Ode to Ms. Sweeney

So, this post is not going to came as a surprise to anyone or provide any new information.  That being said we had to push forward and post anyway.  Hannah & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Alison Sweeney!!! See, I told ya…no new information here. 😉

Biggest Loser filming in New Zealand 2011

Most people know Ms. Sweeney is the hostess with the mostest on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.  She is the person who brings the twists & turns…& at times keeps the peace.  BUT, that is such a small piece of the role she plays on the show.  Behind the scenes to all the contestants she is the mother, caregiver, advocate, therapist, mediator, & most importantly: friend.  No matter what she ALWAYS has the contestants’ best interest at heart.  I can’t tell you how many times she would come & hang out with us during long shoots…even when it was freezing & she had a nice toasty trailer just waiting for her.  If we were freezing…she was freezing.  While we were at the ranch she reached out to many of our families on FB/Twitter so they would feel a part of the process.  After the confetti falls at the end of a season you would think a celebrity of her stature would move on to the next bunch.  I can tell you truly she continues to keep in touch with all of the Biggest Loser Alumni…in her eyes we are a family.

Way BEFORE Biggest Loser 2003

Yes, the trainers are one of the most important elements of the show & they are highlighted as such…as they should be.  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that Hannah & I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful on the show had Alison not been there.  Her piece of the puzzle goes way beyond…”your current weight is…”

Alison, we love you…you are the best!  Congratulations on your new show “Hollywood Girls Night“…we will all be watching!!  We look forward to many more years of friendship & family!!

Your Purple Sisters

Take a look at this amazing shout out Alison gave Hannah & I on “Live with Kelly”!!!  Click on the video below!!

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I absolutely LOVE Alison Sweeney – way back to my days as a youngin’ watching Days with my great-grandmother!! Now, I look forward to seeing her each week on BL and I love how involved she is with the contestants. She definitely goes above and beyond and it’s obvious how genuine a person she is. Love this Ode to Ms. Sweeney! Go Team Purple!

Couldn’t help but notice the difference between your two pics, I remember that season so well but when you watch it every week, you don’t notice the changes so much. Wow, what a difference! It’s amazing what weight does to our bodies and not for the better in my case! You girls look so amazing now.
I remember Alison so well from my soap watching days. She’s a wonderful actress and she brings a sense of stability to Biggest Loser! Did not realize though just how much she does behind the scenes. That is really nice to hear 🙂

This has more to do with that second pic! I was at that same event! That was my first or second time going to MusicFest!!! That’s so awesome!!!! I’m going to see what pics I still have from that day!!!!!

sweetmandi81 (twitter)

I’m so glad you guys did this post because in all the seasons I’ve watched I’ve noticed what a special connection she seems to have with many of the contestants. Her joy and sometimes sadness over what’s going on with someone always seems so genuine.

I think Ali is truly such a fantastic person! Obviously, I don’t know her, but she comes across as such a genuinely kind, caring, and compassionate soul! And she’s so dedicated to all of the roles in her life – it doesn’t hurt that she’s amazing at all of them, too! 🙂

She is such a positive role model for all of us out there! The extent to which she gives back is a true inspiration and a great example for everyone!

I started watching season 8 and since then there have been many changes, but in each season Alison is the constant. Trainers come and go, obviously so do the contestants, but Alison is the one who we can count on! She’s great, and has a fabulous sense of style. So nice of you guys to write about her! -stephanei

Allison Sweeney does seem like a real sweetheart. I love that over the past few seasons, we are starting to see her get more “emotional” on The Biggest Loser. You used to think that she couldn’t be broken as far as keeping her laughter in during a funny scene or her tears away during an emotional scene. Now we see it all the time and I love it! I also look forward to seeing what’s she is wearing or how she has her hair each week. She always looks fab (just like you ladies). Like how about those hot shoes she’s wearing in the Live with Kelly video? hehe Can’t wait to hear about how she rocks that LA marathon this month!

I’ve always appreciated her hosting ability and her real connections and emotions on the show. It’s pretty cool to see how real that is and that she enjoys her job. I love that you guys are friends with her and don’t mind sharing your girl crush! Lol!

i was recently reflecting on the fact that among all celebrities, if i met alison sweeney, i would find it very hard to remember that i don’t actually know her. i love hearing that she’s legitimately great: i sometimes fear finding out that celebrities i like are actually evil or mean. it’s always a relief when they aren’t!

i remember, in grade eight or nine, setting my parents’ vcr to tape an episode of days (the only soap i ever really watched: and i used to watch it often) because i’d heard that jars of clay’s song “flood” was going to be on the episode — and it was, during a scene when sami drove in the rain and i think got into a car accident. it was the height of the austin-carrie-sami-lucas love square.

I’m rewatching old seasons of BL on Netflix and could not agree with you more. She is much more than just a host and it comes through. It was a great move to bring her on. I love when she laughs/ cries with the players, how she cheers them on, roots for them. You can tell she’s a very kind, warm person:)

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