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Hi Guys!!! So, after finale I met Lisa from at a Barry’s Bootcamp class. We got to talking and realized we both live in Queens and she began to tell me more about wellandgoodnyc. They have this cool section that is called “Refrigerator Look Book”. Basically it is photos of the inside of people’s refrigerators and a quick interview about the contents. Neat-o huh? So, she asked if I would be willing to send in a pic of my fridge. I had to do it right? Well, I thought the whole process was super fun AND it made me clean my fridge….which is NOT my favorite cleaning project. Helloooooo science project. Just kidding.

Here is the link…go show them some love!!!


Olivia ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hi Olivia & Hannah!

Congratulations on your weight loss and most importantly, on your weight maintenance!

I have 2 little questions for you ๐Ÿ™‚ about what you learnt on the ranch (I am not overweight BUT even air makes me gain pounds and I recently moved to the US and I am still adjusting to “eat healthy” here and avoid processed foods/corn syrup/hormones in veggies or chicken etc… It was way easier in my home country (Peru)

Anyways, here they are:
1. What are your thoughts about Splenda? I see u use Truvia… why?

2. I love eggs and eat them post work out, BUT I am kinda confused if I should use the yolk or just the egg whites…

I would love your insights on these ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks a lot!


Hi Mariola!

I use Truvia because it is made from Stevia….a natural root. Splenda…for me…has too many chemicals in it. As for the eggs…I use the whites only…that way you get the protein of the egg and not the fat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

I LOVED reading this post and seeing what is in your fridge! Makes my fridge look so pathetic. I need to get on that! One question…does refrigerating the bananas keep them fresh longer? I’ve always left them out on the table.

No…I usually keep them out, but if they look like they are going bad quick then I throw them in the fridge to hopefully get another day or two out of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Olivia and Hannah,

First off, I love you ladies. You are SUCH an inspiration that actually for the first time since biggest loser started I actually considered trying out for the show. The only thing holding me back is them weighing me in front of the world and making us show our stomachs. I know it sounds silly but that is a devastating thought! How did you get over the insecurity or did you not have it? Will they not let you wear a tank top at first weigh in? It seems they made everyone wear a sports bra! You both are amazing people and you remind me a lot of myself and my sister! We would ROCK the loser party but I would be so afraid to get picked and then get kicked right off the ranch, you know? Or to be the half that doesnt get to stay on the ranch because they seem to do that a lot too lately. I think it is just too much humiliation to have to show my body and my weight then come back to reality and know that everyone knows my stats! Lame? I wonder how you got past that or if you struggled with it?

Thanks ladies and keep up the good work. Thanks so much for starting this blog. AMAZE!

Olivia this is sooo cute (and helpful!!!) I love this!!! VERY practical advice! I want to know what everything else is!!! Already on my grocery list I have (thanks to you) almond butter and sugar free maple syrup! Love it!

Thanks for keeping this great blog!


Oh, forgot something! I am in NY for July and I wanted to try out a soulcycle class but I’m TERRIFIED!!! Because of all your pep-talking I think I finally have the chutzpah to try–any suggestions which one to try/location/instructor? Yikes! Thanks Olivia (and Hannah) you guys rock!

Oh, you HAVE to do it!! It is hard, but sooooo fun. I love Jenny, Melanie, or Ayana….but I have to say that you can’t go wrong with any of the teachers….they are all great. I usually spin at the Union Square location or Upper East side. Maybe we will run in to each other….keep me posted! ๐Ÿ™‚

Really cool Olivia! Your fridge before is a lot like mine…I try to keep my weight down by eating Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones or similar frozen meals. But I think I’m learning on this weight loss journey to try to eat more naturally instead of processed. I’m stumbling a little because I don’t like nor know how to cook or prepare meals but I’m still trying. What do you use all the guacamole for? And how do you usually prepare a meal? I saw ground beef but I’m not sure what else other than snacks like yogurt, guac, etc.

Thanks for the inspiration and I’m loving that the blog has such practical insights to implement right away! I also wanted to tell you how much I love your twitter posts! They bring a lot of meaning and less isolation to my day and I wanted you to know how special I think you are.

Every photo/video I see of you I am just so shocked and happy for you because you are SO gorgeous!!!!! Congratulations for all of your perseverance and hard work!

I’m hooked on the So Delicious coconut milk too… so-o-o-o-o good! Did I also spy some Laughing Cow cheese in there too? Gotta love the Laughing Cow… I remember when Bob introduced us to the Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs on The Biggest Loser… and those are now a staple in my fridge as well!

