So, yesterday I was at Crossfit212 (I know surprise, surprise)…and the WOD was the type that I usually KILL. Anything with Olympic lifting in it I not only love, but I have found it to be something I excel at. Anyway, I was feeling good & working up to my “working weight” for the WOD on the deadlift. The actual workout consisted of 3 deadlifts, 6 one legged squats, & 9 dead hang pull ups…as many rounds of that as possible in 12 minutes. The prescribed weight for the deadlift for women was 185 pounds. Now, the awesome thing about Crossfit is you can modify anything!! Most of the women were lifting much lower weight. BUT, of course you all know me so well by now to know that I was going to do the prescribed 185 pounds. Usually that weight is not too heavy for me. However, yesterday it just was too heavy. I ended up doing the WOD, but only lifting 165 pounds. Instead of really embracing the workout at 165 pounds all I could see was a setback. Sigh.

After leaving Crossfit I started really thinking about setbacks. We find them in ALL aspects of life, but they are especially hard with weight loss. These emotions that were bubbling up inside really reminded me of a certain setback I had at the ranch. It was a couple months into being at the ranch & I was approaching a number on the scale that I had NEVER been able to overcome. Never. I just had decided that like every other time I had tried to get over that hump this time would be no different & I was going home. Jillian, & her super powers of discernment picked up on this immediately. She pulled me aside during a workout & said “Pookie, (she has AWESOME pet named for everyone) what’s going on?” I began to share with her my fears about the impending setback. Jillian simply looked at me and said, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you believe in science? More importantly…Do you not believe in me?” I stood there with my mouth on the floor. What did my possible setback have to do with science? AND why on earth would she think I didn’t believe in her? She is superwoman mistress of the universe in my eyes. Per usual I dropped in a puddle of tears. She hugged me and looked into my eyes & said, “You are doing everything right…you are eating on point & putting in the work in the gym. Trust your body…it’s science and it will let the weight go. Let me believe in you while you’re not strong enough to do it alone. When you are strong enough to believe in yourself again I’ll give it back to you.”

Amazing…simply amazing. That was the week I not only overcame a number on the scale, but I also lost 16 pounds.

Ok, now what does that have to do with my setback at Crossfit? I was brought back to that moment because I needed reminding that it’s all a process. Our bodies are not machines…when it comes to weight loss 2+2 doesn’t always equal 4. Sometimes it adds up to 1.5…sometimes it’s 16!!!! The point is progress WILL happen you just have to believe in yourself & trust in the science. That’s what I’m doing…I’m believing in myself & trusting that if I continue to train faithfully the next time deadlifts come around in a workout I’ll be lifting 185…no problem!

Lastly, (I know this has turned into a novel) Jillian also gave us this tip: don’t concentrate so much on the number each week…average your weight loss over the month. Especially us ladies…our bodies fluctuate with water etc throughout the month. If you are keeping on point with everything, you will be amazed at how consistent you are month to month.

How do you handle setbacks?? Are you a glass half full or half empty person?? Let me know in the comments…I’ll be checking back in to answer questions in the comments tomorrow morning. Let’s chat!!



Ps. If you are not strong enough to believe in yourself yet…I got your back. I’ll hand it back over to you when you’re ready!