To Treat or Not to Treat…

…THAT is the Question

That title (and pic!) got your attention right? There is something about the word “Treat” that evokes some serious emotion! For some people it’s fear…for others it’s sheer joy. I think I fall right in the middle of the two. Whatever you might feel I’m going to break it down for you today. Well, I’m going to at least share with you what works for me.

This last year of maintenance has been a HUGE lesson in balance and boundaries. I’ve learned that “depriving” myself is actually not a bad thing. Yep, that’s right I said it. I feel like the diet industry is always saying “don’t deprive yourself”, because it will lead to binging. I agree & disagree with that statement. Let me explain. Basically, I still want to eat a cupcake for breakfast instead of egg whites…EVERYDAY!! I know that I will struggle with food choices the rest of my life…it’s just a fact. It’s taken some time, but I’m ok with that. Everyone has a cross they carry daily & this is mine. So, I get up every morning & I choose the egg whites. I do this because I know it will yield the results I’m looking for…AND I know it gives my body what it needs. Call it what you will, but this is “depriving” my desire for the cupcake. I choose to look at the word “deprive” as positive because I have found POWER in those choices. Every time I make a good food choice…even when I don’t want too…I gain strength & power over my weakness. I know that I’m a food addict & just like an alcoholic I will struggle with this till I die.

Ok, this is a blog about treats right? Now, does this mean I’m never going to have a cupcake ever again? Ummmm….NO WAY! Everyone needs treats in their life!!! That being said…it’s my opinion that if you have ever had a weight problem…like me…we have to be a little more strategic. (at least in the beginning) I try to always stay present while I’m eating…no more mindless decisions in that department. So, Hannah & I decided very shortly after The Biggest Loser that we would in fact have treats, but we would plan them. That’s right I schedule my cupcake liaisons…no seriously, I put it in my calendar.

I know it sounds a little crazy & controlling…but hear me out. How many times have you had a treat on the fly? Even if it was totally deserved & maybe it was the first treat in a long time…you felt guilty after…right? Right. You probably immediately thought…”that wasn’t worth it” or “Ugh, that was so many calories” or my favorite “why did I do that”! Trust me that is NO way to live. Hannah & I have found that by planning out our treats really allows us to not only enjoy them, but there is no guilt because it was planned for! How often you decide to treat yourself is up to you…but plan it out. We usually have a treat once a month…that might change over time, but for now it works really well. It gives me something to work towards. Remember it’s a TREAT…think about what you really want…don’t make it just an after thought. I literally keep a running list on my phone…I’m not kidding. If I see something throughout the month that looks amazing it goes on the list. That way when treat time rolls around I go to the list and pick what I really want. If I’m waiting a month for a treat I’m not wasting it on a candy bar from the gas station. Just sayin!

So, go forth and TREAT yourself…but plan it out. If this is a new concept for you try it & let us know what you think. Tell us in the comments what you think about treats! OH, and my favorite….let’s chat about our favorite treats!! I’ll go first…I love double chocolate cookies from Levain Bakery here in NYC!!! Yummo!!! Now your turn…and GOOOOO!

Big Love,

Olivia xo