll be in my sports bra!

OMG! I love how you both interact with each other. Have you though about doing your own reality show???? Please.. Okay so I am going to do this and I have giggly bits so it will be from my home.. I have the moo moo hanes shirt on as we speak. Love Love Love you both so much it was my favorite season on BL!

I think that is such a great idea seriously. You two talk together so naturally and honestly that it comes out hilarious most times. My very favorite season on BL by far and because of you two comedians with the truth. A screen writer couldn’t make up what you two say!!! LOL LOL maybe interviewing exercising people … maybe trying things that take trust for the first time to inspire it… maybe a talk show (talk with Oprah – no kidding). I’m sure you two know much better that I what would work. Any verbal playoff between you two naturally and in honesty would be so fun to watch for me — except a teaching show on cooking (hate to cook).

Olivia — I absolutely LOVE that you see your excess skin as a battle scar. Be proud to show it off. A few years ago I lost a bunch of weight (for no explained reason, it really worried my doctors, family and myself) and got a lot of excess skin. I started wearing body slimmers to cover it up. Also, I love how much of a NORMAL person you are. Most regular people can’t afford skin removal surgery, so you wearing yours is a great inspiration for everyone else.

Just saying…if you want to get that loose skin gone then do a travel medicine trip to Thailand, India, or for plastic surgery to Brazil. It’s very affordable especially compared to anything in the USA and the surgeons are top rate if you check out the various facilities. You recoupe on a beach (for real!!!) OH MY GOODNESS!! If Olivia and Hannah decide to do this then make it a documentary… or a show for Oprah or.. for else whoever does that. Huge audience I think. look at all the fans you two have plus all the BL fans!!

What a great challenge and I will be in FL at the beach on July 29-perfect place to be running around in a sports bra and shorts!

Okay, girls, easy for you to say because you’re BUFF & AWESOME! I love a challenge, and I loved you two to pieces, but honestly, would you have done that a year ago?

Actually, if you think about it….what were we doing a year ago….standing in front of 10 million people on national TV in nothing but our sports bras! 🙂 I know it is hard and we were on a TV show, but trust me it didn’t make it any easier. If you don’t want to do the sports bra, how about a tank top or some other gym outfit that puts you out of your comfort zone a little. It’s all about embracing where you are in the journey and working toward a goal. Don’t you want to do it with us just a little bit?? xo

I can see that. I was being prideful thinking of my “wings.” I could start with a tank top … and shorts ;O )

Ok…that sounds like one heck of a challenge!!!! I have lost nearly 50 lbs and all of my “loose” skin is in the middle!!! Makes me nervous letting it all flop around but I will do it…;)

Ah man…I’m just getting started and I thought “Cool a challenge from the sisters.” Don’t you have a car for me to pull?

Hahahahahahaha!!! Well, this was a WAY cheaper challenge…..we are on a budget here at, BUT if I ever get any extra cars….I’m calling you first. 🙂

Im going to participate in the challenge with you guys!! Wearing a sports bra running in my neighborhood!!!

Yes! I will do it! I have lost 25 lbs since Jan and have soooo wanted to wear a bikini this summer, but have been to chicken! 3 pregnancies in 3 years, and now the weight lose has not been kind to the skin on my stomach, but you are right! They are battle scars and i will bare them with you! Will be running in my neighborhood on the 29th, wearing just my sports bra!!

I already work out in my sports bra sometimes at the gym (and my abs are definitely not poppin’). I think that it goes beyond just being comfortable in your own body, but instead focusing on not judging others. I think if we weren’t so afraid of being judged by other women at the gym (because let’s face it, chances are we judge each other more harshly than men at the gym do), we might be more comfortable to work out in our sports bra.

So while I totally accept this challenge, I think we should take it one step further and challenge ourselves to accept the bodies of choices of other fitness inspired women without fear and judgement. 🙂

I already work out in my sports bra sometimes at the gym (and my abs are definitely not poppin’). I think that it goes beyond just being comfortable in your own body, but instead focusing on not judging others. I think if we weren’t so afraid of being judged by other women at the gym (because let’s face it, chances are we judge each other more harshly than men at the gym do), we might be more comfortable to work out in our sports bra.

