MyFitspiration Holiday Gift Guide

MyFitspiration Holiday Gift Guide 2011

As the holiday season approaches and Hannah and I start thinking about we would like to see under our Christmas tree this year šŸ˜‰ we have also begun shopping for the special people that bless our lives everyday. And then we came up with a great idea! We tweet daily about the products we love, so why not make a gift guide? We’re sure there are plenty of people out their that are looking to get a fab gift for their someone specials so we’ve scoured the internet and stores and these are our top picks!

Happy shopping everyone!

MyFitspiration Holiday Gift Guide 2011

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How fun! šŸ™‚ I really love the Under Armour gym bag. I’ve been looking for a more feminine bag that’s large enough to hold everything I need & this just might be it! Thanks for posting these fun gift ideas. Looking forward to hearing about your Christmas challenge!

Happy holidays to you both!

This is a great list! I still have yet to get some Lululemon gear so I may have to go ahead and get some running tights. I got both my GoSportIDs in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I love them. What a great company!

Love this list! I have a Nook on my wishlist this year – I sure hope it appears under the tree so I can start getting Fitness and other mags digitally. :o) Hadn’t thought about it until now, but protein/energy bars would be great stocking stuffers!

And I shouldn’t be shocked that you guys found a purple Christmas tree!!! ;o)

I have a pair of Lululemons that were over $100. They do last a long time, but they were a gift and I would never buy them for myself at that price. UnderArmour ColdGear Running tights $49.99 is a slightly better price. Three+ years and they are still going strong.

Thank you! This just saved me, have been trying to find a grab bag gift idea for ages and those Brita Filtered Water Bottles are perfect! I was trying to find something that was good for the family members in their 20’s up to their 70’s, as well as something for those who struggle with diabetes (so no candy baskets!!), so this can be useful to everyone!

I already lost 130 pounds but my goal is to lose another 40 pounds this year! Also want to have someone teach me the counting calories and how to eat right. I was almost diabetic and since i have lost weight i am not anymore so happy cause it runs in my family. I go to gym five days a week. I also want to learn how to keep running on treadmill it is kinda hard for me! I also want to teach my family how to eat right and be healthy! My other goal will be too stop drinking tea and drink more water i hate water but i will really really try.

My goal to accomplish before Jan.1st is to kickstart a healthy lifestyle to prepare myself for the upcoming year! I don’t want to have another “Next New Year’s Resolution” I’m tired of waiting and pushing it aside, I want this for myself, I want to be proud of myself! I want to be able to say I used to be fat! I am going to make better health choices and fit in a exercise system to follow every day. I will dedicate myself to an hour walk 3 days of the week. My biggest goal is to tone and lose a few pounds before the New Year, that way I don’t gain even more before the New Year comes and make it even harder on myself to lose it!

Hey Ladies!! I keep coming back here to check out these amazing prizes!! You really are hooking us up!! šŸ™‚ I blogged, tweeted, and FB’d my goal (which was calorie counting). Holy moly! I cannot believe what I have been eating!

I also wanted to tell you gals something…I have decided that I want to try out for next seasons Biggest Loser!!! I have wanted to do it for soo long but have always been soo afraid of what others would think. I have finally come to realize only one thing matters to me and that is getting well so I can have a baby!! I am 32 and have been battling infertility for 7 years. I feel I cannot move on until I become a mommy!!

So i want to from the bottom of my heart that you for inspiring me every day to make the right choices! I REALLY hope to win so I can “pick your brains” on healthy living and The Biggest loser “Tricks of the trade”. You gals Rock!!! I hope to chat soon!! šŸ™‚

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