Great article Olivia… I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I’m so happy for you…keep up the good work. Love you guys!!!!! donna

BTW, I found that if I make my taco salad with Perdue’s Fit & Easy ground filet of breast meat chicken instead of the Jennie-O turkey, I save 60 calories and I cut the fat too. I think it actually TASTES better too. Just cook it up in a skillet like you would with the ground turkey… I swear, there’s NOTHING in the way of fat to drain off!! Add some water and your taco seasoning, and you’re good to go!! Dump it on a bed of salad greens with some Fage 0% yogurt, a bunch of salsa, and some of that yummy Wholly Guacamole!

It was great to be able to see the type of things in your refrigerator! yesterday I went out and bought some fage yogurt and today I bought some coconut milk, so excited! ha, anyways, I was wondering what you eat with the Wholly Guacamole calorie packs? I want to get some, but I don’t know what to eat them with!!

I also have another question- has losing weight and being in shape affected your voice at all? made you have better breath support? anything? As a singer myself, and someone whose finishing up my degree in music education, i’m just curious if there are any benefits on that end! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

You and Hannah are such an inspiration to me. I have been attempting to get on the new show The Revolution and so far so good. Casting directors call every day for more info! But I donโ€™t want to get my hopes up. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thank you, for all that you share with us. And I am so proud of you all. What a wonderful life change you have made. I am just wondering how you were able to shed the emotional baggage like you all have done. I never seem to keep weight off. I need to know how the permanent change happens! I think anyone can lose weight if they put their mind to it (and I am not minimizing this at all), but how do we keep our emotional side in โ€œthe zoneโ€ forever and stop the bad self talk that ruins us?

Fun! You guys talk about it so much that I’ve been advocating for Wholly Guac in my local Safeway! Fingers crossed!

Olivia and Hannah,

I have to say from the start my husband and I loved you guys and your personality. You are a inspiration and enjoy what you guys are doing with your success by getting the word out and motivating people. Is there some sort of food combining you do in a days eating, or just stick with you calorie count and eat the best things to make your calories go farther. Keep up the good work!!

hey Olivia and Hannah! All I have to say is you guys were my favorite. When i was having a bad diet day i would think Olivia and Hannah are doing it, so can you! Not to mention you guys had me laughing the entire season. You really should have your own show! I do have some questions about diet though. I exercise 5 times a week for about an hour, but im still not losing weight. Part of it, i think is i sabotage myself because i usually feel deprived by the 4th day on a diet. Anyway so my question is, how often do you guys eat carbs? Like do you eat alot of fruit during the day or limit? Also, how do you guys overcome cravings?

Good morning, ladies!

Just happened to discover your site yesterday and LOVE it! Seems a perfect forum for you both to reach out to everyone and share yourselves in a way that really mirrors your personalities. So cool. You were both so inspirational during last season’s BL. I very much appreciated seeing your faith demonstrated, and that you remained true to yourselves, not getting caught up in the ridiculous game-play. I do believe your season was the kindest season yet. It was a pleasure to watch until the end.

And, Olivia…I have to say this…the moment you sang from the scale was brilliant. You embraced your new life and showed everyone the gift God has placed inside you. I cried right along side Bob! I was so happy to see you and Hannah make it all the way to the end TOGETHER!

I wish you every success and happiness. Thank you for allowing those of us who need it to take comfort and inspiration from your journey. If you guys ever get to Florida, I’d LOVE to have you come speak to the students at the high school where I teach.

See you around…I’ll be visiting here often!

Warmest regards,

Hey Olivia,

Just wondering if you had a good recipe for eggs whites. I know it’s so much better for you, but I never can make mine taste yummy:) Any help would be totally appreciated!!


Love it! Very rad to see!
Just curious, how many packets of truvia to you use a day? I made the switch to truvia a few months ago (from splenda) and remember on the video about fage yogurt you said to watch it b/c it does have some carbs. How much is to much?

Olivia, congratulations to you on ALL of your successes! I study with Bill and have followed you with great interest when he told me about you. I would love to send you a message – would you please email me?

Thanks for being a steady inspiration for so many!

Hey Olivia!

I just wanted to say – IS THAT Annie’s Organic Goddess Dressing on the door of your fridge? OMG I love that stuff!!!! I cant keep it around the house though because I developed a bottle-a-day habit of that $3something yummy dressing!!!

Hope to get on the show this year – casting call is the end of the month in Detroit (tell everyone pick me lol).


My husband and I have to get different milks too. I love coconut milk! And I also love that you have Justin’s nut butter.

I’ll have to try those TJ mini muffins!

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