So while I totally accept this challenge, I think we should take it one step further and challenge ourselves to accept the bodies and choices of other fitness inspired women without fear and judgement. 🙂

I LOVE that you are challenging us! But, I am just starting to brave the gym in a tank top as opposed to a “tent” so I will NOT be seen in public in a sports bra. However, I will do something at home in it. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Haha!! Oh dear. I will spend some time on our deck in my sports bra and shorts. Gotta get some sun somehow! Eventually I’d like to be riding my bike in a sports bra top… but my belly just ain’t there yet. 😉

It’s my worst nightmare, too, Olivia. I hate my body, even though I know that I’m pretty fit, so I’ll do whatever it takes to get one step closer to accepting my body for what it is and accepting myself for who I am. I love this.

I really do need to get another sports bra…I am still squeezing into the one I wore in middle school…and I am 28 now, and my boobs are definitely bigger than they were back then…

I like the pretty new ones in cool colors…I will try…

A sports bra from MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! Oh, honey….its time to go shopping!!! 🙂 My favorite past time. You will have to post a picture of your new sports bra!! xo

I don’t know about going out in public, but I’ll sport my sports bra in the house! You got it girl! I’m gonna let my flabby hang out and be proud. Even if my kids laugh at me.

Also, could use some tips on where to find good supportive sports bras for a thrifty price. We’re on a tight budget with a family of 5 here.

P.S. You ladies are amazing! Thanks so much for the inspiration to keep moving!

Oh my word! Yall are NUTS!

Ok, I’m nearly convinced to take that challenge, and just so you know, that means I’ll be running around our neighborhood park for a good long while. I’m sure to get some wild looks from the older crowd out for their morning walks.
Crazy is contagious isn’t it…

I’m 255lbs and started going to the gym recently…I always wear just my sports bra…granted its one of those long ones that covers my stomach but its still sport bra-esque on the top! Trying to boost that confidence while I kick some butt! And I just wanna say after 2 weeks of spin…I’m in love! LOVE LOVE LOVE spin 😀

okay, yall look great, but the rest of us dont. dont get me wrong, it was YOU girls who inspired me to oose weight. ive lost 30lbs and im still going. but like olivia said, ive got loose skin hangin’. i had 3 babies and so i have stretch marks too. lucky for me though, i have a treadmill in my living room, so i can do the sportsbra challange!!! will be thinking of you both the whole time 🙂

I’m game! I don’t belong to a gym so it will have to be an ‘at home challenge’ but even at home I’m self conscious. So stupid, I know!

And from one web/graphic designer to another (Norah/Ben), I love wordpress!!!

You gals are SO inspiring!
I am JUST recommitting to getting in shape and I have a LONG way to go!
not up for the sports bra challenge yet….
still dealing with the challenge of getting my brain to release me from the who I used to be!
Wish you lived closer and we could “do lunch”….
your positive energy is contagious!
Did you have tough days? down days? how did you deal with that on this weight loss journey???
Keep the fun coming!

Whoa, my anxiety level just went through the roof, ladies! I have about 10-12 more pounds I want to lose but it is literally ALL in my belly for the most part. Friday is my yoga day and I have a group of yoga buddies I do the class with, so I’ll say that I will take this challenge IF I can get my friends to do it, too. If you’ve met my friends, you’d know that this will be nearly impossible and many of them are skinny girls! I do love the idea of buying a cute new sports bra though, since let’s be honest, what’s the point if no one actually sees it! 😀

Im game!!! This sounds fun. I went to Hot Yoga a few weeks ago in my sports bra and sure I felt self conscious image. It was nice to see me for me and to see my progress physically and with being ok with my self image.

Oh Boy, You’re really asking a lot! All the people at my gym are competitors in body building and figure competitions. I am the least fit person in the whole gym. I always wear a t-shirt. No tank tops. No tight shirts….. I’m scared.

You girls are so awesome and I love you both to death…so I’m going to trust you. Expect my sports bra pic on the 29th!

