The App that Helped Olivia get Pregnant

Get Glow free for iOS and Android here!

So many of you guys have asked if there were any tools that helped me (Olivia) get pregnant with Harper. Well, here’s the one that helped me the most! It’s a free app called Glow that you can get for iOS or Android. In the video I give you the lowdown on all the ways it helped me and might have a special guest to give his review ;).

Here are just a couple of Glow facts that might make you interested…

-40% increased chance of getting pregnant for women trying to conceive on the Glow app
-Over 150,000 pregnancies reported on the app so far.

Thanks to Glow for sponsoring this video. I’m so excited to share it with you. I used it so I can proudly recommend it to you!

xxo Olivia

2 thoughts on “The App that Helped Olivia get Pregnant”

  1. hola Olivia felicidades… Soy Joselyn Moreno De Maracaibo- Venezuela.
    Aqui en mi pais apenas esta terminando la temporada llore mucho cuando escuche tu historia en el campus y WOW si que me identefique contigo. Soy insulino- resistente peso al rededor de 110 kg y mido 1.51 cm tengo obesidad morbida tipo 3 y todo esto no me deja embarazar y aunque es mi mas grande anhelo no logro tener ese punto de arranque para bajar estos kilos que me separan de mi bebe. He probado en varias ocaciones hacer dieta, lo maximo que he llegado ha sido a 3 meses pero por no bajar suficientes kilos me desanimo y los vuelvo a recuperar ahora estoy en un punto sin retorno y no halo como salir.
    Tu eres un ejemplo a seguir espero lograr seguir tu ejemplo de constancia, coraje y determinacion para lograrlo

    gracias por leerme, felicidades y muchas bendiciones para ti y tu hermosa familia

    sin mas


  2. I tell Scherwitzl that, though the need is real, after purchasing the app, caveat after caveat revealed itself. I didn’t know it would take months to become reliable. “The algorithm is cautious by design,” he explains. “It gives red days unless it’s sure.” I tell him how I got pregnant, when the predictions changed after I’d had sex. Scherwitzl empathises (“I am sorry to hear that”) but says that as well as “downsides”, there is “a huge upside with all the happy users” and that “the most important thing is to use protection on red days: it relies on that”.

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