Are you ready for a CHALLENGE???

By this point you know we LOVE a challenge….and since leaving The Biggest Loser we are starting to go through challenge withdraw. Well, maybe that is stretching it a teeeeeny bit….no one looks good in a wetsuit and a helmet. Remember New Zealand?? For real.

As you know we are both crazy about spinning and we spend a lot of time at SoulCycle in NYC. I think they might just start charging us rent any day now. We have so many favorite teachers at SoulCycle but one of our all time favs is Jenny Gaither. Her classes are…to coin Irene’s favorite phrase “balls to the wall!!” It is awesome music, big energy, and a HUGE sweat….which is why we find ourselves signing up early for her classes before they quickly fill up.

So, we were in her class the other day and she spontaneously threw the gauntlet down to all of us riders and gave us a challenge! Let’s put it this way….it is my (Olivia) personal NIGHTMARE…but I’m gonna do it anyway….I preach overcoming all the time right? This is gonna be one of those “put yo money where yo mouth is”. Oy!

Are you curious about what she said?? Check out the video to find out…..

Olivia & Hannah
Ps. check out Jenny’s Twitter….and how to find her on SoulCycle!