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! You show those bodybuilders what’s what!!! I’m so excited you are doing this with us….totally awesome!! 🙂

Holy cow, sistas. I saw this post and thought, “Oh yes! A spinning challenge? I LOVE IT!” But then you threw me a curveball — GAH. I get super self conscious about wearing a sports bra at the gym, but more because I feel like people will think I’m TRYING to draw attention to myself than because of how my stomach looks. I’m down to my last 10 pounds to lose, so I’m pretty happy with how I look at this point! Just working on toning up and getting rid of the little bit of extra flab around my thighs and belly. I will do this challenge…probably…but what do I do when a bunch of guys (or worse – GIRLS) at the gym start staring me down like I just walked in and said, “Who wants to do me?!”


Ha!!! We threw you a curve ball!!! All I can say is this….I used to think people were staring at me all the time when I was at the gym….then I realized when I was at the gym that it was all in my mind. AND truly when I thought about it most people don’t pay attention to basic traffic signals, so chances are they won’t even notice you in your sports bra. BUT we will know and we will be cheering you on the whole way!! xo

Tabitha, that’s one of my biggest fears too. I’m so self-conscious. I don’t like people to look at my body – I feel like I always have to be covered up. I constantly find myself tugging at skirts that are knee length, trying to pull them down.

OK… so in the interest of public safety (because anyone viewing my belly just might be blinded for life) I will take you up on your challenge… from home. Hey… I don’t wanna get sued for blindin’ someone for life… just sayin’… but I’m in… LOL

Olivia & Hannah,

you guys are soo amazing and inspirational. I just turned 28 and have lost 25 lbs so far learning from both of you. I am a fellow Astorian and would like to participate in the sports bra challenge at soul cycle with you guys. But I am also very intimated by spin class as I have never tried it in a class setting. I still have about 40 lbs to lose so I think this would be a great step for me and something that I can push myself with and also gain some confidence. Is it the one in Union square that you will be attending? Need some motivation!

Howdy neighbor! We will be spinning at the Union Square SoulCycle location on the 29th! Yes, you have to come….it’s gonna be a blast! xo

I need to do this for myself but literally am in need of some serious pushing. I’m getting the newbie jitters about spinning! I try to do a walk to ditmars every day but have to build myself up to jogging which has not been so successful. So hoping spinning will be my new addiction. Need a little help not to lose motivation after a 25lb loss. Please help!

A flopping belly is a bit painful! I’ve already lost almost 100 lbs, and I still have flop that needs to be – er – compressed – for me to run efficiently. I love the concept, though.

So, I’m not to the point yet that I could go in public with just a sportsbra and my bottom garments, however I will definitely do my Last Chance Workout video at home in just my sportsbra, just for y’all! Good luck with y’alls endeavor on July 29th and I will keep checking back to see how it went! P.S. Y’all look FABULOUS & y’all definitely inspire tons of people each & every day! =)

Oh my lanta you two are super crazy 🙂 Very proud of you both for agreeing to bare your bellies! I will definitely take up the challenge but do it in my living room and hopefully summer 2012 will be my time to show off my tummy. *Fingers crossed*

Thanks for your blog post Hannah and Olivia. One of my struggles is finding things to wear at the gym and in fact on my weight loss vision board in my kitchen I’ve put a picture of a tank top because it would be so much more comfortable to work out in that but I’m too self conscious and overweight. If you could tell your pre-BL self something about what to wear to work out in now, what would you say? It’s so hard. I was thinking that I would modify the challenge and just for that one day, the 29th of July, go to my workout in a sleeveless top. Although not quite the sports bra challenge, it would be a scary thing to do all the same. I don’t even go out my door without covering up as much as possible and I live in Phoenix where it’s 107 degrees today! Does that modification work for ya’all?

Also, I’d love to hear more information about spinning. I do a lot of group fitness classes at the gym but am intimidated by cycle classes. The bikes seem complicated and uncomfortable and all the people in the class are SO fit! What is it really like to get started when you’re overweight and out of shape? I know you are both so athletic and beautiful now but what was it like at first?

Thanks again!

