Interview with Jesse from Season 10

Hi Everybody!!!! We’ve got several interviews with some people you love and some you’ll soon love filmed around this past weekend’s ING NYC Marathon. We got to ride in the Nissan Leaf Pacecar which was an unbelievable experience!

Today we have Jesse Atkins from Season 10…enjoy :).


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great interview lady! loved it – what kind of shoe & where are you guys buying those running sneakers?? everytime i go to a running shop & they fit me for a running shoe, it’s always boring colors. i want yours!!

this was a great video – i’m hemming and hawing about signing up for the LA marathon for next March.. i’ve started the training, but still feel scared to commit to it. this was a nice motivation for me. i think i might finally just commit already. thank you!! love you ladies!

Loved this interview and especially the strength of Jesse running over 26 miles! Strong and courageous! You both were cute and fun and oh so positive!

Can anyone learn to run like that? I am overweight and out of shape but exercising daily to work on both of those things. But running has come hard. I’ve been trying and trying to improve but can only run two minutes before I have to stop and walk. I’ve been trying for 30 weeks already. During the first 12, I only lost 9 pounds, during the second 12, I lost 15 pounds, and in the last 6 weeks I’ve lost ONE pound. It is SO frustrating and it scares me because I don’t know whether to keep hoping. But, giving up is NOT an option so I MUST keep hoping and trying right?

In addition to the oh so slow weight loss, I’m struggling because I can’t seem to run like you all learned to and I would really love to accomplish something like a race and know that I CAN do it. But, are there people who really can’t learn to run?

How did you all prevent injuries like pulled muscles (I get sore after working out and then pull the muscle when I work out the next day), and tendonitis?

I am so proud of you Hannah, Olivia, and Jesse! What you have done is so big…it inspires a nation! I know it has been hard work for you and I hope you feel so good about all you’ve done and all you’re continuing to do. I don’t know you but I feel like I do because you’ve been so kind and open and sharing and beautiful! Thank you for caring about all of us who care about you!

@Jennifer. You can run! You are already running! For what a strangers opinion is worth, sounds like a running group would be really beneficial for you. Generally, most running stores host running clinics that are reasonably priced and give you that instruction, support and encouragement that is SO important when you’re just starting out running. Also, a mental toughness seminar would probably help you to push through the moments that your body is telling you to quit, the mind controls the body. Change your mind, change your life.

To prevent injuries be sure to warm up & stretch as well as cool down & stretch.

Last, but not least, watch what you are putting in your body. It sounds like you have been working really hard but are not satisfied with the results that you have achieved, which are great btw. Often educating ourselves on food choices is the best weight loss tool that there is!

A year and a half ago I was having the same issue with running that you are. This past weekend I ran with my college cross country team at the national championships and got a new personal best time. I’m sharing this with you because a year and a half ago I was struggling with running but I kept at it and the rewards have been so much more than weight loss…. Also, check out this youtube video ( ), it’s very inspiring.

Good luck

We talk a lot about the foods we eat and the lifestyle change. I know diet pop is awful for us and so are crystal light type products. Besides water what are some good drink choices. When I get bored I go back to soda. Help plesse

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