Inside Muse

Hello Everybody!!!!

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet…we have some VERY exciting projects in the works that you guys are going to love :).

A few weeks back we were invited to come to the Muse Apparel Showroom in Manhattan to check it out and try on dresses…of course we had  to bring you along! If you’ve seen our Fitness Cover for September Olivia was wearing one of their pieces and she also wore one at her homecoming reveal (think black dress on the yellow water taxi:). It was amazing and we had such a fantastic time trying on beautiful things and getting to know the staff there. Check out the video we made just for you all!!!

Special thanks to Muse for inviting us to their showroom to film the blog and for all of the generous additions to our wardrobe they have provided us.

NYC Triathlon Trifecta Update

I have to say the NYC Tri was a BLAST!!! Hannah, Irene, and I did so well and I am soooooo proud of us. It was hard work, but WE DID IT!!! Such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Have you ever participated in a Triathlon or a race? Tell us all about it in the comments. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have a myFitspiration race one day?? Hmmmm….. Anyway, here’s a video of some of the highlights…..


It’s a Special Guest!!

Hi Everybody! Hope you having fitastic day :). We have a special guest here today…Olivia’s husband Ben. You might have seen him on a few episodes of #BL11.  He’s running the NYC Marathon Nov 6 and he needs your help…we told him that #myfitspiration readers were the BEST and would surely help him meet his goals.

Watch to the video and then head over  to to show your support. This will help kids AND your heart!!!   xoxox, Olivia & Hannah

Yep It’s a RECAP!!!!

Seriously, the Sports Bra Challenge was…EPIC!!!!! We had a blast!!! Hannah and I break it down for you jiggle by jiggle. 🙂 Don’t forget to tell us in the comments how your Sports Bra Challenge day went. WE CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR!!! Big love to you all.


Olivia & Hannah

Sports Bra Challenge ALMOST HERE!!

So, here are a few of our sports bra recs and just general musings about the subject :). We are so excited for Friday and hope you are too!! After you hear our faves, be sure to give us yours below in the comments…we’re reading!!! Maybe you can help US out :).

Winners Olivia Ward & Hannah Curlee from NBC's The Biggest Loser