Don’t be intimidated by the spin bikes….they are really very basic. I always tell people to get to class a little early and introduce yourself to the instructor….they will help you set your bike up etc. Yes, your back side will be sore after your first class…and maybe even the second. BUT, it gets better so quickly and will soon become one of your favorite go to cardio classes. Hannah and I did tons of spinning at the ranch, and in the beginning when we were too heavy to run spinning was a great way to get in low impact cardio. Also, in the classes you can modify everything….work at your own pace….soon enough you will be at the head of the class! 🙂

Aww…thanks so much for your encouragement Olivia! I am so impressed with you and your sister! Not just for your remarkable accomplishment, but also for the blessing you are to all of us. I love that you care enough to respond to us and care enough to encourage us…even though you’ve never met us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m embarrassed to make friends because of my weight but you and Hannah make me feel so much less alone. Thank you for your encouragement and I’ll let you know how it goes on the 29th and how I do trying out spin/cycle…I take courage in your reply! Thanks!

i think thats a cool idea about the sports bra challenge but me personally dont feel comfortable because my stomach holds most of my weight and i weigh 208. maybe when i get down to my goal weight of 145 ill end up doing that. (:

I accept the challenge!

And to be completely honest? my very first thought was not about my stomach being the jiggly-est area of my body, which it is.

And it wasn’t about how I always cover it up since I’m about 60 lbs. over a healthy weight. Nope!

My very first thought was: YIKES!!!! my tummy is about 10 shades whiter than the rest of my body! someone get me that bottle of spray tan!!! I know I have it around here somewhere…

also, I’d like to say hi for the first time and tell you both that you are SO amazing and inspiring. I am so thankful that you want to “pay it forward” to the rest of us through this blog and tweeting, etc. It’s all very much appreciated!

This is no way I’m wearing just my sports bra out in public (think of the children!!!!!!!), but I have a HUGE hangup about wearing a tank top even though I really want to while I’m running. So I’m going to buy a running tank top and wear that for my neighborhood run. After losing 40 pounds I’ve just gotten brave enough to wear shorts.

Ok, that is a great compromise….running tank it is! You get it….it’s not so much about the sports bra as it is about getting out of your comfort zone. You go!!!

Absolutely!! You are on I can’t wait to do this challenge. This is what I have been waiting for a goal that inspires me to push myself to my limits. Thanks girls you two are great motivators.

OMG I was just looking at some cool colorful sports bras at the store the other day and thought man I wish I had the guts to wear those at the gym…and here is the sad part …I’m in really good shape… I’m just very conservative and a little shy….but darn it you’ve thrown out the challenge and I AM GONNA DO IT… I have a bottoms off class that day and I’m gonna do it… I’m with you girls… THX… love you guys!!!!

I don’t think anyone would even notice if I wore my sports bra. I lost 13 lbs last month and I swear it all came from there =(. I had nothing to begin with…now I feel even worse about my body.

I had the same issue until I found Moving Comfort “Alexa” style sports bras. They are a small miracle for those of us not naturally gifted. ;). Got mine at

I know how you feel, I went from a C to being barely a B (seriously, I’m thisclose to being an A cup) but its about embracing what you have@ Be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. Bigger boobs aren’t everything, you can still be hot and not have much! I’m still working on this, BUT, 90% of looking and feeling sexy is believing it yourself, the other 10% is the work you put into having a healthy, fit body!

Yep, less than an A here, after a 35lb loss last year. BUT…I can run 10K in under an hour and I can do 30 pushups in a minute. There is more to life than cleavage!!

Here’s to loving ourselves as we are!

To add to that, I’m a D cup, and they just get in the way when I run and work out. Want some of them? LOL 😉

=D Nah, I’m good with the girls. They may not be very decorative, but they’ve been dependable when I needed them.

Thanks though! Lol!

Well, Jo, if it makes you feel any better – yesterday I went on a 5 mile run in my running skirt and sports bra. I forgot to rub body glide on my thighs and they chaffed like nothing else – and then when I was in the shower I felt my one boob burn with the soap. Upon looking at it closer, it’s not just chaffed, but cut from my sports bra as well. However, I did do 5.23 miles in 1 hour 1 minute and 30 seconds!

