BL15 Mega Special

We had so much fun in LA and, of course, we brought you along. Ben and Pate provide some guest hosting services as well ;).

Moving beyond all the controversy, did you enjoy the celebration??


  1. Too funny! Ben and Pate really make a great guest co-host team. I would enjoy to see them co-host again in the future.

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  2. Every video is great but this one really made me laugh. Ben and Pate seemed to have a lot of fun!

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  3. Love the Ben & Pate Hour! These guys are so funny.

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  4. Ben and Pate made this so much fun to watch! They are so cute!

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  5. JayneTransforms says:

    This was so much fun to watch!

    Giant cosmic sisterly squeeze to you both, OH! And the boys were the bomb! We need to hear more from them regularly. It is so very obvious why y’all are couples. W

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  6. I seriously loved Ben and Pate take over! They need to do that more often :)

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What about you?