Whole30 Wrap-Up

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Discussing our August Whole30…thumbs up to a great program and where we go from here…oh and a DietBet bonus!

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i am doing the whole 30 now and love it. I post recipe and pics of my meals on Instagram. My name on Instagram is coxhealthfit

Good job ladies! I did a Whle30 in January 2014 and it was amazing and so healing. now, if you’re really serious about reducing inflammation, look into AIP protocol.

Hi Jamie! AIP protocol? I will have to look that up. My inflammation has always been a problem. When I re-injured my back, it skyrocketed. My physicians couldn’t believe it! I haven’t been able to wear certain shoes it was so bad!! Starting to get better as I have stopped exercising like a mad woman, but that comes at a price too!! I’ll take all the tips I can get! XO, Hannah

Auto Immune Protocol is for those who have or suspect that they have an autoimmune concern. Family history and/or recurring injuries that just wont get better would be a good telltale sign that it is an option for you. Whole 30/Paleo nutrition is amazing, but tweak it for you in regards to AIP and you’ll be astounded! Avoid dairy, nightshade veggies(peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant, and any pepper spice blend).
Good luck!

You guys rocked it! I did the whole 30 in March and cannot wait to start another round. I lost 17lbs but gained 10 back. PS I couldn’t give up my coffee creamer!

Love you ladies! I just finished my first Whole 30 and I’m feeling great! To help with the no creamer situation I made my version of “bulletproof coffee”. I took coffee and blended in a blender with 1-2tbs coconut oil and a few shakes of cinnamon or pumpkin spice. The oil gives you that fatty mouth feel that creamer has and it’s good for you. Try it out and see what you think.

Hi Amber! Congrats on your first Whole 30 round! It’s such a great tool! This Bulletproof coffee thing keeps coming up. I guess I MUST try it!! Would make great video content too!!! Thanks for the tip!! XO, Hannah

Hannah, I have the solution to coffee creamer! Try Bulletproof coffee. Just substitute clarified grassfed butter (aka ghee) for cream and blend at high speed in a blender with the center part of the top off (very important – don’t use a Magic Bullet style!). Using a blender (instead of simply shaking or stirring) emulsifies the butter and makes it like a latte –with the foam head and everything. After you try bullet proof coffee, you may not even want to go back to creamer. I swear, it may sound just udderly wrong, but it is soooo right! This will also help you with reducing inflammation. You can use MCT oil too, or just skip it. You can also sub in regular coconut oil if you like the taste, but that’s getting away from a real creamy flavor. Google Bullet Proof Coffee recipe, or try this link: Good luck!

Hi Cori!! I have heard of this but thought it sounded gross. HOWEVER, if it even immitates a latte, I am IN 100%!!!I have to try this!! I’ll report back! Now if we could just find a way to sweeten it!! XO, Hannah

I just found you guys and LOVE you! I wanted to share with you that when we can’t get to the farmers’ market, (we don’t live near a Whole Foods or Trader Joes), we order grass fed meats directly from a farmer we find on . It’s so convenient and for us, cheaper than the store. You’ve taught me something about bacon, and I’m going to search Homegrowncow to see if I can find a farmer who has no/trace sugar bacon! You guys are great! I’m so happy to have found you.

Hi Karen! Welcome to the party girlfriend! Wow, that is awesome!! I wonder if my farmers market has that option? Thanks for the tip!! Welcome to the myfitspiration family! Make sure to subscribe on Youtube to get the updates!! Wahoo!

That is one of the most common mistakes people make. However, it only says they “Recommend” so technically people that eat several servings aren’t wrong. Does that make sense?? Hopefully people will just follow the recommendations!

I haven’t done Whole 30 but I have done Paleo which seems to be about the same thing (I ate fruit on it). I believe this is what helped me get pregnant after trying for 9 months because it was after that month that I got pregnant. I’ve talked to others who have had the same experience.

I have a hard time giving up diet coke! It’s like I need something more than just water. I need something that has ump in it.

Not sure if this is still being updated or not, but I’m really wanting to try a Whole 30! I’m a stay at home and really don’t like most veggies, but I’ve gotta do something!

Hey, I watched your full wrap up video and I know Olivia said she didn’t weigh so she wasn’t sure exactly how much she lost, but I didn’t hear anywhere Hannah say how much she lost, or anyone else doing it with them. I’m really curious to know how it went weight-wise, even though you did this so long ago.

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