Awesome, you did it!!!! Go Rebecca! But YOUCH! Good excuse to buy new bra?!?!?

I ran yesterday morning (in a t-shirt, havent worked up the nerve yet), and I saw a lady out running in a body-hugging purple running tank and purple headband and bike shorts. I so wanted to go ask if she was doing this challenge, but I couldnt catch up. I was finishing up and going uphill and it was HOT…

I only have 3 Sports Bras. Our local Fleet Feet is having a Ladies Night Out, as we prep for the Lady Distance Classic here. That means there will be a SALE on sports bras and shoes and other running equipment. It’s about time for new running shoes too! Maybe they’ll have a purple one……

Perfect, love buying new workout stuff. What distance are you training for?

I bit the bullet and agreed to do a 1/2 marathon in Sept. Never done more than 10K before, though I don’t do many races. I run more just to get alone time, as I’m a homeschooling mom and swept up with that stuff most days.

I am training for the Army Ten Miler – which is in D.C. in October. I did buy a new sports bra – let me tell you, I was SHOCKED when they told me what size sports bra I needed. I wear a size 36D regular bra but am into a 36DD or 36 DDD depending on the style sports bra. I did like how it felt though – PLUS it looked good. Unfortunately, for my size girls, they didn’t have any purple ones. So, I ended up buying one in Seaglass Green.

When I signed up for the ATM, we were given an option to sign up for the Focus-N-Fly marathon training program. That’s what I’ve been doing!

I would totally participate in this challenge if I could, but I’m in Japan! It’s enough of a scandal if I wear a tank top and my shoulders are exposed.

Sarah – I feel your pain! I lost 20 pounds and definitely lost boobage and some butt. Surely your pants fit a little better? And hey, you’re probably healthier now than you were 13 pounds ago! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Hi Ashley,

I’m also in Japan and I’m thinking about doing this. I run in tank tops everyday now and I don’t care what people think (I am caucasian so maybe that makes it a little more acceptable). I’m thinking about running on the streets of Tokyo in nothing but my sports bra (and pants) next Friday morning. It won’t be pretty (given I weigh over 180 pounds) but I don’t care, it’s always fun to challenge yourself.

I actually planned to do something similar before I saw this blog post. You see, over the past year, I’ve lost about 50 lbs. When I started losing weight, my husband and I had been talking about putting in a pool. I said that my goal for my weight loss would be to lose enough weight to look good in a bikini. If I accomplished my goal, it would be the first time EVER that I’ve felt comfortable wearing a bikini. Fast forward a year: our pool installation started yesterday and I’ve got two cute little bikinis to wear in it! I’m so excited. I’ve also started wearing tighter clothes (running tights/capris and exercise tanks) to work out. It reminds me of how far I’ve come and encourages me to make good decisions about food, etc. No way I want to show up at the gym looking like those nice, new workout clothes are getting too small.

remember that old saying “its all fun & games until someone pokes an eye out” well that is because no one and I mean no one wants to be in the vicinity of my “boob area” if an Enell bra snap were to suddenly bust loose….. it could cause serious injury and possible blindness
so with that being said…about this challenge….i am willing to commit to wearing a fitted “purple” tank on july 29th… plus when you are wearing only a sports bra and your a size “36tripleOMGDidyouseethosebazookas” people notice…..

thank you both for inspiring me to SPIN SPIN SPIN….its been 9 days since i started at YAS and i have been 6 times and done 2 of the YAS classes(1/2 hr spin 1/2 hr yoga)…i never knew sweating was this much fun!

loving your blog!
loving you guys!
i feel like i get to hang out with you two fun & funny girls!

How about we make this an international challenge? I’ll be representing here in the UK!

I do love an excuse to go out and buy new work out gear. 🙂

Totally am going to do it! I’ve been wanting to do it forever but have never had the courage to do it. Right now, I wear a shirt I cut the sleeves off of and the arm holes have like, torn so that you can see my sports bra and sides and stuff but that’s it. I’ve lost 90lbs in the past year, I’m 20 away from my goal weight. My friends all say I look absolutely amazing, though most of them don’t believe I have 20 more pounds left to lose. They really help out my confidence and make me believe sometimes that I really am pretty. I’m skinny, but built like a truck because of all the sports I’ve played competitively and the weight lifting that came with it, but I don’t normally feel sexy. I’m gonna take this challenge and run with it. Won’t chicken out!

