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New Series: Obsession Confessions

Hello Loves!!!! So, Hannah & I have been wanting to start this Series on the blog for some time now. As you know from our Facebook & Twitter, Hannah & I have a tendency to become “obsessed” with things we love. It could be a new lipstick, a pair of socks, or a new workout class. In addition to things we stumble upon we also are so blessed to have companies send us awesome things to try. Some we end up loving…others we don’t. Sooooooo… we now want to share these things with you!! We will not only review our new obsessions, but we will show you how & where to get it. Sometimes these companies will even allow us to pass along discounts & specials! I mean who doesn’t LOVE a discount?

Now, here are a few things you can ALWAYS count on. First, we will never be anything but 100% honest with you. We always disclose to you what we buy with our own money & what was gifted to us by companies. Second, we are only going to review stuff we love. There is enough negative stuff in life…let’s just celebrate the good stuff. We feel this is an opportunity to not only bring you some solid reviews, but also expose new upstart companies as well. That doesn’t mean we won’t tell you about the big company products as well…it will be a mixed bag! 🙂

Also, let us know products YOU love! Leave your suggestions in the comments…we are always open to trying new things…AND this blog is for you too, so we want to showcase things you’re interested in too! Fun right?? Ok, so let’s get this started!!!!!


Olivia & Hannah

Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak BL 12 Finale

Better late than never :)…Hannah and I had the amazing opportunity to interview the Biggest Loser Season 12 finalists moments before they went on stage to find out their fates…enjoy these glimpses of so much anticipation!


People LOVE to be nasty!

Two blogs in two days!!! Yep…I have been debating all morning about writing this blog, but I just can’t shake it out of my head so here we go.

First, I never like to get involved in such childish nonsense, but when it comes to Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels I get VERY defensive. As you all know I would do ANYTHING for my family and these two are most definitely my family through & through. As most of you know last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser evoked many different emotions and opinions across the board. I think what was shocking was my twitter feed was blown up with ugly comments about Bob. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what was so surprising to me is how fickle people are. I read so many blog posts that were down on Bob which was based on ONE episode. These are also the SAME people who have praised the man for 12 seasons. Heard of grace much? Geez.

Trust me Bob Harper doesn’t need any defending from me, but I will say I owe him my life. Not only did he love & care for me at the ranch, but he continues to foster a very personal & meaningful relationship with both Hannah & I post BL. The man is CRAZY busy & he always makes time for me…and trust me when I say he doesn’t have to do that. What bothers me the most is people also forget that even though people are changing their lives for the better The Biggest Loser is still a TV SHOW! Things are edited for drama & interest. Also, it is impossible to understand what a pressure cooker the ranch is…I’m talking PRESSURE COOKER on crack!! It’s not just pressure on the contestants, but huge pressure on the trainers. Imagine how you would feel knowing you are given a group of very broken people who have come to you for help & are expecting major results. I cant even imagine….and he has always handled that with extreme grace & class. That being said it is also extremely competitive…which is usually a theme produced or not produced by the contestants. I don’t know about you, but there have been times in the heat of battle that I have let that competitive nature get the best of me. It happens…move on. I think throwing the baby out with the bath water is by far the most immature thing ever…which I saw everywhere online last night.

I don’t know…I was just extremely disappointed in so many blogs & tweets last night. It’s truly sad.

I love you Bob. You changed my life forever & continue to offer me friendship expecting nothing in return. For that I could never repay. You are truly the best.



Ok guys……what are your thoughts & feelings….let’s get this started in the comments. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Gooooooooo!

Motivation to Move a Mountain!

Well, we are officially into 2012!! The Holiday’s were fab…and because of the Christmas Challenge we all got a head start on our health & wellness goals. We win!

I have to say that one of the MOST frequent questions Hannah & I get asked has to be about Motivation. That being said this blog has been rolling around in my head for some time now. Webster’s Dictionary defines Motivation as this: the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal. Um, well doesn’t that make it sound like a cake walk?? We all know that weight loss ain’t no cake walk…although many times we want to just walk to the nearest cake! Right? Right.

I find motivation to be a tricky thing. Let me clarify. I personally believe that motivation lives & is birthed in our emotions. As we all know emotions change with the wind and are not always that reliable. I don’t know about you but “motivation” does not wake me up in the morning to go run outside in 30 degree NYC weather. BUT, making a choice does. I remember Jillian told me one time that you can have all the motivation & good intentions in the world, but if you don’t make good choices it means nothing. So true. Now, I’m not saying motivation is bad…that is not where I’m going with this at all. As a matter of fact I think it is a vital part of any health related journey. The most encouraging thing I can tell you is that it’s really pretty simple. You can really “dumb it down” to simple choices. Ask yourself OUT LOUD in the morning…”Olivia, are you going to get up & workout or are you going to lay here and sleep?”…9 times out of 10 when you physically ask yourself to make a choice you will make the right one. IF on that occasional morning you say no…go one step further and ask yourself why. AND BE HONEST when you answer. “I just don’t want to” or “I’m tired” isn’t specific enough. If you are serious about achieving a certain goal & you are exhibiting behavior to sabotage that goal maybe there is something else going on inside. Are you feeling defeated, anxious, or scared? It helps to identify those feelings and work through them. Even if you still decide not to get up at least there is a victory in identifying what you are feeling. It’s honest and it’s a start. I also think that journalling is HUGE. Sometimes it just helps to flesh out what you are feeling on paper. Also, when you are feeling good & on the right track write it down! Then when you are struggling you have something tangible to go back to for encouragement! Trust me your own words will be the most encouraging of anyone’s! I still go back & read my journals from the ranch when I need a good kick in the butt! I am reminded of how hard I worked & how important this journey is.

Now, let’s go back to the emotional side of Motivation. Once you have made the choice to get up NOW you can lean on the motivational part. Make it specific…and specific to only you. Right now I have a pair of jeans I want to look KILLER in…I can wear them now, but they don’t look like I want them to….SOOOO….when I am at SoulCycle or running I think about my legs and butt burning because that helps push me further in my workouts! I even have the jeans hanging on my closet door so I see them everyday! Motivation can be anything…your kids, an item of clothes, a trip, a race….anything. JUST pick something special to you. Also, whatever motivates you can change often…and it should…keep it fresh!

Remember the joy in all this is your journey is made up of thousands of simple choices. The great news is if you make a bad one…it’s OK we ALL do…you will get to redeem yourself with the next choice right around the corner! We can do this! We are taking 2012 by storm.

What motivates you?? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on all things Motivation! Let me know in the comments.


Olivia xo

Chocolate Peppermint Fake Out Shake

Many of you asked for it…so here it is!! (all real and unedited:)