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Taking on TEXAS

Austin, Brother, Grandmother, Gas Stations, Boyfriend and His Dog…

Flexibility Possibilities

We all need more flexibility in our lives…for our muscles AND our lifestyle.

Do you find it hard to stay on track when your routine is turned upside down?

Cupcake ATMs!!

Let’s see…Hannah vlogging: Mom, Pate, Dresses, and TATTOOS!!!!

Do you have tattoo/s?

BL Alumni SoulCycle Ride

So much fun getting together at SoulCycle  in Beverly Hills with a bunch of Biggest Loser Alumni. Here’s a little taste.

How many of you have tried spin?

Brett: https://twitter.com/bretthoebel
Jay: https://twitter.com/JLynnJacobs
Jen: https://twitter.com/JRushJacobs
Courtney: https://twitter.com/BL11Courtney
Marci: https://twitter.com/BL11Marci
Becky: https://twitter.com/BeckyComet
Joe: https://twitter.com/bl12joe
Jessica: https://twitter.com/jessicadelfs
Gail: https://twitter.com/GailLee54
Lauren: https://twitter.com/13LaurenLee

BL15 Mega Special

We had so much fun in LA and, of course, we brought you along. Ben and Pate provide some guest hosting services as well ;).

Moving beyond all the controversy, did you enjoy the celebration??