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We were so nervous baring it (almost) all for our OK! Magazine spread! In the end it turned out great though and now we are actually excited to spend the summer in the sun!

Be sure to head to newstands to pick up the magazine but here’s an exclusive sneak peak of the first 2 pages,  just for our MyFitspiration readers!

Inside the story we talk about some of our favorite snacks, our favorite workouts and a couple more lifestyle habits that have been keeping us healthy and slim since we came home from the Biggest Loser Ranch!

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You know what’s missing in these photos? Sandcastles….I don’t know. When does this thing come out so I can add it to my stalker pile?

I gotta say…you ladies look utterly awesome!!! If you can do it, so can anyone. By the way…is this issue out now? I’ve looked at a few places and I can’t seem to find it, and that urks me. I’ve checked my local Walgreen, Rite Aid, and one of the supermarkets.

I bought the magazine and you both look AMAZING! I am wondering if either of you are struggling with extra skin after losing so much weight? You can’t tell from these photos but I am curious.

Hi Olivia!

I love real yogurts. It’s a bummer that so many brands have garbage chemically yuck in them. I live in Northern California and there is a really yummy yogurt brand around here called Wallaby. I like it because it has lots of good stuff in it and it comes in all different flavors. I’ve not tried Fage, but have seen it and will grab some on my next shopping trip!

I feel like this is a silly question, but how do you use frozen fruits? In California, most fruit is available year round, so I know I’m blessed. But the problem I run into is not being able to eat it fast enough and it goes bad which is a waste of money. Maybe frozen would be a good thing to try. But do you just put little frozen ice cubed fruit in your yogurt?! :o)

Also, I’m SO glad you two have started this blog. You guys ARE a “fitspiration”!

i have a question that i really hope you answer, because it’s never addressed, ever 🙂 first, some context. i have the same weight, height and build as hannah, and have started my weight loss journey just this week. i’m working out twice a day, eating well — following the plan of dr. huizenga, actually — and because of a recent ankle injury, i’m not yet cleared for walking/running as he prescribes. instead, i’m spinning, doing cardio aerobics, elliptical, circuit training — anything i can!

i have never been so sore in my entire life. this goes beyond “aches and pains” but, like, i can no longer fully do all of the cardio moves before my legs literally give out. i usually pause for a few seconds, and then start again — but i’m sure my form is off, i’m not lifting my legs as high, etc. because i physically can’t in that moment. i’m doing the very best i can, but i’m worried it’s not enough.

so, what is most inspirational to me is being able to relate to someone else in a similar situation and know how they felt and handled it (and not just give a glib answer like “well, we just pushed through the pain” — i want to know how painful it was, what kind of pain, how did you modify when you literally couldn’t do it, how long did it last, etc.

you girls are fantastic — and i know if anyone will give me some “straight talk”, it’s you 🙂 keep up the blogging, and i hope you answer this one!

So excited you two have a blog! Bought this mag last week or the week before because I just had to see how your maintenance was going.

I’m a huge fan and honestly you guys have been great inspiration to me. I’m down 60+ lbs and have a few more to go. Reading success stories like yours keep me going.

I even dedicated a blog post to you guys a few weeks back:

Check it out and my main blogsite (

Xoxo – Kelly

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