Chocolate Peppermint Fake Out Shake

Many of you asked for it…so here it is!! (all real and unedited:)

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I have a Vitamix….love it! They are not cheap, but I have already blown through 2 blenders in 6 months. We make lots of smoothies at my house, so it was worth the price! 🙂

What kind of smoothies do u guys make, how often can you drink a smoothie and what do you usually put in your smoothie?

Thanks! Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford one! Or maybe they’d be willing to sponsor a fitspiration giveaway? Ha. 🙂

Thanks so much!! I’m excited to try this. We had been making “milkshakes” by freezing almond milk in the ice tray and then adding some almond milk and other things (pb2 Truvia and flavorings) then blending it like you did…BTW I’ve had a mess like yours before also haha

I wonder what it would taste like with frozen bananas instead of ice. That’s usually what I use in my smoothies. Always have a ton in the freezer because I don’t eat them fast enough. I bet even frozen strawberries would work too. I’m seeing all sorts of flavor combinations going on here. Thanks for the recipe

I LOVE how real you are…. and I love that you just made the video and showed us all.. Thanks..

I’ve been making one close to this with instant decaf coffee… because of my McFrappe addiction.. HAHA.. but I’ve added protein powder as well.. I’ve never tried it with greek yogurt.. or cacao nibs.. so I will be trying that..
Thanks again..

Looks good! Just wanted to say how much I love your blogs and videos. You are both so fun and inspirational. Your honesty is so refreshing. It was also so amazing how much support you got from your husband and wonderful how he also embraced the transformation by transforming himself. Do you have any advice for someone that doesn’t have that kind of support at home? It is hard to battle those who wish to sabotage. Thanks for sharing your journey.

I am so thankful to have such a great support system! I know it must be so hard not to have that. Just try to stay positive… Try not to feed into the sabotage with more negative energy. Make sure you set boundaries for both of you. Continue to try & include your spouse in what you are doing. Find something that he likes & incorporate that into your lifestyle. Have you ever tried talking to him about it? Sometimes what we have interpreted as sabotage is really someone who doesnt know how to help & is too embarrassed to ask. At the end of the day remember you are doing this for you & no one else. 🙂

I use a “magic bullet” for making shakes, smoothies. It makes individual shakes which you then use as the mug. Also, try using Kefir instead of Greek Yogurt sometimes, too. Already a little creamy and FULL of probiotics. Add frozen fruit instead of ice! I don’t add any sweetner but I’m sure Truvia or Agave would do if you need it sweeter. I also add whey protein powder and always add ground flax seed. Yum! Last tip: peel bananas and freeze them if you like banana shakes. No ice needed if the fruit is frozen.

Olivia, you are too cute and it is evident that the video was unrehearsed. 🙂
Question 1 – Where would I buy Cacao nibs?
Comment: I have seen the Vitamix sold on one of the shopping channels. You can pay for it in payments so it is more affordable. Thanks for the inspiration. Can the Holidays be over already!

Olivia, thank you for a much needed holiday sweet fix that’s on the healthy side! (And it’s more fun seeing an unedited version!) I live where the VitaMix is made but still saving up $ to get one. :o) I already have peppermint extract from baking, so the only thing I’m missing is the cacao nibs. Can you just use more cocoa powder if you don’t have them?

mmmmm cant wait to try it.. meanwhile im all into the challenge… did u guys see my pix i tweeted u today and yesterday??! xoxoxo

It’s too cold here to make ice smoothies. In the summer I might, although the cleanup job is enormous.

I get away with using a cheap blender, but my smoothies are probably much more liquid. Also, I have to put the ice in first, so that the cheap blender does a better job crushing the ice.

Of course you are making a shake, rather than a smoothie. Maybe I could try it when I can afford the ingredients and storage space.

For now if my drink isn’t well water then it’s probably hot decaffeinated coffee, although your shake is probably healthier than my coffee.

Olivia is it going to make much of a difference if I use cocoa powder instead of cacao powder? The only main difference in cacao and cocoa I’ve been able to find is Cacao is raw and cocoa is more processed? If you can shed some light on the difference for me I’d really appreciate it… I did get all the ingredients yesterday except the cacao powder but I got the nibs 🙂

Olivia, you are too cute!! I love you and your sister. You were my favorite season to watch!! I’m going to have to try that awesome shake of yours!!

I was just curious if there are any other desserts that you and your sister make to kill those sweet cravings we all get?

That is one creative shake! I must try it some day. Oh, and thanks for making me laugh. 🙂

One thing that I have all the time is Jello Pudding (sugar free/vanilla). I add a little whipped cream on top and some rainbow sprinkles. I feel like I’m having a bowl of ice cream without all of those outrageous calories!

If you have any other dessert ideas, please post them. I have a major sweet tooth!

P.S. I am trying hard to keep up with your Christmas challenge. Happy Holidays to you & Hannah… and to the rest of your family, too. 🙂

I love this recipe! I received a hand blender for Christmas so the timing of your posting was PERFECT! =))

Hey Olivia-this shake sounds really delish but I am a vegan can I substitute the greek yogurt for say soy yogurt or coconut yogurt?

I just have to say that I love you and hannah!! A true inspiration, and you guys seems to be the most lovely, warmhearted girls I’ve seen. Wish I could meet you two 😉 hugs from sweden :))

OH MYLANTA!! You are the best!! That sounds so yummy!! I like everyone else love how real you are! Yes everyone has a few dirty dishes in the sink!! You crack me up!! I am so glad I found your site, keep it real, love you ladies!

Just had my first ever Chocolate Peppermint Fake Out shake & I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing this with us. I know I’m a little late, but better late than never! I decided to treat myself to this after my workout! I hope you share more tips @ recipes in the future! Thanks so much!! Also, I loved your “real” video – unedited. ‘Eh who am I kidding I enjoy all of yours & Hannah’s videos 🙂

Hey Olivia! I love love this video, I make instructional videos for my blog too and it’s really fun! I am also very jealous of your Vitamix. They definitely aren’t cheap but they are sooo amazing!!! If you are looking for another healthy alternative, I made a great Healthy Hot Chocolate! You can find it on my blog here:

Thanks and I’m so glad y’all have this blog!!

Haha that was awesome! It takes a lot to hold my attention for almost 5 minutes by watching a “how to” video like that, but you held it easily! I can’t wait to try this, looks bomb! Thanks! 🙂

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