Also, I’m running my first race (1/2 Marathon) in March, maybe I’ll even run that in a sports bra, no shirt!

I took you up on this…this morning for my run. In Prospect Park. Where – unbeknownst to me in advance – there was a bike race going on, so a lot more people than I’d expected. This also involved riding on the subway and changing trains TWICE. Yes, I was self conscious. To the point where when a guy was simply trying to ask me if the gym was open this early I glared and kinda snapped at him. But you know what? No one really cared. Especially when I got into the park, no one I passed or who passed me gave me any weird looks. Just the standard waves and nods we runners tend to give each other. Thanks for pushing me to try it!!

FYI, here’s a pic. I’m nowhere close to my goal weight, but I’ve lost about 40 pounds in the last year.

Okay… I’m going to forward this information to my boot camp instructor. Maybe, just maybe, she will announce this challenge to the class. If some of the ladies are in, I’m in! I promise to take a pic and send it to you.

By the way, greetings from Miami!

P.S. I just started working out in Jan. (after not having worked out for 2 yrs). 20 lbs. are gone! 10 to go! Hannah and Olivia, thanks for inspiring me! 🙂

Thank you so much for your blog!! Always makes me smile. I want to share something I realized a month ago..maybe it will inspire others. I have a 13 year old son. I live in hella-hot South Florida. For years I wouldn’t wear sleeveless shirts. I wore tent shirts. Hiding what I perceived as my flaws. But what I realized is most women are not perfect. Most of us have a flaw somewhere. So -I am doing a disservice to my son by not showing him that imperfection is okay. The women we see on tv most of the time are not the norm. I workout and try to take good care of myself but I have stretch marks on my arm and stomach from having kids and losing weight. I cannot change these things. But I won’t let them steal my joy either..I also find that when I am taking good care of myself..eating well, sleeping well and exercising I feel better about myself…I can except my imperfect self.. Hannah and Olivia..You Rock… Thank you for inspiring me every day!!

you guys are INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!! i might as well be walking around naked! can i conveniently forget to put the 29th sports bra challenge on my calendar? alright…alright…sports bra challenge it is!

This is definitely something putting me out of my comfort zone, but I’m so game. I need to get a new sports bra or 2 anyway. I have a gym membership, but with it being summer, I tend to run outside and the I do the EA Active high intensity work out in addition to Wii Fit. I’m 5’00” and as of this morning, I weight 154 pounds. My goal is to be at my pre-basic training weight (I used to be in the Army), which is 127 pounds, by Christmas. I actually have lost about 4 pounds since June 25 when I started this journey. I’ve NEVER been comfortable with my body. I’m short, have big boobs, an d my mom’s middle. Ever since I had my appendix removed (back in 97), I’ve had a “mommy pouch” and I can’t seem to ever get rid of it. Even after completing basic training when I was in the best shape of my life and the smallest I’ve ever been, I still had this little pouch. Thanks for pushing me to embrace the body I have.

How ironic is this….I am in my mid-30’s with 3 kids and 50 pounds over weight. I am taking my first nursing class (my dream is becoming an RN and I busted my rear to get into nursing school) and we have to practice bathing each other on Wednesday wearing our swimsuits. Needless to say….I am FREAKING OUT!!!! I guess if I can get through Wednesday a sports bra will be a piece of cake (no pun intended ha!) Thanks ladies for this blog. You guys ROCK!!!

You two crack me up but You Are Out Of Your Mind! LOL defiantly not comfortable with that BUT I will just have to work out at home that day 😉
Keep it up ladies Your Awesome!!! <3

Hi Olivia and Hannah. I’m a 24 years old girl from Norway. I just want to say that I loved you both on The Biggest Loser. They don’t show season 11 in Norway yet, so I had to see it online. But you guys are so inspiring, even though I don’t need to loose that much weight 🙂 I’ll keep following your blog!

