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Hello Everybody!!!!

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet…we have some VERY exciting projects in the works that you guys are going to love :).

A few weeks back we were invited to come to the Muse Apparel Showroom in Manhattan to check it out and try on dresses…of course we had Β to bring you along! If you’ve seen our Fitness Cover for September Olivia was wearing one of their pieces and she also wore one at her homecoming reveal (think black dress on the yellow water taxi:). It was amazing and we had such a fantastic time trying on beautiful things and getting to know the staff there. Check out the video we made just for you all!!!

Special thanks to Muse for inviting us to their showroom to film the blog and for all of the generous additions to our wardrobe they have provided us.

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I love you guys! This was a great clip, but I must say I busted up laughing that both of you and the designer were wearing stripes! Keep up the good work ladies!

Yay! New vlog post! I’ve been waiting to hear from my favorite girls for days n days n days! Rock that Muse!

I enjoyed your video Hannah and Olivia because as always, you were shining oh so brightly! I love your personality and how cute you both looked. It did make me sad though because I so hate the way I look that shopping for clothes is totally “un-fun!” I’m having trouble getting past hating myself for being overweight, unhealthy, un-fit, etc…all qualities I don’t like in other people and hate about myself! I don’t know how to change my attitude when I genuinely just don’t like who I am!

I used to AlWAYS have meltdowns in the dressing rooms! Once I started losing weight it became more about feeling good and not so much the size, then all of those positive thoughts added up and I learned more about myself than a number on a scale! Yes, the number is for accountability but as long as it’s going down you should be proud! You WILL get to your goal, but you can’t give up! You’ll be in your skinny jeans in no time! Just like us!

I bought my necklace with one of my tax returns. I shelved it for a few years because it wouldn’t fit around my neck. I started wearing it on BL when I started shrinking and now I wear it daily because it reminds me of Olivia and I. Bonded for life! πŸ˜‰
You can buy your own at!

great video ladies! love that you have ongoing projects!! always great to see more of you guys continuing post BL. are you guys into organic makeup & skin care? i started buying some slowly, after hearing paige talk about it on jillian michaels’ podcast, but was wondering what you guys are doing for that stuff. i’m always trying to find the best stuff to use for my skin, to keep the wrinkles away!! would love to hear your opinions on it!

You ladies are fabulous!! Maybe you two should start a dress line πŸ˜‰

Thanks for sharing your MUSE tour!!!!

p.s. Olivia I just watched your interview with Regis & Kelly, and the black dress you have in that interview is awesome! Who is it made buy?

I don’t think she’ll mind me telling you (don’t know when she’ll have a free moment to pop in here, either) that the dress she wore on Regis & Kelly (and The Today Show) was from Target.

Yes, I said Target.

And now you love Olivia even more, right?

I am so not into clothes. Seriously…if it wouldn’t traumatize the general public…I could so be a nudist. Jeans and t-shirts are my comfort zone. Only time I dress up is when I do a wedding portrait shoot. Even then it’s black pants, flats, and usually a green tank with a black jacket over. Wish I could be stylish tho.

When you were on the ranch, you had Biggest Loser protein powder. Do you still use it? Have you tried others? I am looking for a protein powder that is low cal AND tastes good. Thanks!

Hi Malissa–I recently started using Sunwarrior protein powder that I bought online. It’s vegan (I needed something dairy-free.) It comes in chocolate & vanilla. I have the vanilla, and I blend it with frozen strawberries (from Walmart). It’s pretty good. It seems a little pricey, but it’s just a big container–it lasts a long time. You can search it on Amazon.

Thank you so much for sharing! I have never heard of MUSE, and now I am excited to look at their dresses. I am a teacher and I wear a lot of pants to work….so I am hoping to increase my dress selection! :o)

Loved! I can’t wait to be at a size I love….I’m getting there! Today, I bought my first pair of fitted capris to workout in. It is such a great feeling! Thanks for sharing the video! xo

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