Obsession Confession FAQs

This is where you can find all the info we have on the products featured in our obsession confession series…

3.5.12 True Lemon

truelemonstore.com ($4.99 for a 32 count box)
Store Finder where you can purchase near you

3.29.12 Bars!

You can get both NuGo and Larabar products at many grocery stores in addition to lots of other places for around $2 a bar. You can get them for much cheaper by buying boxes. They run specials often we’ve found.
store.nugonutrition.com | Larabar on Amazon.

5.21.12 Swimsuits

#1: BCBG from Lord & Taylor
#2: Old Navy
#3: DKNY from Macy’s (Olivia’s first 2 piece ever! :))

6.1.12 Swimsuits

Las Vegas Sock Market at Mandalay Bay
American Apparel has some good deals!
Online: Joy of Socks | Life as Rx

10.24.12 Playtex Sport Body Wipes

Rite Aid
Online: Amazon

12.12.12 Body Glow

Victoria’s Secret Rockin’ Body
Lorac TANtalizer

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