Oh dear God, I don’t know about this…. Actually, what would REALLY make this a crazy challenge is wearing bike shorts like the ones you wear on Biggest Loser. I’m more self-conscious about the bottom lumpiness than the top….

Fine, I’ll do it (sports bra) on the elliptical at the gym…

You two are freakin’ adorable, by the way. Love the video.

Ok I’ll take this challenge.
Just want to say that you two and many of the other girls from your season of BL were totally motivating to me, I have lost 35 lbs since January, and gone from an Obese BMI to being 5 lbs from a healthy BMI, and I did most of it watching you while on the elliptical – Thanks for being there!

Hi ladies! This is the first time checking out this blog. I’m glad I found it, you two are pretty awesome! I’m not quite sure I’m to a place where I feel ok about wearing a sports bra in house or out but I hope to be soon. I was wondering if you ladies could give some good tips about the best machines and/or weights to use at the gym. I have had a 24 hour fitness membership for a few months now but have only gone a few times because 1)I just feel timid about which machines to use to be most effect 2) it’s always crowded there and I guess it intimidates me 3) I was trying to focus a lot of time potty training my 3 year old. However, now I’m ready to hit the gym.. no excuses! Any advice would be amazing. You both were such an inspiration while watching BL and a big part of why your season was phenomenal. Thank you!

We will be at my husband’s grandparents’ house in Florida for vacation, but I’m still up for the challenge! Instead of wearing my sports bra, I think I will try wearing my bikini top instead of my tankini. I’m only twenty-five, but I haven’t been comfortable wearing that bathing suit in several years! (Much less in front of my in-laws!)

Hello ladies!

I am so amazed by you! BOTH OF YOU!!! And I absolutely LOVE Courtney! I was actually born in her home town! ANYWAYS! I have lost 94 lbs since Jan. I still have about 110 to lose 🙁 WHICH is so discouraging. However, I have hit a stall and ready to step things up! I have been looking into trying to afford a spin bike. I live in the middle of NOWHERE and would have to travel so far to find a spin-class so I would love to do it at home where it would be available for me everyday! What are some spin-bike brands that you love? Are most spinners available okay quality to get the job done?
I want to THANK YOU both for starting this blog and videos! I LOVE THEM!

A fan,

Love it! My tummy is my most self-conscious area…after 4 kids in 6yrs & losing 20lbs, it’s a battlefield of loose skin & stretch marks. But I just found a pink under armour sports bra yesterday & how can I resist showing that (& all my hard work!!) off?? Thanks, ladies!

I tweeted a pic at you two today of my in my sports bra! It’s not the prettiest body, but I’ve lost 50 lbs and I’m proud of it! And that was totally nerve wracking, posting that for all the world to see!!!
I have a question for you…. what’s your go-to for when you have a craving for baked goods? Chocolate? Dessert in general? Could you do a blog about sweet swaps?
Love you two so much! I’ve got my eye out for that Prevention mag with Olivia on the cover, but I can’t find it yet!

Ok; I just started a challenge with my three sisters, my hubby and my BFF so I’m totally accepting this challenge. I will say there is no way, at this moment, I will do this in public but I’ll do it at home~which is a big step even though I exercise while everyone is still snoozing! I will also say that I will do this in public after reaching my goal weight. 🙂 Thanks for the challenge; keep up the good work.

It’s on my calendar!!! I have 40 more pounds to get to my goal. You guys totally make it fun!!! Love Soul Cycle. I go each time I am in NY(I live in Boston). Used to hope to see Kelly Ripa there. Now I’ll add u 2 to my celeb list!! Please, please do anything back on TV. You guys are so funny and relatable. Oh. Was wondering if u eat peanut butter. I’m obsessed. But think it may be standing in the way of more weight loss!

First i love u both. By far my favorite season of BL. And today i found out u have a blog! Pure joy. I have 105 pounds to lose (4pregnancies in 5 years does nothing for the figure…) but i’m up for the challenge! Look out elliptical!

Hey guys! I have watched BL almost every season and you two are by far my favorite contestants ever. I feel like I can really relate to you and may or may not secretly wish that I run into you sometime in New York and that we become friends. 🙂

Anyway, curious if you ladies have ever tried Bikram (hot) yoga and if you liked it?

Wow, what a great challenge…can’t wait to hear how it all goes for you both.

I’ve lost 129 pounds in the past 51 weeks and I’ve got a butt load of loose skin in my stomach area, and there’s no way I could work out with it all out there and jiggling. I’ll take a picture of myself in nothing but a sports bra for you though. 🙂

At first glance at this challenge, it scared me. I am 30 lbs overweight and have to wear two sports bras when I run (because the girls are pretty big). I work out at my college gym and wasn’t even going to consider going there in my double layered sports bras. I don’t even work out in my own home in just my sports bra! Worse yet, I don’t even wear tank tops to the gym because it freaks me out and I feel like I’ll be stared at.
I was going to let myself off the hook and just do a tank top challenge and see how that went. But, after reading all of these comments from all of you very brave ladies, I’ve decided I’m doing the bra challenge! (AH!)
Thank you, Hannah and Olivia for being so inspirational and for making me much braver than I ever thought I could be!

okay.. i was thinking about this as i was running around my ‘hood this evening and my only thought is: WHAT to do about the creepers who beep at you & yell as you run down the block? I was in full-on work out gear & every union worker in Philadelphia honked as I ran by. (I swear I saw a union sticker on each of their trucks…) You gals are in NYC- are you worried about the creepers when you take off even MORE clothes!?


Ah! I’m totally going to do it! I used to run in a sports bra and shorts in the summer – but that was a while ago… I have often thought of how freeing it really was to run that way, so thanks for the encouragement to go for it again!

Hi ladies! What a great challenge! My first time doing Bikram yoga I was SO scared to be working out in my sports bra and shorts, but I got over that really quick when the sweat started pouring! We should embrace our bodies as they are now and the changes that are happening! Olivia, I am in love with your new pixie cut! Can you post pictures?

Here’s my advice: DO NOT FORGET to wear sunscreen, if you’re doing this outside. I am sunburned from doing this today on my 5 mile run.

even though I’ve lost 50lbs, I’m still 25 away from my goal, and it seems like it’s all in my stomach. I very VERY occasionally work out in a tank top with long pants, and I’m not sure I’m ready to rock the sports bra. However, you have inspired me to kick it up a notch! The members of my local YMCA are in for an experience cause I’ll be rocking my spandex weight lifting tank top and booty shorts all over that treadmill, wobbly bits and all!

I was planning on participating at my gym in Phoenix (for Zumba and TEAM weight loss class) but now I’m going to be travelling for work and I’ll be in Manhattan! Never been there before but is there any chance it’s near SoulCycle where Olivia and Jenny will be? It would be SO amazing!!!!!!! Any chance for me to join ya’all there even though I’m going to be in NYC for the first time in my life?

Oh I can so relate to the tent t-shirt work out cloths. For my first work out with my personal trainer I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect 3x men t-shirt. When I found something big enough to cover my huge body I bought 5 of them in 5 different colors and wore them until my trainer said she couldn’t deal with it anymore. She made me go and buy some workout cloths that were snug and actually touched my skin. She is going to love it when I show up in my sports bra on July 29th. Me however am somewhat horrified with the idea but I am all about moving forward!!

I love you guys!! Yall are my favorite BL contestants of all time! Im at a healthy weight but im so self-concious!!! Im thinking about wearing a sports bra at my beach volleyball tournament tomorrow afternoon! its going to be tough to take off my tank top!!!!! I live in texas where its 106-110 degrees and I still haven’t taken off my shirt yet for any day tournaments!… :/. You guys are awesome and really funny!! (-:
Thanks! <3 – Jamie

Since the start of this season’s The Biggest Loser, I’ve only seen the first episode until this weekend. It was such a fantastic surprise to see you darlings on two different episodes! And since watching your success last season, Olivia, I’ve lost over 40 lbs. As a singer, like you, I can really feel the difference in breathing with ease.

All the best,

Bridgett P. Ritchie

You ladies are great and so relatable =) Not to hate, but way more real than the Tone it Up ladies. I love it!

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